Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 20

Opening the front door, Dean walked inside, closely followed by Sam. Mary stormed in from the other room. "Dean Winchester!"

Sam walked off to their bedroom, keen to escape the argument that he knew was going to ensue. Dean sighed as he closed the door.

"What were you thinking?!" Her tone was loud and pissed. Mary took her trademark stance, the one she adopted every time she was angry. Arms crossed, she looked at Dean with an expression that, although showed she was extremely furious at him, was also clearly worried about her two sons.

"I was thinking that there were seven demons out there that needed to be dealt with!" Dean responded.

"And that was your job was it?!" Mary questioned.

"Someone had to." Dean said in an accusatory tone.

"Yeah, John and I...not you, and especially not Sam! He's fourteen, Dean! You shouldn't be taking him on hunts with you when we're not there. For god sake, Dean, anything could've happened to the two of you!"

"We were safe, Mary."

"Is that why you look like you've gone twelve rounds with a block of cement, blood dripping from your head, bruises everywhere. Ever since you turned eighteen, you've been more reckless than ever..." Mary paused. "Dean, you're scaring me. I mean when most kids go through a rebellious stage, they do drugs or shoplift from Gas N Sip's, they don't kill demons!"

"We didn't kill them!" Dean shouted.

"Then where's the knife?"

Dean took the knife from his pocket and placed it down on the bed. "We exercised them, that's all." He explained. "I took the knife just in case something went wrong. Killing them was a last resort. I'm not a murderer, Mary. I will not kill anymore people. I've done it once, and I won't do it again, so no, I didn't kill the demons."

Mary took a deep breath. "I believe you." She paused. "Go get cleaned up." Her soft, protective tone was back.

Dean walked off towards the bathroom.

"Dean." Mary called after him.

He turned to glance at her.

Mary picked up at container of Tylenol and threw it to him.

Dean caught it one handed effortlessly. "Thanks."

She smiled.


Walking back into the main room a few minutes later, the blood and dirt was gone from Dean's face and he'd changed.

Mary stood up from the bed and walked over to Dean. Smiling softly at him, Mary wrapped her arms around him before pulling him close.

"Mary, honestly I'm fine." Dean reassured in a much calmer tone.

"I know...but you're my little boy. It's my job to worry about you. It's all part of being a Mom." She smiled, rubbing a hand through Dean's hair as she looked up at him. "I'm proud of you."

Dean smiled. "Thanks, Mary."

"Your brother still in his room?" She asked.

Dean nodded. "He asked how long we were gonna' be doing this for...He's never asked that before. I knew that hunting wasn't exactly something he enjoyed doing..."

"I'll talk to him." Mary stated softly.

Dean nodded, hoping that she might have more luck with Sam then he'd been having over the past few weeks.

Mary kissed her eldest on the cheek before walking off into the boys' bedroom.

Sam was sat on the bed reading the copy of 'The Hobbit' that they had bought him from one of the local bookshops in town. He looked up as Mary entered.

"Hey, Sweetie." She smiled, walking over to the bed and sitting down on the edge of it.

"Hey." Sam put down his book.

"You okay, you seem upset." Mary asked, softly.

"I'm fine." He answered reluctantly.

"Everything alright at school?"

"What, apart from the fact that they all think I'm a freak?" Sam mumbled under his breath.

Mary, who did manage to pick up on what Sam said, winced in sympathy for her little boy. "You're not a freak, Sam."

Sam scoffed in disbelief.

"You're not." Mary protested.

"Normal people don't have powers. I've always been a freak. I'm never gonna' be able to change that." There was a sadness to his voice.

"Hey..." She began, talking his hands in hers. "You are the smartest, most unfreakish person I've ever met." Mary smirked.

"Is that a compliment?" Sam smirked.

"The highest compliment a man could receive." She paused. "Sam, I know you don't like hunting, but Azazel is out there somewhere, and we're just trying to keep you boys safe."

"I know." Sam nodded. "Trust me, I know...it's just..." He paused.

"What?" Mary asked.



"Hey, Sammy..." Came a voice that Sam knew all too well.

"No..." Sam shook his head frantically as he backed away from the man stood grinning infront of him. "No...no...no...please, no!" He shouted, panic and fear taking over him.

"I'm back, boy! And I'm back for good!"

"No...you're dead. You died. Dean killed you." Sam tried to reassure himself.

"Come on, Sammy, you don't honestly believe that, do you? Little old me being killed by one lousy blade. I've came back from the dead once...why couldn't I have done it again?"

"No..." Tears cascaded down Sam's cheeks.

"Yes!" Graham laughed menacingly as he approached Sam.

"No! Nooooooooooooooo!" Sam screamed.

"Sam! Sam!"

Sam bolted upright to find Dean knelt on the bed next to him with a panicked expression.

"Sammy?" Came his gentle tone, accompanied by a worried expression.

Sam threw himself at Dean, wrapping his arms around his big brother's neck, nearly knocking him over on the bed in the process.

"Hey..." Dean soothed gently as he collected his brother in his arms. He stroked and a hand up and down Sam's back. "It's okay, Sammy, it's just a nightmare...it's not real..."

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