Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 26

Walking into the kitchen, Bobby noticed Mary stood by the counter making a pot of coffee. Bobby had stayed the night in the guest room. He didn’t want to leave the family after everything that had happened, feeling that he should be there to help out wherever he could.

Hearing him enter, Mary turned and smiled. “Morning.” She grabbed another mug and placed it down on the table for him.

“Morning.” He nodded before sitting down.

Mary poured coffee into the mug before doing the same with her own. She then sat down opposite.

Bobby placed his hands on the sides of the mug, the warmth radiating from it warming them nicely. “I think I might take the boys out today.” He suggested. “If that’s okay with you and John of course.”

Lifting her mug, Mary blew at the dark contents. “Sounds good, the boys could use something to get their minds off everything.” She then took a sip. “What are you thinking?”

“Not sure. I’ll think of something.” Bobby answered, taking a drink of his own coffee.


Walking down the hallway, Bobby knocked on the door of the boys’ room. He then waited a few seconds before opening it slightly. Looking round the door, he saw them. They were both in the same bed, Sam buried against Dean whose arms were wrapped protectively around him. Bobby knocked on the door once again, this time triggering a response.

Dean groaned as he shuffled slightly before flickering his eyes open. He looked towards the door drowsily. “Hey…” Dean then turned to the bundle beside him. Placing a hand on his little brother’s shoulder, he shook him gently. “Sammy…”

Sam’s eyes soon flickered open too. He found Bobby’s gaze after a few seconds. “Hi, Bobby…”

“You boys fancy going out today?” He asked.

“I’m up for it.” Dean answered before noticing his brother’s unease. He knew instantly that this was gonna’ be one of Sam’s bad days. He had them every so often when everything just caught up on him. It was always best to distract Sam from his own thoughts when he was having a bad day, and so Dean knew he had to persuade his brother that going out with Bobby would be best. “Hey…it’ll be good to get out for a bit…” He whispered so that only Sam could hear him. “You might enjoy it more than just being cooped up in the house all day.”

Sam nodded. “Okay.”

“Good.” Bobby smiled. “You boys get ready, I’ll meet you downstairs.” He closed the door behind him as he left the room.

Dean yawned as he stretched. “I hope it’s food.”

“Dude, you think with your stomach.” Sam retorted. “I have no idea why you’re not fat.”

Dean pretended to be offended, screwing his face up. “Wishing that I’m fat…low blow, Sammy…low blow…” He shook his head with a smirk.

Sam smirked too, and Dean couldn’t help but smile at the sight.

“Stop it.” Sam responded shaking his head.

“Stop what?” Dean asked with cheeky innocence in his expression.

“You smile every time I’m not being miserable.” He continued.

“Yeah, and?” Dean shrugged. “You tend to do that when other people are laughing.”

“I don’t know, I guess it just makes me feel guilty I suppose.” Sam explained softly.

“Why?” Dean’s expression softened with Sam’s tone.

“Because you’re stuck with Eeyore over here, and like I said, I’m miserable all the time.”

“You’re not miserable all the time, Sammy. Give yourself a little praise for that. This thing, we’re gonna’ kick it in the ass, just like everything else that’s ever happened. I’m not trying to cure you, Sammy, I’m just want to help you get to a stage where your good days outweigh the bad. I just want you to wake up in the morning and feel happy. And if that takes months or years, then we’ll ride it out together. I’ll take you in whatever shape you’re in, Sammy, because you’re my little brother, and nothing is ever gonna’ change that.”

Unshed tears were threatening to fall in Sam’s eyes as he looked at his brother. Smiling, he looked down briefly as he wiped them away. When he caught his older brother’s gaze once again, he knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and there was no doubt in his mind that Dean was gonna’ help him reach it. “We better start now then. Good day number one.” Sam spoke up.

Dean was bursting with pride as he looked at his little brother. “Sounds good, Sammy.”

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