Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 8

Sat in the diner in town, I looked over the table at Sam and Dean who both looked out of their depth as they looked at the menus.

"See anything you like?" I asked.

Dean looked up at me in an instant. "What?" He furrowed an eyebrow. "We get to choose?"

"Obviously, kid. I'm not just gonna' force something on ya'." I smiled.

Dean smiled too as he turned to look at Sam with a reassuring nod to say that it was okay.

Sam began to look through the menu, although he still looked anxious.

When I thought the boys had chosen, I spoke up once again. "Ready?"

"Can I have the chicken strips please, Sir?" Sam asked.

"Sure, kid, and call me Bobby."

"Okay." Sam nodded. "Sorry...Bobby."

"You don't need to keep apologising for everything either." I smiled reassuringly.

This seemed to calm Sam down slightly.

"Can I have the soup?" Dean asked. "If that's alright."

"Just soup?" I followed up, knowing the reason why the kid had chosen it was because it was the cheapest meal on the menu.

He nodded.

"Dean likes burgers." Sam stated.

"Sam!" Dean scorned under his breath turning to his younger brother.

"Does he?" I smiled. "Then why don't you order one, Dean?"

Dean turned back to me. "Are you sure?"

"Son, I've already told you that you can order what you want." I reassured.

"Thanks." Dean smiled.


When the food arrived, I could see the boys tensing as they looked at the food in front of them but didn't start eating it.

"It's gonna' get cold if you just stare at it." I stated.

I could see Dean's hand move as it took Sam's and squeezed it gently as if for reassurance.

I furrowed an eyebrow.

The kid looked terrified.

"Bobby's not going to hurt you." I just heard Dean whisper.

And with those words, my heart wrenched one again. Their dickhead of a foster parent must've done something to them.

"Sam..." I began softly.

The youngest turned to look at me. "I am never going to hurt you." I spoke slowly and softly. "Okay?"

He looked at Dean before nodding. "Can I use the bathroom?"

I nodded. "You don't need to ask to do that either." I smiled.

Sam nodded before walking off.

"I'm missing something here." I stated.

"Don't worry, he's not scared of you." Dean said quickly, as if I was offended by his younger brother's fear.

"I've gotta' feeling this has got something to do with Graham."

Dean nodded. "He didn't cook for us much, but when he did, he'd punish us for eating sometimes." He explained. "It was like a game to him because some days he'd just let us eat it, and others he'd get violent if you touched as much as a crumb." Dean sighed. "It had been like a week since he fed us, and Sammy and I, we were desperate..." He paused. "When he gave us it...we ate some of it and he just..." I could see the fear still in Dean's eyes as he spoke about it. "...I tried to stop him from hurting Sam but...I got knocked out, and when I woke up, Sam was in the wardrobe, beaten and bloody, crying his eyes out." He sniffed, obviously trying to compose himself. "So yeah, he gets scared when anyone but me tries to give him something to eat."

"So that's why you ate in your room." I stated as everything began to make sense.

Dean nodded.

"Do you think he'll actually eat anything?" I asked.

Dean shrugged. "Just try talking to him. He'll eat if he knows that you're not going to get hurt."

When Sam sat back down, Dean smiled softly at him.

"Sam." I began gently.

He looked over at me.

"I know that Graham did some horrible things to you and your brother, but I want you to know that I would never do anything to hurt either of you, ever. He was a horrible man, and he's rotting in hell for it. Now you two, you are nothing like him. You were just unlucky to be saddled with that bastard. He didn't deserve you." I paused. "If you don't want to eat anything, then that's fine, I won't be mad. But you and your brother haven't atein a couple of days, and you must be starving." I smiled reassuringly. "I'm never going to let anyone hurt either of you ever again, and I want to gain your trust. I know that's gonna' take some time, but we have plenty. I want you to not have to worry about eating, or asking for things...or calling me by my name, because I would never get angry you for anything like that. You boys are safe now."

Dean smiled.

Sam smiled too. "Thank you."

The innocence in his voice made me smile. "You're welcome, Sam."

Glancing at his brother briefly, Sam then began to eat one of his chicken strips.

Dean turned to me with an expression that showed his gratitude. "Thank you." He mouthed.

I winked.

How could anyone want to hurt these boys?

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