Taken By Surprise


Kate has come out of coma and now she finds that her whole life has changed, will she remember what her life was like and her little family?

Romance / Other
Brittany Rose Dyer
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I woke with no recollection of the last five years; I didn't remember anything before our wedding. I was in a small room in the hospital; the bed was propped up and the smell of fresh flowers filled the room. I looked around the room and saw Alexis holding a small petitte little girl; she was fast asleep against Alexis' side and Martha was just outside the door, Alexis looked up from the little girl and gasped as she saw me looking at her.

"Kate" she breathed softly like she must have been dreaming

"Alexis" I whispered, my voice raw and my throat feeling like sand paper.

"I have to go" she said taking the little girl with her and leaving the room

"Alexis" I said a little louder. I looked up at the bunch of flowers that sat on the bedside table; at the deflating balloons that sat limply just above my head; I tried sitting up as I saw the glass of water on the other bedside table and tried reaching for it; stretching my left arm as far as I could without pulling out any of the cords in my arm. It felt like forever before I felt someones hand rest on mine and place it back by my side before I had a glass in font of my mouth and was being force fed to drink the water. I looked at my saviour and saw my husband

"Rick" I whispered smiling happily

"Katie" he said using his hand to frame my face; his features were slumped and he looked in pain.

"Baby are you alright?" I asked

"Yea; it's just so much has happened since the accident; so much" he said grabbing my hand with his spare hand and holding it up to his face

"Accident; Rick what accident, the last thing I remember was our wedding" I told him sounding scared

"Our wedding that was almost; oh no hun you don't remember. No it can't be" he freaked

"Baby; calm down tell me why is it a bad thing that the last thing I remember was our wedding, that was the happiest day of our lives wasn't it" I asked

"It's just if you don't remember then you don't remember our daughter" he told me searching my eyes; I gasped as I remembered that little girl with Alexis

"She's ours?" I asked

"Hayley Johanna Castle; yea she's ours she's about to celebrate her forth birthday" he told me still searching my eyes for a reaction that wasn't going to come.

"Rick I can't remember her; or anything after the wedding" I said distraught, I felt the sudden urge to stamp my foot.

"The doctor said you might go back to a happy memory; they were just hoping it wouldn't be one from five years ago" he said looking down at our joined hands and placing a kiss on them.

"Rick I want to meet her; not today but soon" I told him sleepily

"That's fine Katie" he said holding onto my hands until I fell asleep the last thing I remember is him kissing me lightly on the forehead.


"She's fine Alexis" I told my twenty three year old daughter as she walked up and down the lounge thinking.

"But daddy you said the last thing she remembered was your wedding five years ago; she doesn't remember my graduation or giving birth to her amazing daughter and she doesn't remember the present that I brought her for mothers day" Alexis freaked

"Hae baby girl stop winding yourself up; you'll wake Hayley" I told her

"Daddy; can't sleep" Hayley yawned from behind us

"Ok baby boo; come on I'll take you up to bed and read you a story" I smiled at Alexis as I took my youngest daughters hand in mine and walked with her up the stairs to put her back into bed.

"Daddy; did mumma wake up today, what is she like?" Hayley asked

"She's the most honest person I've ever meet; with a huge loving heart and she adores all of us and practically lives for us ok baby; you have her heart and her greatness and the amazing thing about you is she'll remember her mum, you have her mums eyes" I told my three and a half year old daughter.

"Daddy I scared bout tomorrow" she said her normal glow falling from her face.

"It's alright to be scared baby boo; you'll be fine and she'll adore you as much as I do if not more" I whispered in her ear and kissed her lightly on the head

"Mm sleep tight baby boo; love you" I said walking towards the door and turning on her night light; before turning off the light.

"Is she asleep daddy?" Alexis questioned

"Yes; sweetie go up and get to sleep, I'll be back in the morning" I told Alexis. I loved Alexis even more for taking on the role of big sister helping me through the tough time of our accident and the fact that I might lose another wife this time being the love of my life, my heart my soul and every piece of me. Our accident happened three years ago; we'd gone out for dinner to celebrate our second wedding annieversary, I'd had one drink, I was driving, the weather was terrible and I was trying not to go to fast, we got to an intersection and I'd made sure there was nothing coming at us or from beside us and I drove out into the intersection, there was a person walking across the road I tried to swerve and got slammed by a truck going at 75 in a 70kmph zone in wet conditions. Kate's side of the car got hit with the full force of the impact and so did Kate; I escaped with a mild concussion and a decilicated collar bone, I had to go to court to show our case and luckily the witnessess one of which being the women I almost ran over all turned in my favour and said the truck driver was at fault. The truck driver was sent to prison with a sentence of ten years for an attepmt at manslaughter, and was charged two fines of reckless driving and then also sentenced to serve three years of community service when he got out.

"Mr Castle; how are Hayley and Alexis?" the nurse aked when I entered Kate's room

"Oh there good; Hayley's a little bit nervous about meeting her mother officially and Alexis a little scared as to how Kate might take it" I told her

"Ah thats only to be expected; I'm sure she'll shook us all and take to little Hayley with love and compassion" she said as I held the door open as she left.

"Rick" Kate breathed sleepily.


"Go back to sleep" he told me; he was about to sit down on the chair next to my bed when I held out my hand and asked

"Sleep with me?" he looked a bit taken aback by what I had said

"I meant on the bed hold me close and sleep with me"

"Of course hun" he said taking his shoes off; pulling back the blankets and climbing into the small bed with me.

"Oh god" I heard Rick gasp from behind me

"What?" I asked

"It's just I haven't slept with you since before our accident; I don't expect you to remember you were out for three years and I don't expect you to remember the accident it was traumatic, but please promise me that tomorrow when you meet Hayley you'll love her like you did before the accident?" he asked holding me closely.

"Yes I promise; I want to meet her so badly Rick, I wish I could remember everything or go back in time and help you raise our little girl" I said closing my eyes and falling into a safe peaceful sleep.

I woke to find a little girl on the chair that sat next to my bed; she had the cutest little smile plastered on her chubby little face; her petite figure sat a little hunched over as her small little hand rest close to mine but not close enough to actually have any comfort from me. I looked at her hand and then placed my hand in hers; looking over at her I smiled sweetly at her and looked into her eyes; eyes that reminded me so much of my mum, glistening and sparkling and full of innocences.

"Hayley Johanna Castle" I whispered squeezing her hand lightly.

"Mummy" she said getting down from the chair and jumping up onto the bed next to me for a hug. It was full of life and peace, happiness and sadness but most of all the love she had for me and I returned the hug showing her how much I loved her even though I'd just "meet" her.

"Hayley I brought you a- Kate I didn' think you'd be awake yet dad said you'd had a restless night and that you wouldn't be awake for a couple more hours. If I'd known I would've brought you an ice cream sundae" Alexis said blushing bright red.

"It alright Lex mum can share with me" Hayley said

"Ok" Alexis said she handed me the sundae and I sat up which was a plus especially after yesterdays effort.

"Alexis; how have you-" but I had a flashback to the weeks, months or years before the accident and after the wedding. I saw all sorts of things; Alexis' graduation from university, me telling Rick I was pregnant, giving birth to Hayley, memories of feeding and loving both these blessidly amazing girls that I'd had the pleasure of sharing each ones lives if only for a short while. But most importantly I remembered the accident the horrofic mess that it caused everything from that day up until the very second I said my last I love you to Rick before giving up any hope of coming back to this amazing land.


"Kate; are you alright?" I asked it seemed like forever since she'd cut herself off mid sentence, and I started to freak because I didn't want her to lose concioussness with Hayley in her arms that would just be misery to both Hayley and myself. I tried again and again until an idea popped into my head; the last thing I'd called her the morning of dad and her wedding was mum, and I'd called her that every day up until the day after the accident.

"Mum; mummy are you alright?" I asked concerned


"Alexis; Hayley I remember. Everything I remember it all" I told them happily

"What? What do you remember?" Alexis asked stunned

"I remember everything up until I lost consciousness after the accident. I remember your graduation; I remember telling Rick that I was pregnant with Hayley and then the celebrations we had with everyone once we told everyone else. That night when we all fell asleep on the couches in the lounge and woke with really sore backs and then said we were never ever going to do that again. I remember our talks about what to buy for Hayley and what we were going to call her when she was born, and then I remember having the sweetest baby girl and raising her. I'm just sorry I missed out on so much after the accident. Hayley, Alexis I have to make it up to both of you somehow; even if it means spending every day of forever with the both of you and making sure your safe and sound I will do it" I told them

"Mummy; I love you" Alexis said unning up to my bed and sobbing into my shoulder

"Love you too mummy" Hayley said resting her head on my other shoulder and letting her tears fall silently

"Hayley nana wants to-" Rick paused as he saw us all hugging and crying against one another

"What did I miss?" he questioned

"I remember" I told him

"You remember? How much?" he asked shocked

"All of it; everything right until I lost conciousness in the accident, you said I'd remember and I did I remembered everything" I said excitedly

"That is fantastic Katie; I love you" he said leaning over and kissing the top of my head

"Love you too; babe" I said leaning my head on the top of Alexis' head rubbing soothing circles on her back

"What did nana want?" Hayley asked

"She wanted to know if you wanted to go to the movies with her and Alexis?" he asked

"Mm; yeah, Lexi you wanna go see a movie?" Hayley looked up and smiled brightly over at her sister

"Ok" she said getting up and wiping the tears off her face

"Love you mum" she said walking to the door and waiting for Hayley

"You be good baby bird" I said to Hayley before hugging her

"Love you mummy" she said pulling off the bed and heading towards the door

"I wonder if nana will buy some ice cream with chocolate on it" Hayley said hopefully

"You better save some for me and mum" Rick called out after them, I smiled brightly as I heard the cackling and laughter and knew that they were my girls.

"Talking about ice cream; I have a half melted chocolate ice cream sundae here" I giggled

"Where'd you get that?" he asked his eyes gleaming

"Alexis brought it in for Hayley; but I remembered and had to tell them and then we had a big crying spree which you walked in on" I told him

"Ah; give me some of that" he said motioning for the ice cream sundae but I wouldn't pass it to him, instead I thought I'd tease him and put it in my mouth, pulling his head closer to mine and placed my lips on his I let his mouth roam around mine and lick the ice cream sundae from my mouth.

"Mm; thats definitly better than having it by myself. Best foreplay I've had in years" he chuckled

"Mm it has been a couple of years hasn't it" I said chuckling with him.

"Ah Kate; glad to see you sitting up. How are you feeling?" the nurse asked

"I feel great; I remember everything now!" I told her excitedly

"Really how?" both Rick and the nurse asked, Rick asked because I still hadn't told him how I remembered

"Well; it was all because of Alexis"


My daughter helped my wife remember everything; how I was really curious how did my angel help my soul recover her memory.

"Well Alexis had handed me Hayley's sundae and I sat up and I was about to ask her how she was when I just had this sudden rush of memories; it was definitely Alexis, if it was because I sat up and leant forward well then that movement was because of Alexis, I'm definitely not blaming her for anything, I'm always going to be forever gratefull to my perfect daughter" Kate said beaming with happiness.

"Well that's great that you remember hun; it makes our job a lot easier, especially since that was the last thing we needed to check to make sure how much work we were going to need to do. However since you remember you'll be able to go home quicker than you expected Kate; which I'm guessing Rick and the rest of your family are happy to hear. I'll have the doctor come in later to see when you'll be able to go home" the nurse said as she left.

"Oh my god; you remember. Do you remember the night we found out that you were going to have Hayley; the party we had" he said going back in time

"Oh yeah the passionate heated sex we had and then the following morning" she sighed happily.

"If we get out of here today; I can promise you that that will be what we'll be doing tonight" he said his eyes flashing brightly.

"Ok Kate; you can get out of bed. I want to test to see if you still have your balance and your ability to walk; don't take it too fast you might injure yourself" the doctor said.

"I've got you if you need me" I reassured her.

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