Taken By Surprise

Chapter 2


I slid out of the bed fully preparing myself to fall straight on my face but surprising myself by walking around the room twice and then walking out through the door and walked around the hospital floor.

"Go Kate" my nurse cheered from behind her desk; I beamed at her as I continued walking back to my room.

"Ok well that settles it then; I can officially send you home. However I must urge you to stay away from work for the next six months or so; until your fitness improves" the doctor told me as he turned and left.

"Ok well I'm going to go change while you fill out those forms and ring your mother to say that we'll see them at home" I said leaning over an kissing him on the lips

"Ok don't be gone too long" he whispered huskily.

"Aye aye captain" I saluted and then walked into the oversize bathroom and changing out of the crappy hospital gown and putting on the clothes that had been in my overnight bag. My tummy grumbled; I'd been told that I should be able to eat a full meal as they'd been keeping my motabilisim up by feeding me through a drip which took four hours to get through to my stomach and by the time all of it was there they were giving me another load of food.

"Did I just hear a train enter here?" Rick asked jokingly

"Rick" I said giggling with laughter

"What it was really loud I'm sure the people climbing the Statue of Liberty heard it. Oh and Martha said that they'll meet us at home with some ice cream and something for dinner; Hayley wanted to watch two movies so they won't be home till late afternoon" he told me.

"We could always go and watch the second movie with them" I suggested to him and heard him very audibly sigh

"Nah can't do that; I want to ravish you and I can't do that with an audience" he told me

"Ok well then how about we invite everyone round to our place for dinner and that way I'll be able to catch up with everyone" I said

"Ok so you want your dad, Lanie, Espo, Ryan, Jenny and the twins Julia and Kyria, anyone else?" he asked

"Gates" I said

"Ok so Gates as well; I'll wait out here and call them" he told me.

By the time I was dressed and had done my hair; Rick was still on the phone to Lanie by the sounds of the shrieks. He waved at me to grab my stuff and head down to the car; linking arm and arm I walked with him out through the hospital doors and through the rows of car parks to where Rick had parked that morning.

"I'll drive" I whispered into his free ear grabbing the key out of his jean pocket and slowly rubbing my hand up and down his cock; I heard his sharp intake of breath and then moved away and jumped into the car to get going. The skirt that I was wearing had ridden half way up my thigh and the whole time it took us to get out of the car park I watched him thinking about sticking his fingers down between my legs, already wet with the thought I took one hand of the steering wheel and placed his hand where it craved him most, letting out a barely audible whimper he started rubbing my clit in soft circles.

"Yea ok Lanie will you do that for us; cool thanks and don't forget to invite Gates as well" he paused for a second

"I don't know you'll have to ask her when you get to our place" he said hanging up the phone and putting it back in his pocket before he leant over and started kissing my neck

"Rick don't distract me unless you want" I told him he understood and took his mouth from my neck but left his hand rubbing my clit.

"Ah Rick" I said moaning aloud. Loving the sensation that my body hadn't had in three years was amazing; the sloppy noises and pumping of his fingers pulling in and out of my hole made me scream luckily it wasn't that intense and I didn't have to worry about having to pull over and waiting until I got it out of my system.

I decided it was time to return the favor and undid the zipper and button on his jeans letting his cock harden through his boxers, his eight and a half inch cock was pressed against my hand letting me know how much he wanted me. I knew he wouldn't be able to last that long remembering the first time we'd had sex and how he hadn't had sex in two years, he only lasted half a minute. My hand was moving slowly up and down his cock trying to give him pleasure and teasing him with a wicked smile on my face.

"Kate I don't know how much longer I'm going to last" he said bitting into his knuckles as he cummed in my hand. Bringing my hand up to my mouth I licked all the cum of my hand and then placed my hand back on the steering wheel and drove the rest of the way home.

Rick held my hand as we stood in the elevator and walked down the small corridor towards the door to our apartment.

"It's a bit messy; we haven't really been home very much"Rick told me

"Its fine Rick" I said.

"Well ok then" he said opening the door to our home and dragging me through the door. I looked around at all the friendliness and family things the pictures scattered around the lounge; flowers for me from the hospital and to Rick to help him get through, I saw blankets on the couch and the pillows from our bed.

"Oh Rick!" I gasped knowing how hard it must have been for him to sleep in a bed where we'd had so many splendid memories in our bed and not being able to sleep because the good memories made it hard to fall asleep.

"I couldn't sleep in there; it was hard to fuction the next day if I had, being in there just reminded me too much of you and then I'd break down because I couldn't do anything to help you through your recovery. But most nights I spent at your side; until a couple of weeks ago when Jim and I had to decide what we were going to do with your life support; he'd been using his retirment money to help you get better but he started running out of money pretty quickly a couple of weeks ago cause he started living off it as well. I'd told him many times to let me pay for it; being your husband and it being my fault that you'd been in hospital for so long it was the least I could do to see you well again, he finally let me take over the payment six weeks ago and I started paying him half of my monthly income from the Nikki Heat series to put him back on the right track, he disagrees with it but by the end of next month he'll have more money than he did at the start of your stay" he told me.

"Oh love; you are completely amazing, I love that your helping my father out" I gushed

"Hae now he's my father too now; besides he looked after Hayley when Alexis went over seas for two months with her college friends. Mum was extremly busy with her acting school so dad helped keep track of things for me" he told me

"I love you" kissing him on the lips

"Mm I love you too" he said kissing me back. I dragged him towards our bedroom to fulfill our desires and the thing I'd been craving most since I left the hospital aside from food.

"Holy crap!" Rick exclaimed looking at his was

"What?" I asked

"Everyones going to be here in an hour we need to do some cleaning; shower, dress, prepare some food, you need to eat something cause you sound like a herd of elephants trying to do ballet and I need to get the BBQ ready" he said jumping out of bed and running into the bathroom and turning on the shower; he raced back out, pulled me out of the bed and then grabbed us some clean clothes. After showering and dressing quickly we headed out to the lounge; I grabbed Rick's blankets and pillows and took them into our bedroom before grabbing the toys and placing them in Hayley's toy box. I helped prepare salads and did some baking; cooking my favourite cookies, double chocolate chip. I had just set the timer to go off when the door opened and in walked Martha; Alexis and Hayley, carrying bags of ice cream and other desserts.

"Mummy" Hayley squealed and ran towards me for a hug, I picked her up and she squealed happily and hugged me tightly.

"Katie darling; it's so good to see you up and about again" Martha said coming up and hugging me

"It feels good to be up and about mum" I told her beaming

"Mummy guess what?" Hayley said wriggling in my arms

"What baby bird?" I asked smiling at her

"I vant to siphon your gas" she giggled

"You want to what?" I asked shocked; Rick, Alexis and Martha cackled with laughter.

"Its from Cars 2; it's her favourite movie" Alexis said grabbing Hayley from my arms, placing her on the floor and then standing next to me and wrapping her arms around my waist and smiling up at me.

"Who says it?" I asked; I loved Cars, it was one of the best digital films I'd seen in years and then to find out that they'd made a second one I was seriously dissapointed

"Mater" Hayley shouts from her toy box; pulling out a Mater pillow.

"I love Mater" I shouted; Alexis took a step back and rubbed her ears

"Sorry" I said laughing a little; everyone else joined in and we discussed watching Cars 2 later on in the week.

I was on the floor playing with Hayley with her Barbie dolls; she loved playing dress up with them, she even had the barbie doll house and she had the car as well as the pet store.

"Miss Jones; would you like some tea?" I asked Hayley

"Oh yes please" her little voice rang deep in my ears; it was the most adorable sound I'd heard in years. I was half way through pouring her a cup of "tea" when there was knock at the door. Rick was in the kitchen and I was the closest to the door. I got up and walked to the door; opening I almos fell backwards with the force of Lanie's hug.

"Oh my god; Katie, when Rick rang and said you were awake and that you were being released from hospital I actually had to force myself not run down here and see for myself that he was telling the truth. I missed you so much" Lanie sobbed on my shoulder; hugging me tightly.

"I missed you too" I whispered in her ear trying to sooth her

"Alright I'll get off you before I leave mascara marks on your shoulder" Lanie said forcing herself to unwrap her arms from me.

"Kate; its so good to see you up and walking again" Gates said

"Thank you Captain it definitly feels good to be up and walking again" I told her honestly.

"Kate" both Kevin and Javier hugged me tightly and protectively as they walked passed me into the loft.

"Kevin, Javier" I said squeezing each of their hands

"Jenny its so good to see you again" I said hugging her as she walked in the door with two little girls by her side

"Now who are these two adorable little girls?" I asked looking down at their little purple and pink dressess that were identical apart from colour, they had Kevin's blue eyes and Jenny's bleach blonde hair that fell halfway down their little backs.

"This is Julia and Kyria" Jenny said pointing which one was which. Kyria was the one in purple and Julia was the one in pink. They looked absolutely goregous and when their little eyes roamed over to where Hayley sat their eyes glistened

"Hayley" they giggled running over to her and playing barbies with her

"Julia, Kyria" Hayley squealed back at them. I smiled at my almost four year old daughter and walked with my friends over to the couches and sat talking animatedly.

"Hae guys" Rick said coming in from out on the balcony and sitting on the arm of the chair exchanging chit chat with everyone.

"Katherine Rosalinda Castle" I heard my father call from the door.

"Daddy!" I squealed jumping up and rushing overr to my father, I hugged him closely and kissed him on the cheek

"Baby; I missed you so much, never do that to me again" he scolded

"Yes daddy I promise no more near death experiences" I told him sincerely.

"Come over and sit with us dad" Rick called grabbing a chair so dad could sit next to me on the chair and so he didn't feel uncomortable with Rick sitting on top of his shoulder. Thee small talk resumed until Alexis entered the room and told Rick that he had a phone call from his publisher

"I'll be back in a few" he said rushing into his study.

Ten minutes later he came back in and said that Steaming Heat was still in 1st place on the book list around America; I looked at him shocked that he'd written another Heat Wave book without telling me

"I know but I had to have something to keep the readers coming back for more and I needed something to take my mind of you being stuck in a hospital without any signs of waking; it took me a year and a half to rite by then Gina was afraid that I might have lost half of my readers base. She needn't of worried it was a best seller and still is according to the results that I just got" he explained mainly to me but then again everyone else had known how hard it was for him to do this; I felt like breaking down, I'd caused my loved ones a lot of pain and I couldn't erase it. I felt a cold streak of water run down my cheek and start dripping onto my palms.

"Hae Katie ssh" Rick said running around the couches and kneeling in front of me, and pulling me into his warm embrace.

"Rick I've caused so much pain" I whispered

"Nothing that we won't be able to get over now we've got you again" he reassured me

"But; I hurt you all the people I wanted to hurt the least. By being unconcious for so long; I know each of you had to carry on with your lives but I know how hard it is to carry on and wait for the thing you wish would hurry up and return to you. You feel like your a slug moving in a world going at fast forward because you don't know what you're going to do until that thing finds its way back to you. I missed a lot of things; birthdays, births, anniversarys and chances at having the most amazing experiences I'm never going to get those back Rick. I'm not going to be able to have the oppoutunity to see what Hayley got for her first birthday or what she wore to her christening Rick I missed her first three birthdays and her christening those are two of the most important things in a little girls life" I told him with a sob.


I looked around the room at our friends; whilst holding my trembling wife in my arms, I saw the frowns on the mens faces and the silent tears streaming from Lanie, Jenny, Alexis and mums eyes and I saw the look of confussion on Kyria and Julia's faces, but the thing that I saw was the look I got from Hayley, it was one that meant that she understood that her mum was trying hard to accept that she'd missed so much but also one that meant she knew that eventually she was going to get everything she wanted. I watched as Hayley got up and whispered something in Alexis' ear and then came over to me and Kate. I let go of Kate and let Hayley wrap her small arms around her mum. And then turned and saw Alexis return with the video camera and box of dvds we'd made of all the special moments for Kate if she was going to make it through this.


I felt Hayley's tiny little arms wrap around me; instantly I started to calm and I picked her up and placed her on my knee whipping the tears from my face.

"Mum; we knew that you might want to see these things and that you might not remember everything so we recorded it all" Alexis told me, setting up the video recorder, pressing play. The first thing that flashed up was Rick and my wedding day; I remember the gitters I felt, the feeling of fulfillment, happiness and pride that I felt walking down the aisle with my arm locked in my dads with Alexis, Jenny and Ryan leading me down the aisle.

"I remember this" I smiled proudly, everyone looked at me shocked, apart from Alexis, Martha, Hayley and Rick.

"You remember" dad said squeezing my hand

"Yea daddy" I said resting my head against his shoulder and smiling contentdly.

"Well then we'll skip forward through to the day after the crash then" Alexis said going through the scenes on the video recorder and finding the video that they'd made of Hayley's first word.

Alexis sat on the bed holding a quite Hayley she was only eleven months old and she was sitting up in Alexis arms squeezing Alexis' index finger in her tiny hands.

"Now girls mum; she's really badly injured ok, they have her unconcious with medication and they aren't sure when she'll wake but they'll be keeping her under for at least three months until all her bones and breaks are fixed. After that its up to her to come back to us ok" Rick explained to Alexis and Hayley

"Mumma dyin" Hayley looked up at Alexis expectantly

"Daddy I can't not now" Alexis said handing Hayley off to Martha who was on the other side of the bed.

"Richard this is a big thing your asking Alexis to go through; do you really think she'll be able to handle it, seeing you tear yourself up like you did last night, seeing her lying her like this her broken bones poking out through her skin. This isn't how Alexis wants to remember her mum; she wants the happy memories" Martha said shooing him out to go talk to Alexis.

The next bit of footage we had was of Alexis sitting with Rick on the floor watching the recorded footage of happier memories of me and them. I could hear Martha sobbing as well from behind the camera.

"Why are we watching the sad things?" Lanie asked

"Because she needs to see everything" dad said

"Yea but there are somethings that we don't really want to see" Lanie said I could see the tear tracks running down her face; knowing that my face looked just as much like a waterfall as hers did.

Alexis and Rick were watching the day after we told our family that we were expecting Hayley and that we knew she was safe and sound. We went for the weekend up to the Hamptons and celebrated. Alexis and I were running up and down the beach while Rick stood on the deck and taped the whole thing. Alexis tripped and scrapped her knee and the first thing I did was get down and kiss it better, and then I started examining it to see if their were any brakes or how badly bruised it was. It had a slight bump but nothing more than that, but she couldn't walk properly so I gathered her up in my arms and carried her back up to the house and put some ice on it.

The next scene was of everyone gathered in my little hospital room, Esposito, Lanie, Ryan, a slightly pregnant Jenny, Hayley, Alexis, Martha, Rick, Gates, a couple of other members from the twelfth and the preist who was to christen Hayley. This scene flooded into Hayley's 1st birthday and almost everyone from the scene before was there apart from the added twelth precinct members. They were all happy and eating cake and there were birthday balloons. I got to see what everyone had given her for her birthday.

We carried on watching until the last thing that was recorded faded and the tv screen faded to a deep blue. Hayley looked at me and I hugged her close before standing up and carrying her into the kitchen. She saw the cookies I'd made earlier on the bench cooling down and held her hand out and said

"Please mummy" I smiled sweetly at her and handed her a cookie

"Please mummy" the guys echoed and I smiled at them teasingly and said

"Women and children first" I said walking with the tray into the lounge and handing them around while hearing Hayley's happy moans in my ear

"I'm guessing you like them" I said to her

"Mhm best ever; even better than nanas" she told me, Martha sucked in a shocked breath which caused everyone to laugh. Putting Hayley back on her feet I sat back down on the couch and placed the tray in front of me on the coffee table.

We shared lots of laughs and I was caught up on all the latest goss and I thought I had heard it when Lanie and Espo stood up and linked their hands together

"We have to tell you all something" Espo said letting Lanie take centre stage

"As most of you know Javier and I started dating again at the end of last June and last night he proposed to me and I said yes. We decided to get married on the 31st of April the day after Kate's birthday" Lanie said; I jumped up and squealed hugging my best friend.

"Oh and my maid of honour; is Kate. Alexis and Jenny you two are my other bridesmaids and Hayley, Kyria and Julia are our flowergirls" she told us all.

"Rick you're my best man; Kevin is my groomsman, my half brother Samuel will be my other groomsman" Espo told the guys.

"Oh yay I get to walk down the aisle with a complete stranger" Alexis said sarcastically.

"He's a nice boy Alexis; totally you're type of guy" Lanie said winking.

"What happened to Tom?" I asked

"He dumped me about week after you accident; I found out later that he was cheating on me with our professors granddaughter" she said shrugging

"If I'd of known he would of lost the ability to procreate for eternity" I told her honestly, I knew how it felt to be cheated on Will had cheated. The threat made Alexis literally fall to the floor with laughter; and made Lanie and Jenny cackle with amusement; I only started laughing when I saw all four guys start holding their crutchers and taking a step back and away from me.

My tummy rumbled at six thirty and we all gathered round the table; I dished up Hayley's dinner and then dished up my own watching Ryan and Jenny dishing up Kyria and Julia's dinner before dishing up their own.

"I can't believe that six years ago; we were in Lanie and Espo's situation looking at our wedding arrangements and planning our big day not knowing that this accident was going to change everything." I voiced aloud; suddenly the room fell silent and we all sat in prayer.

"How about we name one thing we're thankfull for?" Martha suggested

"I'll start" Gates said; we all nodded and she voiced

"I'm glad that I finally have my whole team back maybe now the boys might liven up a little and actually listen to my jokes" she chastised them.

"I'm glad that my daughter is awake and that she remembers everything that was my biggest fare" dad said smilling at me from across the table.

"I'm happy that I got my Lula to keep me company" Kyria said smiling brightly

"I'm happy I got Jacko to keep me company" Julia said also beaming brightly, I looked confused and Jenny answered

"There toys that they got for christmas last year. I'm happy that I have a faithfull and devoted husband and father who always makes sure that he's home before six so that he can send his precious angels of to sleep, unless he has a hard case that the he and Espo are working on"

"I'm happy that my best friend is finally tying the knot; that I have a loving caring family and that my friend is finally here to join us back in the land of the living" Ryan smiled at all of us.

"I'm happy that I finally get to talk with my bestest friend again and that my love has finally asked me to marry him" Lanie beamed

"I'm glad that I've got that weight of my chest; and I'm happy that my "sister" is here to join us in our celebrations" Espo said

"I'm glad that mummy loves me and that she's accepted me for being who I am" Hayley beamed

"I'm glad that mum woke and that she remembers everything; I'm glad that I finally have my solid brick wall that goes with the rest of the house that everyone else has tried to fill and keep up" Alexis said tears running down her face.

"I'm glad that my daughter in law is finally back with us and that she can heel the wounds that the accident and her abscences has caused. I love that about Katie she's always there to help Rickie through the hard times" Martha said placing her hand in mine and squeezing it tightly.

"I'm glad that my family and friends were able to band together and help each other through my absence; I'm forever gratefull to my daughter Alexis for taking care of her baby sister and making her the splendid little girl that I meet this morning. I'm so pleased that Hayley took to me so quickly and that she loves me as much as I love her; my heart beats for both of you as well as Rick; my heart my soul my everything goes to you, without you I am nothing with you I can do wonders" I said kissing him on the lips.

"Alright I'm happy because my love has come back to me; god works in mysterious ways and he must of heard my desperate call for him to bring her back to me cause returned. I am nothing but and empty shell without you Katherine and if you have to leave I have to go with you" he said which made me cry, Alexis broke down in sobs and excused herself to go clean her face and Hayley got up and ran into my arms.

"Mummy you're not going to leave me and Lexi are you?" she asked

"No baby bird not until I'm absolutely positive that you will be fine without me and not until my time has come" I told her holding her closely and rubbing soothing circles into her back.


I waited about five minutes before heading after Alexis; I found her in her bedroom head burried under her pillow arms holding he pillow down around her head.

"Lexi baby" I whispered moving towards her bed; waiting about three minutes she finally removed her head from under her pillow and tried wipping her eyes

"Daddy; don't say that if one of you goes I'm going to need one of you to help me through the pain, I need both of you and I know its selfish and selfcentred to think of things like this but I can't lose you or mum. I can't go through this again; I don't think I could cope with it daddy I can't cope with it" she said falling into my arms and completely breaking down in my arms, I hadn't seen her like this since the night I told her that Kate might not be coming home to us ever again.

"Baby I'm not going anywhere" Kate said from the doorway, I looked up and saw that she had Hayley in her arms.

"I've spent way too much tie lying on deaths door; and I'm sick fighting. I promise you I'm going to love both of you until I'm old and grey and I can't move around, that would be the way to go, old and grey and peacefully in my sleep. I want you all to know that I'm not going back to the precinct; I want to be at home with my family watching the grow up, I want to watch my daughters have happy full lives where they meet boys who love them the way I love Rick and I want you to have children that will bring smiles to your faces the way that you both bring smiles to mine. I love you all and I'm giving up my quest for justice to fulfill a new quest one were I get to watch your lives play out and enjoy your company as you do extraordinary things in life" Kate finished holding all three of us tightly.

"You promise" Jim said from behind Kate

"Yea daddy" she said grabbing Jim and pulling him into the hug as well.


I held on tightly to my family; promising to not end up in hospital again for anything to major. It seemed like forever before we finally pulled away from each other and rejoined our friends and family out in the lounge. I hadn't had a proper bonding time with everyone in so long it felt kind of weird to be here; mind you up until I got up this morning I didn't think I would be leaving the hospital quite so soon. We laughed, we played games until Jenny and Ryan said their farewells and took a pair of yawning little girls home to bed. Javier and Lanie followed suite but not before Lanie arranged with us all to go dress shopping; there was little over two months until their big day and Lanie wanted it perfect. When both of them left hand in hand; Hayley came up to me and grabbed my hand, tugging me up and away from the room, I looked back at my family shocked, they sat their just as stunned as I was.

"Mummy; I need a bath before I go to bed" she whispered when we got out of earshot of everyone else. When I heard this my heart soared; I was going to get to spend quality time with my daughter and ask her question, see inside her bedroom and see her toys.

We grabbed her pajamas from the bathroom closet and then I helped her undress and ran the hot and cold water taps. I found a bottle of bubbles in the cupboard that had Barbie on it and then held her little hand as she got into the bath. She had boats; and fish for her bath time, I played around with her from the side of the bath and then she decided it was time to wash her hair. The way she controlled everything was adorable and it showed that she was going to be a very independent person one day. She had the most goregous head of hair I'd eveer laid eyes on and it smelled like watermellon. Helping her out of the bath I noticed that she didn't have a towel and I hadn't grabbed one; as if on cue there was a knock on the door I looked up and saw Alexis with a towel for me to dry her off. When she was dry I placed the towel which I noticed had Barbie on it as well around her whilst I dried her hair and brushed it; Rick knocked and asked

"Are you ladies decent?" I looked over at Hayley who had gotten up from her stool and was grabbing hair ties; whispering to her I asked

"Are we decent?" she frowned and shook her head

"Apparently not; Rick come in" I told him and Hayley saw him and pulled her towel off and ran around in circles cackling with laughter

"I think I'm blind" he laughed, I tried so hard not to laughbut it was hard

"I think we're going to need to teach her eticut" I said laughing along with Rick as she pulled a confussed face.

Hayley was dressed; hair done in two plaits at the side of her head and was lying in bed listening to me reading her a story. Rick was sitting on the opposite side of the bed holding her and trying hard not to beam with pride.

"Goodnight Hayley" Rick said when I finished the book and put it on her bedside table. He leant down and kissed her forehead and hugged her before taking a step back and letting me say goodnight to my baby girl.

"Night baby bird; I love you" I said kissing her on the cheek and holding her tightly before letting her drift off into a peaceful sleep.

"Night daddy; night mummy love you" she whispered sleepily; I looked back at her when we reached the door before turning off the light and heading back out to the lounge.

"She's asleep" I announced proudly

"Congratulations" Martha said from her seat at the breakfast bar.

"I'm so pleased" I said smiling with satisfaction.

"You should be" Rick whispered in my ear.

"Right I'm going off to bed now; don't stay up too much longer both off you" Martha scolded

"Yes mum" Rick said looking at me and rolling his eyes.

"Mm; I feel like a bit off juice" Rick whispered in my ear making me turn a bright shade of red.

"Sounds good" I replied; placing my hand over his penis which grew instantly

"Bedroom" Rick said picking me up and taking me to our bedroom.

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