Taken By Surprise

Chapter 3

I woke in Rick's arms; feeling his chest rise and fall with each breath he took, and his warm breath on my neck. Sliding out of his arms I got up and dressed before heading out into the lounge and remembering that I could help get Hayley ready for the day. She was sitting on her floor playing with her barbie dolls; talking to herself and dressing the Ken doll that she had in her hands.

"What you doing baby bird?" I asked her walking towards her

"Morning mummy" she said dropping everything and bounding into my arms, I grabbed her and held her close, snuggling into the embrace and savouring every moment of it.

"Morning baby; you want some help getting dressed?" I asked her; she nodded against my neck and then I put her on the floor to help get her dress. I felt sorry for her as there was only a couple of clothes that she had, obviously Rick and Alexis had tried to keep up with the ever chaning size of the little girl but felt like clothes shopping was too big a task. My task for the day would be to take the little girl shopping; just her and me and we'd get her clothes any colour she wanted.

"Do you have any more clothes?" I asked her, she shook her head. She only had a draw full; which was mainly underwear and pajamas.

"Come on baby bird; time for some breakfast" I told her. She ran into my arms and I carried her out into the kitchen placing her in one of the kitchen stools and then prepared some pancakes and fruit salad for breakfast.

"Mm something smells good out here. Morning Hayley" Rick said coming up behind her and kissing her on the top of the head before making his way round the table and kissing me on the lips; I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me closer and rested his arms around my waist.

"Ew keep it PG guys" Alexis said coming down the stairs rubbing her eyes and trying to pat down the bush that was her red hair.

"I don't know; I haven't been able to kiss my wife like this in two years its kind of depressing" he said.

"Yea but still we don't need to see a full blown make out session in the kitchen I have to eat in here I don't want to have to sit here and watch the two of you with your lips locked whilst I eat panckaes or toast" Alexis whined, this caused me to laugh and Rick to join in soon after.

"Anyone want some pancakes and fruit salad?" I asked, three hands shot up in the air and I almost hit the floor with laughter. Serving Hayley's breakfast first I placed her plate in front of her and heard her say

"Thank you mummy" I smiled at her and headed towards the fridge to grab the maple syrup and the orange juice; pouring Hayley a glass of orange juice before drizzling mapl syrup onto her plate of pancakes. Rick completely smuthered his pancakes in maple syrup and poured himself a cup of boiling coffee. Alexis put a dab off maple syrup on hers before making herself a cup of coffee and I did the same.

Whilst Rick and Alexis did the dishes and Hayley played with her doll; I read a magazine that had been left on the coffee table in the lounge. It was fairly recent and I sat their in a fit of giggles as I saw that Kate Holmes and Tom Cruise had broken up; it reminded me of their vows saying that they would never break away from one another, its surprising how quickly a relationship fades if you're not committed to the other person and if your not ready to facethe public.

"So what do you have planned for the day?" I asked Rick as he sat next to me on the couch.

"I was thinking about writing I mean I've had a bit of inspiration and motivation I think I could get something down" he told me

"What about you Lex?" I asked the red headed teen who was still drying dishes in the kitchen

"I was thinking that I would go to the movies with a couple of my mates before meeting you, Hayley, Jenny and the twins and Lanie in town later on today" she said I nodded and she headed up stairs to shower and dress.

"So what do you have planned fo today?" Rick asked running his finger up and down my side.

"I was going to take Hayley shopping for some clothes and then we'll meet up with the girls later on for our wedding shopping" I told him

"Ah, yes that sounds like a great plan" he said handing me his credit card, kissing him on the lips I got up and grabbed Hayley's coat and went to were she was playing with her dolls and then helped her put her little arms in the sleeve holes. She held her arms up and I picked her up and held her like our lives depended on the contact.

"Well I can see you two are going to be unseprable from now on" Rick stated I just rolled my eyes and grabbed my purse, sunglasses and cellphone before heading out the door.

Arriving at wallmart I grabbed a trolley and placed her in the seat. Pushing the trolley we made our way down to the girls clothes section. I felt like time had rewound and I was the little kid and not Hayley. I learnt very quickly that pink was not her favourite colour and she shunned anything that was or had the tiniest bit of pink of it. So in the end her clothing was shades of purple, blues, greens, greys, blacks and whites. We also decided to get her some more pairs of shoes. With a full trolley we headed to the check out and payed for the clothes. Loading the clothes into the back seat with Hayley we decided that a big morning of shopping demanded an ice cream and a trip to the park. So buying her a choclate ice cream and me a goody goody gum drop ice cream we headed into the playground and sat while we ate our ice creams. I tried not to laugh as I watched Hayley with her face smeared in choclate ice cream; I leant over and started kissing it off her face, listening to her cackles and feeling her hands try to push me away.

"Mm yummy chocolate flavoured Hayley. Delicious" I said when all the chocolate was off her face. It delighted me that even once it was all off her face she was still cackling, it was the most adorable sound I'd ever heard.

"Mummy swing please"she said holding up her little arms I smiled down at her and grabbed her before taking her over to the swing set. Pushing my daughter higher and higher in the swing I laughed along with her giggles of happiness.

When it was finally time to leave I carried Hayley to the car and remembered that we were only one street over from where the bridal store was so I walked us around to the store and waited for everyone else to turn up. Alexis showed up five minutes after we had stopped outside the store;

"Look Haylez theres Lexi" I whispered pointing out Alexis as she walked down the path from the opposite direction we had, Hayley lifted her head and waved at Alexis shyly before hiding her head in my shoulder.

"Haylez whats wrong baby bird?" I asked concerned, I knew that Alexis had taken care of Hayley and they were getting along fine this morning.

"Hayley; can I have a hug?" Alexis asked her baby sister as she paused by our side. I felt the movement of her head shaking; I looked over at Alexis apologetically and she shrugged

"What have you been doing today Hayley?" Alexis asked

"Shopping and park" she whispered

"Were they fun?" Alexis questioned, I felt the nod coming from Hayley. I was swaying on the spot and it didn't take me long to notice that she was tired and she was almost asleep. Mind you with everything she'd had to face in the last two years it was pretty understandable.

"Hae ladies; and little Hayley" Lanie gushed as she, Jenny and the twins showed up a couple of minutes later. Putting Hayley down on the ground but taking her hand in mine we all entered the bridal store.

"Wow" Jenny and Lanie gushed as they looked around the room.

"Can I help you ladies?" the lady behind the desk asked

"We're just trying to find our dressess for my wedding in two months" Lanie told her

"Why have you waited so long to buy you're dressess?" the lady asked politely

"I've been in hospital; unconcious for the last two years" I told the lady

"Wow" she breathed. We took this as our cue to start looking through the shelves and racks of dressess. I was helping Lanie find the perfect dressess for the flower girl dressess.

"Lanie" I called from across the room "I found three of the most adorable little dressess". They really were adorable; each different shades of purple which seemed to please Julia and Kyria as well as Hayley, they'd followed me around cause Hayley wouldn't let go off my hand.

"Oh my god they are just gorgeous. Do you three like them?" Lanie asked; all three of them nodded happily.

"Ok; do you want to try them on?" she questioned them and all three started bouncing up and down happily.

"Ok, we'll get you to try them on when we've found our dressess too" Lanie said heading off to the bridesmaid dressess where Jenny and Alexis were waiting. Alexis was the one to find our dressess; all cut the same; boob tube jobs which were tightly fitting around the breast area and didn't have any flow in them until just above the stomach.

"They are stunning" Lanie said bursting with pride. She loved how the darkest colour was the one that would fit me as it was a deep shade of purple, the other two were the same shade about three times lighter than mine but not as light as the flowergirls dressess.

"Go try them on; I'll be waiting" Lanie said.

Jenny took her dress and Kyria and Julia's dressess taking them into the same changing room as her; Alexis took the one next to it and I took the one next to it. Helping Hayley out of her clothes; I had her in the dress in less than five minutes. I took a step back and smiled at her before saying

"Baby bird you look so adorable" she blushed furiously and hid her little face in her arms.

"Hae now; you don't need to be shy baby bird" I said trying to pry her arms from her face, evnetually giving up and getting into my own dress. When we were both ready I opened the lock and held out my hand for Hayley to take. Pulling her through the door with me; I heard the gassp from Alexis as we both walked out into the open.

"Hayley you look stunning" Lanie said coming up and tickling her which made her laugh

"Told you" I said to Hayley. I looked at Alexis who had the dress that was the lighter shade out of the three dressess.

"Wow Lexi you look beautiful" I told her honestly before turning towards Lanie and saying

"Samuel's going to have a hard time keeping his eyes off of Lexi isn't he"

"Yea; he's going to faint at your beauty" Lanie said which made Alexis blush a deep shade of red. The dress she wore hugged every single curve of her body even though it flowed freely from the stomach down it looked unbelivable on her.

"You look extremly sexy yourself girlfriend" Lanie said nudging me and now it was my turn to blush.

After Lanie payed for our dressess; she'd already brought her own we went down to the cafe which was at the end of the road and ordered some drinks and a light snack. When Hayley feel asleep on my shoulder I said goodbye to my friends and told Alexis we'd see her later before heading back towards our car. I put her in the seat and then drove back to the loft but not without stopping off at the supermarket and buying some ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. The chocolate sprinkles were for the ice cream; but the whipped cream was for my dirty desire that needed to be fulfilled tonight.

"Hi hunny" Rick called from the kitchen

"Ssh Rick she's had a big day" I said carrying her off to her bedroom; Rick trailed behind me wearing a confused look.

"Theres a couple of bags in the car; can you go get some, I'll come down and help you once I get her into bed" I said placing her on the bed and then undoing her shoes and taking off her coat before putting her under the bllankets to keep her warm

"Don't forget that if you keep her down for too long she'll be restless all night" Rick said from the door

"I know Rick; I remember" I said taking Rick's hand in mine and leading him out of the apartment and down to the car to help him bring up the clothes and stuff that I'd brought for Hayley and myself that morning.

"Woah Kate when I said go for it. I didn't mean buy the whole clothes range I just meant get her some stuff; a couple of things she'll need you know" he said trailing off when he saw the stern look in my eyes

"Not all of this stuff is for her you know and besides; when I was helping her change this morning I saw she didn't have very many things so I promised her that we'd buy her a whole new wardrobe. You've been spoiling her for the last two years it's my turn now" I told him grabbing six bags three of which where mine.

"Ok then I guess she does need more stuff and you do too; not that you're clothes that you have right now aren't you know sexy but they were so five years ago and you desrve it" he told me kissing me on the lips before reaching and grabbing the remaining bags, I locked the car and then headed upstairs with the stuff. I placed the three bags for Hayley in Rick's arms and went to put my things in our closet and changing in to the new lingerie set I'd brought and the skin tight skinny jeans and the one shoulder top that I'd brought.

I entered Hayley's room and watched as Rick's eyes roamed over my body appreciative of the cut of the top; of the way my curves and figure was more pronounced through the jeans, I smiled at him and joined him as he started folding the clothes and placing them in the drawers and closet. When we'd finished I told Rick to go start making dinner while I woke Hayley and got her into something that was a little less holey and tatty.

"Hayley; come on sweetie, time to get up" I whispered sitting on her bed lightly tapping her on the shoulder. She woke slowly; rubbed her eyes looked around and then literally jumped into my arms and wouldn't let go. I walked into the lounge and held her putting it to the fact that she was tired and that she was still trying to wake herself up.

"Hae baby; sleep well" Rick said taking a step towards her and kissing her on the top of the head. She nodded; Rick looked at me as he returned to stirring the pot of rice, with confussion written all over his face.

"Baby bird why don't you go play with you dollies?" I suggested putting her o the floor, but she wouldn't let go of my neck.

"Baby; mummy and I need to talk, we'll promise to come and play with you once we've finished" Rick said looking down at ou daughter. She looked up at me and then at Rick and nodded before turning around and heading to her room to play with her dolls.

"What's wrong with her Rick she's been like that all day?" I asked starting to freak

"I don't know what she been doing?" he questioned

"She's been really clingy; I kind of like that but I took her to the park and I left her alone for about five minutes so I could go to the bathroom and then I came back and she wouldn't leave my side or stop being really clingy. When we meet up with Alexis and the girls to try on dressess she got really shy when Alexis showed up and then even more so when the others turned up, I put it down to the fact that she was tired but it's something more Rick what did I do?" I told him completely off the tracks with worry.

"You didn't do anything wrong hunny; maybe she's just getting used to the fact that you're back and she doesn't want to lose you. Or maybe she's just acting up a little bit" he suggested both of these options sounded like good explanations to me, so I agreed with him and then went to play with Hayley.

When our situation hadn't gotten better in two weeks it had me extremly worried she didn't leave myside at home, wouldn't let anyone else touch her or have anything to do with me her attention was what I constantly had to have or else she'd start throwing a tantrum. I was so worried that I didn't even care about the plan that I'd had to seduce Rick and we hadn't had sex in two weeks. It was late on a Saturday morning when Rick came in with Hayley in his arms and both of them smiling. He put her on the floor and she lef us alone. I sat up in bed and smiled

"What did you do?" I asked

"Well I talked to her; asked her what was wrong and why she'd gone all shy around the people who loved her and why she was constantly seeking your attention and she told me that she was scared that if she took her eyes off you for one second she was going to lose you and she couldn't lose her mummy not when she just got her back. She also told me that while you were in the toliet at the park; she'd forgotten where you'd gone and didn't know if you or anyone else was going to come and find you. One of the big kids teased her and she started to freak; she just didn't want to be around anyone that she wasn't sure was going to come back to her at the end of the day" he told me

"You got all that out of her?" I asked

"Well mostly; it was all really confussing and I was crying as she talked about not wanting to lose you, but then she comforted me, she held me close and said she loved me with all her heart, and Lexi, and mummy and all her aunties and uncles she said that she was sorry for ignoring us and keeping you to herself and she promised she'd share you with us" he said.

"Well thats comforting does that mean I can do this without being interrupted" I said raising my eyes at him whilst I played with his cock through his trousers.

"Oh god Kate; yes but we'll have to be quick" he said placing his lips on mine and urgently kissing me.

"Good" I breathed.

After our quick catch up sex session we showered and entered the lounge to see Alexis and Hayley having a "tea party", Rick smirked at me and called out to our girls

"Are you having a tea party without me?" I just laughed and made my way to the kitchen to make our breakfast.

"I see that our little girl is finally over her phase" Martha whispered as she came down for breakfast

"Yea she kind of had a lot to hide; she didn't want to lose me or anyone else. I guess she was just making up for the time that we'd lost" I told my mother in law.

"Well its good to see her come out of her shell again; I swear we have another Alexis in the making"Martha said beaming with pride.

I woke six weeks later to an unbelivably painful stomach; bolting upright in bed I knew that I had about a minute to make it round the bed and into the bathroom. I rushed into the bathroom and puked my guts out into the sink; thinking that it was all over I started to head back to our bedroom to an empty bed the thought made me turn and run back to the sink. Rick had been gone for two weeks; touring his new Nikki Heat book and doing book signings as he went around the country. He wouldn't be back for a couple more days; as a matter of fact the day before my birthday. It was definitly going to be hard if I couldn't make it anywhere without puking. After three hour of non-stop puking I finally passed out on the floor exhausted and sore. I wasn't woken until I heard the little voice of Hayley trying to wake me and calling for help.

"Mumma please don't be going again" she begged I could hear the tears in her voice and I wandered how long she'd been here sitting with me.

"Baby bird" I whispered, she looked up at me and held me closely crying even harder

"I'm not going anywhere; I just had a really sore tummy, you know how that feels" she nodded and pulled back a bit.

"What is it Hayley? What's wrong with mum?" Alexis said tearing into the room wrapping her night gown around her middle.

"It's fine Lexi just had a bit of a tummy bug I'll be fine I promise" I said getting to my feet and feeling weak

"I think I'll just go back to bed; you alright getting Hayley and yourself some breakfast?" I asked Alexis

"Yea of course mum; come on Hayley we'll go make some pancakes and save some for mummy" she said holding her hand out to Hayley who was still by myside watching me tentatively. Yep we were definitly going to have another bright spark, who was going to be wise beyond her years.

"No Lexi I stay here with mummy" Hayley said her voice ringing with authority

"Ok I'll call you when I've got it ready ok" she said and left the room closing the door behind herself.

"Mummy are you really alright?" she asked

"Not really I'm really tired, you wanna cuddle" I said opening my arms out and wrapping her in the blankets as well. I feel asleep within seconds of her being in my arms. I thought throught the happy memories and tough times, the good and the bad and then I remembered that the last time I felt like this was when I was pregnant with Hayley. I was pregnant again; I was happy, overjoyed but in pain because Rick couldn't be here to share in the news. I didn't notice the time until I woke later that day the sky was darkening and Hayley had dressed but she was back on the bed this time with her favourite teddy bear. I sat up and pulled her into my arms holding her tight and kissing her forehead, I so wanted to tell her she was going to be an older sister but I wanted to tell Rick first.

"Its alright baby; I'm still here, I've got you" I said rubbing her back when I heard her quite sobs.

"Do you want to go ask Lexi if she can start making us some dinner?" I asked her, she looked up at me and I cleared her face of any signs of tears and then I let her go.

I got up and walked into the bathroom; searching the cupboard for the pregnancy tests I'd kept their the last time I thought I was pregnant. Closing and locking the door to give me some privacy I did the test twice; I wanted to be absolutely positive that I was before I told Rick and let myself believe that I was again pregnant. I walked around the bathroom deciding that whislt I was in here I might as well have a shower and present myself for my family. I finished the shower got out and wrapped myself in my bathrobe before moving back over to the sink and checking the results. The first one in my hand I took a deep breath counted the last thirty seconds and then looked at the stick, two lines. Placing it back down on the counter I picked up the other one and saw the two blue lines again; I sqealed to myself not loud enough for anyone else to hear but loud enough to celebrate by myself. I ran out into our bedroom and dressed before composing myself and walking out to have dinner with my mum, and two daughters. Alexis was in the kitchen with Martha about to dish up dinner and serve a glass of wine; when Martha motioned to me I shook my head and said

"juice please" she smiled at me as she poured the wine and juice for me and Hayley before setting it on the table. I looked round the room and couldn't find any sign of Hayley; until I saw a flash of purple walk down the hall and into her bedroom.

Curious I followed her to her bedroom; standing outside the door I heard her say

"Daddy she scared me really bad; it was like she was leaving us again, but she said she was sick and that I shouldn't worry she wasn't going anywhere" I could hear that she was trying not to cry again, I walked into her room and pulled her into my arms holding her closely before whispering in her free ear

"Can I talk to daddy please?" she nodded and handed me the phone and left the room to get ready for dinner.

"Katie are you alright?" he asked as soon as I put the phone to my ear

"Hi to you too love" I said smirking knowing how much he frettd when he wasn't with me when something bad happened, I had a sudden flash back to the first night we had sex and remembered how he'd acted the following morning when I'd told him that I'd almost died.

"Hi Katie. Hayley told me that you had a tummy bug; are you alright?" he asked sounding stressed

"Yea but I'd be better if you could come and make me feel better" I teased

"Oh god you know I could cancel the last day of book signings; I don't need to do the visit with the Nikki Heat film I could be home by tomorrow morning" he fretted

"No love as much as I need your comfort I know how much your fans need you. I'll still be here when you get back I promise" I told him

"Ok I love you so much" he breathed down the phone

"On second thought could you cancel your set visit I need you more than I thought" I ached for him; to tell him our news but most of all to feel him all over my body.

"Of course I'll call Gina as soon as I'm finished talking to you guys. Is there anything else?" he asked

"Nothing apart from the fact that I love you" I said

"God I love you too; don't stress too much and I'll see you tomorrow night" he said

"Bye love" I said

"Night my heart" he said hanging up the phone.

"Dinner" Alexis called from the top of the hall

"Coming" I said walking down the hall towards the kitchen table. Sitting at the table I at in silence before Alexis asked

"Hows dad?"

"He's good; he's coming home early, canceled his set tour because he wanted to be here with me" I said, Martha looked at me and laughed

"That's my boy; blowing off his team to be with his wife to meet her needs" she giggled. I blushed a deep red.

"Daddy's coming home early?" Hayley asked

"Yes late tomorrow night so you'll be in bed by the time he gets home" I told her, she frowned and then carried on eating her dinner.

When I felt full I waited for Hayley to finish and then waited for her to say goodnight before taking her to bed and wishing her sweet dreams. I entered the bedroom and fell asleep almost instantly and slept all through the next day Alexis and Martha had to spend the whole day reassuring her that I was just tired and recovering from my tummy bug. I was still asleep when Rick got home; I felt the bed dip and thought it was Hayley wanting a cuddle in the middle of the night but it wasn't until his lips were on my neck that I knew it was him, no one else knew that I came undone by sucking there.

"I heard you've been in bed all day; that you've been asleep all this time and that you gave Hayley quite a scare" he whispered in my ear.

"Yea well I needed the rest; I did puke my guts out the night before last and you know me it takes me longer to recover" I said.

"Mm. I missed you so much" he said moving his way down my body.

"Missed you too" I breathed. When he got to my night shirt he pulled it up saw something that made him stop. I hadn't put my underwear back on or taken the vibrator out at eight o'clock after masturbating using the dildo and vibrator to pleasure myself.

"You missed me this much" he said pleased

"Yes Castle. If you don't take that vibrator out of me now and fuck me I'm going to lose it" I told him. He was rapidly up stripping off his clothes and he was ready for me in a matter of seconds. He waited for my nod before penetrating me though; and fucking me fast and hard, making my back arch and my head spin.

"Good gods Rick I need this. I'm so close" I said rocking my hips against his every thrust. When we climaxed we did so together, both needing the pleasure of having each other.

Lying in Rick's arms as we came down from our high I knew I needed to tell him why I was sick; he was going to be estactic with the news of this.

"Rick" I said turning and facing him running hand through his hair.

"Mm; babe" he whispred

"I need to tell you something" I replied; he shot up in bed and freaked

"Please tell me your not going to leave me; I don't think I'd make it through if you left me" he said

"Why would you even think that Rick? Your my husband and I'm not about to up and leave you like your two ex wives. Your my one and done; I'm not going anywhere" I said shocked at how this conversation had changed.

"It's just everytime I get to the five year mark in a relationship everyone ditches me; its like hae I've been with this guy for five years thats as good as a life sentence I'm just going to leave him" Rick said

"I would never do that to you Rick not without giving you some warning first. No by the way thats not what I wanted to tell you; its good news" I told him

"Tell me love whatever it is I'm going to be over the moon" he gushed

"Ok well; the reason why I was so ill the other day is because I'm pregnant" I said smiling

"Seriously?" he asked

"Yes Rick the last time I was that ill was when I was pregnant with Hayley and then I did two pregnancy tests just to be as positive as possible, they both came back positive" I told him

"Kate this is wow" he said blinking in shock

"Yea I know" I breathed into his shoulder.

"I'm more than over the moon; I'm in another solar system with happiness" he said kisssing the top of my head and then kissing me on the lips.

"I love you so much; you always amaze me" Rick said

"I love you more" I moaned into his mouth.

"Mm not even possible; I love you so much nothing can measure my love for you" he sighed into my mouth

"Mm; show me how much you love me" I told him

"It would be my pleasure madame" he said getting straight to his task of pleasuring me.

I woke in the morning tucked into Rick's arms; I sensed he was awake by the way he was breathing.

"Morning" I breathed

"Morning my loves" he said kissing me on the nose whilst his hand rested against my stomach.

"Mm I think I'm going to have to get used to you calling us that again" I murmered against his mouth.

"You think so?" he teased.

"Morning mummy; are you feeling good today?" Hayley said walking through the door before she looked up and saw Rick in bed with me

"Daddy you're home" she squealed jumping up on the bed and climbing over to the both of us flinging her arms around us both.

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