Taken By Surprise

Chapter 4


It was later on that day when I found Hayley by herself in her room; Kate had gone out with Jenny putting the last minute details on the hens night for that evening, but not before promising to save our good news until we were all together so that we could do it together.

"Hae baby I thought you might want to come with me and find something for mummys birthday tomorrow" I wandered aloud; she looked up at me and smiled nodding her head, the little pony tails at the side of her head bouncing up and down. I was about to pick her up when her face fell

"What's worng hunny?" I asked her

"I don't know what to get her daddy" she said looking up at me with tears about to spill over the edges of her eyes.

"Hae now; hunny. Get her something from in here" I said placing my hand over her heart; she looked down at my hand and then smiled up at me. Nodding she held up her arms and I took her down toward the car and then remembered that Kate had taken our car with the car seat in it and that Hayley disliked walking. Pulling her out of her embrace that she was wrapping me with I put her legs over my head and told her to hold on tightly.

"Which store?" I asked her once her feet where on the floor again. Pointing to the jewelry store I nodded my appreciation at her and grabbed her little hand before taking her to the store.

"Hello there. How may I help?" the lady asked

"My daughter wishes to buy her mum something" I told her politely

"Sure; what is the occasion?" she asked turning her attention to Hayley

"Birthday" Hayley said barely raising her voice above a whisper

"Ah ok then sweetie; what did you have in mind?" she asked

"Bracelet or necklace" she told the lady. The lady nodded and grabbed a couple of trays and put them on the counter before walking around the counter and showing Hayley the expensive jewelry. Her eyes beamed and she broke out in the most adorable smile when she saw what she wanted

"That one" she said excitedly. I nodded my approval; it was a charm braclet with three charms attached, one a heart in the center, the other two a four leaved clover and the other a baby rattle.

"Excellent choice sweetie; you can write a message on the heart is there anything you want to put on it?" the lady beamed, Hayley nodded and moved to whisper in the ladies ear. The lady pulled back and nodded her approval before standing and turning towards me and saying

"It should be ready in the next hour or so. We'll see you then. Bye Hayley" she said waving before heading out to the backroom.

"Did you get all you wanted?" I asked my daughter she shook her head and she took my hand running to the store where we'd brought the flowers and get well cards for Kate.

"You want to buy some flowers?" I asked smiling down at her; she beamed up at me

"Alright which ones?" I questioned. She looked at each one and then smiled at the mix of red, pink and white roses. I picked them up and payed for them before she motioned for me to come down to her level she leant in and whispered

"Daddy can I get a small bunch to give to the lady at the jewelry store?"

"Yes" I said beaming at her good naturedness and how caring my daughter was.

When we got back to the jewelry store Hayley passed over the bunch of flowers and the lady almost cried she burst out with a lot of thank yous and ended up coming up and giving her a hug. She looked at me and told me

"I'm actually nine weeks pregnant, with triplets"

"Congratulations" I beamed at her

"If anyone one of them does what your little girl has done for her mum then I'll be one of the luckiest mums in the world" she gushed, tears flowing freely down her face.

I took Hayley home and told her that she was going to hane to store them in her closet; and that I was going to have to get her up in the morning because it would be a surprise for Kate, she nodded and when we walked into the loft I called

"Kate; baby are you home?"

"I'm in here Rick" she shouted back from our room; motioning to Hayley to make a break for her room to stash her present I headed towards our bedroom and saw Kate half undressed, with a tight fitting skirt and her bra on she was almost about to pull the top over her head when I came up behind her and suckled on her neck. She moaned and then pulled back telling me that she couldn't get this outfit dirty or stained she needed it for the hens night.

"I could do this though" she said rubbing her hand up and down my cock whish was already hard and begging for release. I reached behind me and closed and locked our bedroom door before she knel down with her top off and her bra a little to small and undid my zipper on my jeans before placing my length into her mouth and suckling on it. When I cummed in her mouth she swalloed quickly and then teased me by putting her top on and kissing my lips.

"Oh before I forget; I went to the doctors today before I came home, I was still a little bit unsure about if we were indeed pregnant and they ran tests. They said I wasn't pregnant with just one child though; get this we're having twins" she squealed

"Twins; Katherine Rosalinda Castle have I told you lately that I love you" I said kissing her lips

"Have I told you theres no one else above you" she replied

"Fill my heart with gladness take away my sadness" I said placing my mouth on hers and hungrily ravished her mouth.

"Mm; Rick if you don't let me go, I'm not going to make it to my best friends hens night and your not going to make it to the stag do" she said

"Even though we organised both of them do you think we could leave earlier than the parties supposed to finish and come home and have the most erotic sex because Kate I need you now but I'll be good and wait a couple more hours" I pouted

"I'm sure I can make a get away before midnight; but I'm not to sure how close to that mark I'll be home" she said

"Mm; I can live with that. If your later than one thirty though I'm going to have to punish you severly" I said roaming my eyes over the clothes she had on tonight; yes I could not wait to get those clothes off of her and into our bed.

"Bye love see you before midnight" he said kissing me

"Bye Cinderella; be home before midnight if you want to see how quickly your clothes will dissappear" I said to her before she left the room, I could hear her laughter all the way down the hall.

Wow I'm going to be a dad to twins; I couldn't believe my luck, I'd always wanted a big family but Meredith and I had broken up before we'd even thought about having more kids and Gina hated kids and refused to take responsibility for Alexis, but with Kate I may just have my dream come true.

"Daddy; shouldn't you be getting ready for your party?" Hayley asked me

"Yea baby bird; I just hope nana gets her soon otherwise you'll have to stay with Mr Brown on the lower floor" I said; I knew how much Hayley disliked Mr Brown so I wished mum would hurry up and get here.

"Darlings" mum called from the doorway to the loft

"Nana" Hayley yelled running towards my mum. I took this oppoutunity to shower and dress; I had my leather pants and leather jacket and wore my Green Lantern t-shirt. I kissed my mother and Hayley on the cheek before saying goodnight and leaving them to their own devies.


When I returned to the apartment building I saw Rick trying to use his eftpos card to get inside the building. Taking his wallet and eftpos card out of his hand and putting the card back in its hole I grabbed the key card and swipped it before putting his wallet back in his pocket and helping him up rhe stairs and into the loft. I got him inside our room; locked the door, by the time I'd undressed the both of us Rick had seemed to sober somewhat and he pulled me in for a hug and started fucking me in the middle of our bedroom. Placing my legs around his waist I started helping him to get closer to our climax.

By the time we'd fallen asleep Rick was definitly sober and we'd climaxed a maximum thirteen times in the space of two hours, finding new erotic places to make our toes curl and make us moan. My new favourite position was the one were Rick had placed me on dryer in his room which he'd turned on for our little sexcapade and when he had me lie on the dryer whilst he fucked me deep and hard, the dryer giving our sex a new exqusite feeling. I slept like an angel till nine when my tummy rumbled and I smelt the delicious mouth watering smell of bacon wafting through the bedroom.

I looked up and there at the end of the bed where Alexis, Martha, Hayley and Rick; I looked down thinking I was still naked from lasts nights events when I noticed that Rick must have put a t-shirt on me so that our family wouldn't get an eye full. Rick held a tray of breakfast; he brought it round and I saw my favourite foods on the plate as well as a cup of coffee.

"Happy birthday sweetheart" he said kissing me on the forehead

"Thank you babe" I told him smiling at my family. Alexis was the next to come forward with a box of stuff

"Here mum this is what I've gotten you for the last two birthdays as well as this one" she told me giving me the box. I opened it and saw three different items; one of them was the season 1-6 box set of Temptation Lane the episodes that I'd lost when my house burnt down. The next item I pulled out of the box was photo album; of pictures, memories from the time we first meet to the year after I ended up in hospital, I smiled with tears running down my face, Rick was rubbing the back of my hand, I looked up and pulled Alexis into my arms for a hug

"Thank you baby" I said holding her tightly. After a couple of minutes I let her go and then looked at the last item in the box; it was a new necklace, a locket in it was a picture of her and Hayleyon one side and on the other was a picture of Martha, Rick, Hayley, Alexis, Dad and myself a couple of days before the accident.

"I love these all so much Lexi; you have good taste" I said smiling at her.

Martha was next she held a little box; she passed it to me and I smiled at her opening it I saw the most exqusite pair of Onyx earrings, the detail was so impressive it looked amazing.

"These are a family heirloom that is passed down to the oldest daughter of the family; its been passed down since the late 1700's and I expect one of these days you'll pass them down to Alexis" Martha told me

"Wow Martha these are stunning" I said "Oh I can wear them tomorrow at the wedding" I said happily.

Hayley came up to the bed next with three things in her hands she had trouble getting up onto the bed with that many things on the bed but Alexis helped her up. The first thing she handed me were the roses; I smiled at her and then she handed me a card, which she'd made by herself I read it and started crying again it was so pretty and the drawings were amazing for a three year old. The last thing she handed me was a jewelry box and she sat there literally bouncing up and down in anticipation. I opened it and gasped admiring the three little charms on it, the four leaved clover, baby rattle and the heart, Hayley came closer to sit next to me and said

"Mummy each celebration I'm going to get you another charm until its all fulled up ok; but you have to turn the heart over" she looked at me going all shy for a moment, squinting a little as the writing was so small I made out the message Thank you mummy for not leaving us all alone. Love your baby bird Hayley I let out a sob and pulled her in for a hug crying happily on her shoulder.

"I think its time that we tell you guys something as well" I said when I'd composed my self a little, I looked at Rick who was holding my hand he nodded encouragingly

"I found out the two nights ago that I was pregnant" there were cries of delight from all three of the women

"Hang on it gets better" Rick announced

"We're having twins" I squealed

"Oh my god mum thats amazing" Alexis said running forward and hugging me

"Your going to be a big sister Hayley to two little siblings" I told her

"Like I Lexi is to me?" she asked

"Yea baby bird like Lexi is to you" I confirmed she got up and screamed in delight running from the room no doubt to tell all her teddy bears that she was going to be a big sister.

"This is great mum" Alexis said hugging

"I know I'm so happy" I told hem

"I bet you are; if it means more adorable grandchildren I'll be the happiest woman in the world" Martha said coming over to kiss me on the head and then skipping happily from the room.

"You know Rick we're going to have to get a bigger place if we're going to have these two join our family" I told him

"And if we want more children" he said

"Mm definitly if we want more children" I agreed, he looked at me shocked

"I thought you would of ran screaming from the room"

"Why would I do that? I've always wanted a lot of children" I told him honestly

"Me too" he said leaning over the bed and kissing me on the lips. We ate the breakfast that was in front of us and then I got up and dressed before heading out to the lounge and looking on the internet with Rick for houses just outside of town

"I like the look of this one" I told him, it was amazing and had fourteen bedrooms, four of which had en suites, a pool, playground and huge backyard.

"Mm it looks amazing and for the size that it is I'm actually surprised there not asking for more" he said

"We should put an offer in for it" I suggested. He got up and rang someone; he didn't return for another half hour when he did he looked pleased with himself.

"What Rick?" I asked

"We got it; I put a bid on the house and they just accepted the offer it was a couple of hundred over what they wanted but we got it and its ours we can move in as soon as we want cause the original family moved out six months ago" he said

"Oh my god Rick; we can start packing today this is the best present ever, and you'll be able to have a bigger office" I said leaping up and down.

"Whats happened why are you so excited?" Alexis said running into the lounge with Hayley following just behind her

"We've just brought a house about half an hour from here; look" Rick said showing them the pictures of the house that was now ours

"We just need to sign the papers when we go there in two days time and it will officially be ours" Rick told us all.

"Its huge guys" Alexis said

"Well we're an expanding family and this will be perfect for all of us; this way mum can still stay with us as can Lexi and it will accomadate the twins when they come and then the rest of our friends and family when they come over" Rick told them

"Thats fair enough" I said.

The following morning before we left to get ready for Lanie and Espo's wedding the movers arrived to start packing our things; most of the stuff would be there when we got there but stuff like our beds and clothes for tomorrow would still be here when we got home tonight; the last few things would be moved tomorrow and the movers would still be used tomorrow when Rick; Martha, Alexis and I showed them were we'd place our stuff. Martha was totally on board with the idea as it meant that she could still get to live with us and be a full time grandmother which pleased me and Rick immensly. I was in the car with Hayley and Alexis; when I noticed the look of longing on Alexis' face, it was a look that I hadn't seen since Tom.

"Lexi are you alright?" I asked

"Yea; why wouldn't I be?" she questioned

"I don't know you have a look of longing on your face that I haven't seen since Tom. Is there anything you want to tell me about?" I asked her

"Uh not really" she told me.

I was about to enter Lanie's apartment building when Alexis pulled me back

"Mum can I talk to you?" she asked

"Yea love; Hayley you know where Aunty Lanie lives right, we'll see you up there in a minute will you tell her that?" I told her, she nodded before running up to the lift and pressing the up button. I followed Alexis towards the bench across the car park

"Lexi whats up?" I asked her concerened

"Mum; I need to tell you something" she took a deep breath and then held my hand tightly

"I did something that I'm not sure if I regret or if I enjoy I mean I definitly did at the time but now I'm not quite sure" she told me

"What is it? What did you do?" I asked squeezing her hand.

"Well; you know Esposito's half brother Samuel. Esposito arranged for us to meet a couple of days after they announced that we were going to be partners walking down the aisle at their wedding; so we meet up and we had a really good time, he's really awesome, interested in all the things that I am interested in and he's so sweet, we've been meeting up every couple of days and its been really fun. Seven weeks ago he took me to his mates party and we had a really great time; it was awesome and I feel like I'm falling in love with him, but that night I went back to his apartment and he was drunk and I stayed with him, we had great sex and we kept on seeing each other. But the day after you fell ill; I did too, it freaked me out so much I went out and brought a couple of pregnancy tests to see if that was what had made me sick. I did all three in the box and it confirmed that I was pregnant so I went to the doctors and they confirmed it as well; but I don't know how to tell Samuel, I mean we haven't even announced that we're dating I don't want to ruin what we have by adding this to the equation right now" she said looking at me I looked into her eyes and saw how freaked out she was about this.

"Honestly Lexi; I think you should tell him, today if not tomorrow but you shouldn't hold back on him. You say you've fallen in love with him; that's great to know so shouldn't you tell him to see if he's going to be as committed as you are" I told her

"But what if he doesn't want it and I have to raise it on my own?" she questioned

"Hae now Lexi you won't be alone; we'll be here to help you. Don't worry about it stay positive and you'll get further in this than you think. But for now; keep your head held high and your emotions in your pocket" I told her.

"Mum thank you" she said getting up and following me into the building.

We got into Lanie's apartment and the make up and hair ladies that had been hired for the big day were waiting for us Jenny was getting her hair done; Hayley was getting her make up done, Kyria and Julia were getting their hair done also and Lanie was getting her make up done also. As soon as we walked in we were whisked away to get our make up put on. By the time Alexis and I were done with our hair and make up perfectly in place Jenny had taken the twins to get them dressed and ready for the car to leave in fifteen minutes. I was getting into my dress and helping Hayley to change before telling her to sit with Alexis and going to help Lanie get into her dress.

"Wow Lanie you look stunning" I said as soon as I walked into the room. She smiled at me turning and hugging me

"I can't believe this day has finally comeits the most amazing day ever" she gushed

"The day were your fairytale finally comes true" I told her.

"I feel like a princess" she smiled happily

"You look like a princess who's about to be late for the ball; so lets get of here" I said grabbing the bunch of flowers that were on the bed and taking them with me whilst I went to retrieve Hayley. I smiled at her and looked around the room looking for Alexis, she wasn't anywhere in sight.

"Lanie I'll be quick I promise I just need to find Alexis" I said leaving them in the lounge

"Alright hun we'll see you both down at the car; come on Hayley" Lanie called from behind me. I walked around the whole apartment and couldn't find Alexis anywhere until I heard sobbing coming from the wasrdrobe in the spare bedroom.

"Alexis come on hun we need to ge going" I said trying to slide the door open

"No you guys go; I can't face him, not like this" she said opening the door and showing herself. Her makeup was utter perfection they had put us all in waterproof makeup for the possibility that we might end up like burst waterpipes. Her dress was flowing freely her stomach still remained marginally flat it had a slight bump which you couldn't see as the dress flowed from just above the stomach down; she looked beautiful and the glow from being pregnant gave her a subtle redness that you can't get from make up.

"You can't face him when you look as stunning as you do Lex; that would be like denying your father ice cream to celebrate nothing" I told her, she cracked a small smile.

"Besides your bump isn't as big as mine and remember your only carrying one I'm carrying twins" I told her, she blew out a breath and said

"Your right I can do this" she said sounding strong

"Thats my girl. By the way if you want I can tell Rick tonight; save you from doing it and getting the lashing out you know will happen" I told her

"Really you'll do that for me?" she asked stunned

"Yea I could even get him to spare his life; by saying that you love him. He can't change that fact" I said, holding out my hand, she took it and we walked out of Lanie's apartment and headed down to the waiting limo.

The venue was a splendid little building over looking the lake on the property. It was goregous; and with all the guests seated, Alexis over her nerves and preparing to see the father of her child walk her down the aisle, I linked arms with Rick and kissed him passionately his hand rested on my stomach. Pulling away from his mouth I looked up at him and smiled sweetly at him. The music started for the three girls to head down the aisle with Lanie's nephew walking down the aisle behind them, he was the ring bearer. Alexis looked at me and I smiled at her nodding my head as she and Samuel got ready to walk down the aisle. Rick leant down took my arm in his and whispered

"You look really hot" I blushed deeply as Jenny and Ryan walked down the aisle.

We took our position and we looked back at Lanie and her dad smiling brightly at each other; we smiled at them and then started the walk down the aisle. We took our places and then I waited to grab Lanie's flowers when she arrived at the alter, the look of pure longing in Espo's eyes confirmed what we'd been saying to Lanie in the car when her nerves finally started to show through. I looked over at Samuel who spent the whole time looking at Alexis and smiling; I searched his eyes and saw nothing but pure love and adoration for Alexis, I knew that he was going to be able to take the fact that he was going to be a father to heart and he was going to fall even more in love with that idea everyday. I think the idea that made this even more appealing for me was the idea that if both Alexis and Samuel eventually got married which from the look on his face looked like he wished it was the two of them up there instead of Lanie and Espo, meant that Esposito and Lanie would actually become my family through marriage. It was a nice idea.

When the ceremony was finished and we were taken to the venue for the meal and dancing; Rick had taken his ferrari and taken Jenny, Ryan and the twins over. I went in the limo with Hayley, Alexis and Samuel. I watched the movements that really weren't that subtle. If she moved he'd move closer if he moved she'd move closer it was like they couldn't not be apart from each other; when the limo arrived and I grabbed Hayley out with me and held her tightly in my arms I stopped Alexis from walking in and told her to take this chance to tell him; he'd probably like to hear it in a private spot without an audience so I told her to take him out to the tree by the lake front and tell him there, before coming back in and settling in with the rest of us.

"Has anyone seen Samuel?" Ryan asked coming up to me, Rick and Hayley.

"Yea he came with me and Hayley in the limo; he and Alexis are talking, they said they'd be in soon" I told Ryan

"Oh ok its just his mum is looking for him, she wants to introduce him to her friend Celleste" Ryan told me. I looked over at Espo's mum and saw her with a girl who looked like she was a really lovely girl but didn't look a thing like Alexis and if he accepted the fact that Alexis was pregnant then he wasn't going to have eyes for anyone else.

"Mum; can I talk to you?" Alexis asked when she got into the room, I nodded and we headed back out to the carpark.

"What happened?" I asked really curious to find out what had happened.

"He looked a bit shocked for a while and then told me that he loved me and that he was going to stick by myside and that we were going to work on our relationship together; he wants to announce it later on today" she beamed

"I told you he was going to accept it; you two are going to be excellent" I told her smiling proudly at her.

"Thanks Mrs Castle" Samuel said coming out from behind the tree

"Sheesh; can I give you a little advice about pregnant people Samuel, never ever sneak up on them unless you want them to drop" I scolded

"You're pregnant too Mrs Castle; thats wonderful" he said beaming

"Yes we were also going to announce that we were having twins today as well" I told him

"Wow twins" he said a little taken a back by that.

Walking back into the hall; we saw that our food was being served, so we quickly ran to our seats and joined our friends and family up at the head of the table. I gossiped with Lanie and heard all sorts of stuff that had been flying around the precinct since my last chat with her. Before I rested in Rick's arms; and listening to the steady hum of his beating heart.

"Now we have the best man and maid of honour speeches" the dj announced, Rick stood and laced our fingers together and walking up to the stage were the microphone was.

"I'd like to thank Javier for giving me the oppoutunity to be his best man; and I'd like to thank Lanie for making him the man that I know he is when he's with you. I'll be forever in both of their debt for the care and loving support they gave both me and my family whilst my wife was healing from our accident, for looking after our daughter Hayley when no one else was home and lastly for being amazing aunties and uncles" Rick said

"I'd like to say a humangous thank you to Lanie for being my bestest friend ever and for being there when I needed it most; she deserves this and so does Javier. I'd like to thank both of them for being amazing to my family and helping out when I couldn't be there to look after them myself. I'd like to announce something that we've only known for a the last couple of days. Rick and I are expecting twins in December this year" I said looking at my family who already knew this and my friends reactions when they found out, I found it hard not to laugh as each one of their mouths fell to the ground.

Giving everyone a while to get over this news Alexis seized Samuel's hand and went up to the stage; she looked lovingly into his eyes and she nodded at him he grabbed the microphone.

"Hae guys; I'm Samuel, Javier's half brother and I'd just like to say congrats bro this is so awesome. But I have something to announce and theres only one person here who knows what I'm about to say. Here it goes; Alexis and I are expecting a child together in January next year" he said; I watched Rick for a minute whilst he got over the enitial shock of this announcement and then watched as he got up and motioned for Alexis to come to him; he pulled her into his arms and held her tightly before motioning for Samuel to come over and give him a hug too. I was a couple of steps behind him when I heard Rick say to Sam

"Welcome to the family son" I felt myself start to tear up and looked over at Alexis who looked like she was about too as well. Esposito who was close behind me with Ryan and Lanie close at his side stepped forward; pulling me and Lanie with him into the embrace of our family

"This makes this the sweetest moment of my life" Rick cried on my shoulder

"Triple how you feel and I feel even sweeter" Espo said pulling Alexis into the family, and then it dawned on me, Esposito and Lanie were my soon to be son in laws brother which made Lanie my daughter, and Javi my son which was kind of awkward cause they were both two years my senior.

"Guys; you know how I said I wanted you to be my family, I didn't mean my children through marriage. Its kinda awkward when if these two get married; you'll became my son and daughter in law through marriage and it makes it awkward cause you two are both two years older than me and four years younger than Rick" I stated

"Yea I guess that is really awkward" Lanie said pulling me in for a hug by ourselves

"Hae mum" she teased

"I think for Hayley's sake and the sake of our children we'll just remain calling you guys Aunty and Uncle and not even go into the detail of the story of how we're all related now its far too complicated" I told them, everyone else nodded in agreement that was way to awkward for everyone else to get there head around as well.

When the first dance started Lanie and Javi took to the floor and danced like there was no one else there to interferre. It was the most spectacular wedding I'd been too apart from my own; we laughed and talked and had a ball before Rick took me to the dancefloor and we rocked back and forth making ourselves too tired to even do anything apart from holding each other when we got to bed that night.

"Do you think that when we move into the new place tomorrow we could invite Samuel to come over?" I aksed Rick sleepily

"I know I should be angry with him and a little peeved with my daughter; but I love the fact that my daughter is going to bless me with a grandchild, could this year get any better for us" he yawned

"So can he come?" I said

"If he wants he could move in with us; its up to him does he want to be there every step of the way or does he want to be there for somethings?" he questioned

"Mm night Rick" I said drifting peacefully off to sleep.

I woke to a very empty bed Rick wasn't anywhere to be found and I couldn't hear anything from out in the kitchen or lounge. I got up and put my dressing gown on waliking through to the lounge where Rick had Hayley sitting on a chair, where she sat eating pancakes.

"Morning Haylez" I said kissing her on the head before walking into the kitchen and wrapping my arms around Rick's waist and kissing his shoulder blade

"Morning" I said

"Morning love; you all packed and ready to go, Hayley and I are done now Alexis should be down in a minute with her stuff" he told me

"Yea I packed yesterday; I just have to put my pjs in your bag and grab the spare clothes and I'll be all done" I replied.

"I was thinking that when we get settled in tonight we could watch Cars 2; you promised you'd show me and that was over three months ago now" I suggested

"Sounds good to me" Rick said

"Oh yea definitley good with me"Alexis said coming down stairs with her luggage

"What about you Hayley?" I asked

"Mater; yay" I took that as her agreement to the movie.

"Wow; this place is huge" Alexis gasped

"Yes it definitley is" I nodded my agreement holding my oldest daughter tightly.

"Well lets go inside; and take a tour of the house. There are movers inside for all of those who need help to organise their rooms" Rick told us

"I'll take Hayley" I said holding out my hand for my little girl.

"Ok mummy" she agreed taking my hand and running with me into the house and into her new bedroom.

"Mummy this place is so big and my room has so much more space" she said in amazement as we walked into her room which was down the hall from Rick and my bedroom.

It took me and Hayley an hour and a half to fully set up everything in a place were I would remember for tomorrow; the movers even helped put away clothes and things.

"Thank you" I said taking Hayley's hand and leading her out to the lounge, where we'd planned to meet up with everyone to watch Cars 2. Alexis sat waiting on the couch; Martha was standing in the ginourmous kitchen that came off the lounge. Rick was the last one to arrive with the dvd in in his grasp; Hayley spent the next five minutes wriggling around in my arms before finally settling down to a giddy jump.

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