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Me and Ale are at my Aunt’s house getting ready for the 8 Letters tour concert up in Dallas. We’re clearly repping our merch. Me and Ale are standing behind a gate as we see the WDW tour bus and we start to go crazy. Ale has Roni’s Rubix cube for Jack to finish. I’m just thinking what am I gonna act like when I see Jonah Marais. What is Ale gonna act like when she sees Corbyn Besson. We’re both in our shirts that my mom, or to Ale, Momma Lewellen, got us.

Romance / Fantasy
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I see the top of Jack and Bri’s head moving past the window. Someone is trying to get my attention, but my mind is in 1,000 different places.
“Ale,”they call again, “Ale!”
“Huh? What?” I question, confused.
“I’ve been trying to get your attention for ten minutes now,” complains Zach, “You got something for Jack?”
“Uh, no. That’s my sister, V.”
“Why are you trailing him?”
“Not him, Bri. She likes skateboarding.”
“You really love your sister, don’t you?”
“She’s my twin sister. I love her to death.”
“That’s cute. I would lover her to death also if she was my girlfriend or twin sister or sister general,” Jonah comments, budding into mine and Zach’s conversation.
“Oh, be quiet, Jonah. She would flip if she was your girlfriend, but she also tried two long distance relationships and she didn’t like it,” I retort.
Jonah sticks his tongue out, but goes back to his phone, “Still doesn’t answer my question,” Zach comments.
“What was your question?”
“Who’s lane are you in?”
“Why are you asking?”
“Cause I’m curious...”
“And you’re hoping it’s you?”
“Not just curious.”
I’m saved from answering by Jack and Bri walking in the tour bus door, “ Shows about to start,” Jack mentions, “The girls need their passes.”
“Oh yeah, Corbyn where are those?” Zach asks,” I know we have extras.”
“Right here,” he calls from his bunk, producing two backstage passes.
Bri screams. As her twin, I instantly cover her mouth, getting it licked in return.
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