Family Fued


Family Fued. Seven dudes. Just seven dudes trying to get money from a game show.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

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And 7 crackheads

KINDKNJ © 2019

Where 7 dudes act like a happy family entering a game show to earn money.

“Hey guys! Come here!” Jungkook shouted from the living room, where Yoongi was resting there, cuddled in many blankets. Yoongi groans but turns the other side to have his back to the Maknae.

A few moments later, Jungkook begins to hear stomping coming from outside the room and it seems to stomp in this direction. Kim Namjoon appeared in the doorway, panting.

“Did Yoongi do something?” Namjoon asks between pants, clearly exhausted. Jungkook shakes his head and looks over Namjoon.

“Where are—”

“I swear to god Jungkook, if this ain’t as important as my relaxing yoga, I will beat you through the goddamn wall!” Someone yells and walks up to be beside Namjoon.

“I promise.” Jungkook replies, oblivious to the threat whatsoever. “No need to be rude about it Jin…”

“What is it Kooks?” Someone on the other side of the living room enters. There was practically two entries to the living room. Jungkook turns to the left and waves.

“Come closer Tae.” He answers, making immediate eye contact with him. Tae nods and walks over. So did Jin and Namjoon. “Where’s Ji-”

“You called?” Jimin asks, leaning against the same doorway Namjoon and Jin were at. Jungkook nods. Jimin walks over as well.

“Yoongi, you can just stay there.” Jungkook amswers simply.

“Was planning to.” Yoongi answers, though his voice was muffled due to how many blankets he was being surrounded with.

“My sweet Kookie! What’s wrong?” A voice, clearly filled with energy, questions.

“Hobi, come over here.” Jungkook orders, not even tearing his eyes off what was displayed on his computer screen. Hobi hops his way, but not before making a quick stop to see Yoongi.

But Yoongi was already staring at him, and Hobi smiles and winks at him. Yoongi turns beet red before covering himself more with the support form his blankets. Hobi continues hopping before looks over Jin’s long shoulder.

“What are we looking at Kooks?” Taehyung asks, squinting a bit.

“Look, apparently we can try out this family game show!” I exclaim, excitement filling Jungkook’s sweet voice.

Taehyung brushes his strands of his mullet brown hair out of the way, to get a better look, “Game show?” Taehyung questions.

“Hell no.” Jin spats, getting some spit on the screen. Jungkook was quick to wipe it using his yellow sweater sleeve. “I’m not doing this, this ain’t it chief.”

“But hyung, why?” Hobi whines. Jimin shrugs.

“I don’t mind doing it, unless Namjoon wants to.” Jimin replies simply.

“I’m not doing it until Yoongi does it.” Namjoon answers. Everyone argues about how they’re not gonna do it unless the person they choice will. Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind, but he looks to Jungkook, who was pouting.

He felt bad, because Jungkook just wanted to this. For family, right?

“Guys!” Taehyung shouts, cutting off all arguments. “Look, we need to discuss about this, since we all are mature and appropriate—”

“Ha! Good joke.” Jin fake laughs.

Taehyung glares at him, “Jin, come on, I expected more from you.” Taehyung replies. Jungkook looks at Taehyung, with admiration. He was handling this situation pretty well.

“More? Dude, shut the—”

“Raise your hand if you agree we do this.” Namjoon interrupts loudly. Jungkook was the first to. Taehyung smiles fondly at Jungkook, before raising his hand. Hoseok sees it and raises his hand as well.

“Four to three.” Jin taunts. They put their hands down. “Raise your hand if you don’t want to.” Jin raises his hand.

“Sorry Tae..” Jimin trails off, slowly raising his hand. Namjoon sighs and raises his hand.

“It’s three to three.” Jungkook points out. Jin makes a quick count and looks to Yoongi. Jin stomps to Yoongi and snatches his blankets. Yoongi opens his eyes and glares at Jin.

“The fuck dude?” Yoongi shouts.

“Raise your hand, you’re the tiebreaker.” Jin states.

Yoongi looks around sleepily, he looks to Hobi, “What did you pick?” Yoongi questions.

“Game show.” Hoseok answers.

Jin looks between at the two, “Oh hell—”

“I’m picking the game show.” Yoongi yawns, stretching. Jimin couldn’t help but smile, and Namjoon as well.

“You son of a—”

“Thank you!” Jungkook squeals and gets off the couch to sprint at Yoongi and embraces Yoongi in a bear hug. Yoongi would usually complain about making contact with people, but he didn’t want to be mean at the moment.

Because Hoseok gave a bright smile at Yoongi, that made his heart flutter. Taehyung felt somewhat proud that he handled this situation, but Jin however..

“This is fucking bullshit!” Jin screams. Namjoon rushes over to him and tries to calm him, it was working miserably.

“Jin…” Jungkook pulls away from Yoongi and pouts. Jin scoffs and sighs heavily after a few moments.

“Fine.” Jin replies coldly, before turning around and walking out of the room. Jungkook suddenly feels someone placing their arm on his shoulder. He didn’t bother to look because he knew it was none other than Taehyung.

“So how to do we get in the game show?” Taehyung asks.

“Do we have to hire a girl to be the mom or something?”

“I’ll gladly be the dad then.” Jimin answers. Jungkook walks to his laptop where he left it and picks it up to read, meaning Taehyung had let go of Jungkook.

“It said it can’t be no more than 7 and no less than 4.” Jungkook explains, and no one talks, indicating he can continue, “And it’s okay if the family had a same sex marriage, and adoptees.” Jungkook adds, and puts the laptop back down.

“Sounds fun.” Taehyung agrees, standing beside Jungkook. He leans in, “Maybe we can be the parents.” Taehyung whispers.

Jungkook widens his eyes and looks away.

“The fuck you say to him Taehyung?” Namjoon asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

“That you need to mind your goddamn business.” Taehyung hisses.

“Tae.” Jungkook speaks softly, grabbing hold of Taehyung’s upper left arm.

“Tell is how to apply.” Hoseok speaks, as if wanting to just move on from this.

“Oh sorry.” Jungkook replies and sits down and pulls the laptop onto his lap and reads further on, “To apply, you must make an introductory video and send it to this gmail..”

“Introductory?” Jimin asks.

“I think we have to make a video about each of us like, what’s our name, and one thing each one of us are good at.” Jungkook answers, squinting as he continues to read. “Yeah, it says so.”

“Okay, Jungkook, you still have that camera?” Namjoon questions, in which Jungkook nods. “Let’s go make a bomb ass introductory video!”


Y’all, I’m very excited about this—

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