Not as it Seems


August stared at the picture of the old bar owner, the caption read Mr. Greg Jackson Hanks (shown above) is sadly closing the doors to his famous Boston bar. Hanks was started by Greg but maintained by his son Ed. Ed tragically passed in motorcycle accident a year ago. Greg stated that, "this bar has been in the family for years. When Ed died it didn't feel right to keep it going. I don't know how to run a bar I did the background stuff like order peanuts; Ed, Ed was the one that kept this place afloat. Its sad to close the door but it feels even worse to keep them open" Mr. Hanks resides in Mission Hill with his wife Vivian. August realizes exactly who Mr. Hanks is, that is Mr. Jackson the asshole who said he attacked him and got him sent back to the group home. August remembers that day so clearly, he couldn't have been older than 14, he was playing in the backyard with his baseball when a deer spooked him and instead of tapping the baseball like he usually did he hit it full force. The ball shot through the air and broke a window. August could hear Mr. Jackson scream "AUGUST" , August was apologizing even before Mr. Jackson reached him. Mr. Jackson grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside the house; no one was there Mrs. Jackson was at work. August was pushed into his bedroom and stepped in and took the belt that was hanging in the closet, wrapped it tightly around his hand and began to hit August until he passed out crying. When August woke the later that night his whole body was sore. Mr. Jackson was downstairs, August could hear the tv. August cautiously entered the kitchen when he came face to face with Mr. Jackson, he could tell he was still furious. August went to apologize again but Mr. Jackson just slapped him. He went to slap him again when August ducked his head and grabbed Mr. Jackson's arm. It all happened so fast August pushed him back and Mr. Jackson tripped over the kitchen table leg hitting his shoulder on the floor and busting his lip. August went to help when Mr. Jackson pushed him away, stood up and grabbed the phone. That same night his social worker Lily was picking him up to take him back to the group home. August tried to tell Lily that Mr. Jackson was a bad guy and that he was acting in self defense; Lily believed him but didn't want to run the risk of August being charged with assault. Lily did the best she could, she made it so Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were no longer able to be foster parents, she never thought that they would have a second last name.

August was in such a daze that he forgot to shut the computer down like Regina asked, he went straight upstairs and got ready for bed. He knew he wouldn't be sleeping well, not while Emma was with them, but he was so exhausted. August laid down and went into a dreamless sleep, but he was nowhere near rested.

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