Not as it Seems


August woke before the sun even rose. He looked at the clock in bright red numbers it read 3:15am. He couldn't get his brain to stop, all he could think was, I need to get Emma she needs help. August made a snap decision.

He got up and as quietly as possible he got dressed, making sure to not wake Regina, grabbed the paper that held Mr. Jackson Hanks' address, and went downstairs to Regina's study.

He opened the computer, thankfully it was on sleep mode and didn't require a password, and pulled up Google Maps and typed in the address. Maine to Boston about 4hours; August wrote down the instructions and thought about clearing the history but figured if something went wrong at least someone could find where he went.

August went into the kitchen and grabbed Regina's purse, he opened it and took out her wallet. Regina had $90 dollars, August took it all, $50 for Ollie and the rest for gas if he needs to stop. August put her wallet back into her bag and left the purse on the kitchen counter and grabbed the car keys that were next to the purse.

August quietly opened the front door and before he closed the door he thought, I really am sorry Regina. You are probably one of the best foster parent I have ever had.

August quietly closed the door unlocked the Benz and heading towards Boston. Hang on Emma I'm coming.

Regina woke at her usual alarm at 6:10am, but something felt different. Regina opened her door walked to August's room, she opened the door to find the room empty.

Odd, maybe he is downstairs.

Regina walked down the stairs called out his name again, she was met with silence. Regina started to become annoyed and a little worried. Regina entered the kitchen and noticed her wallet was on the top of her purse, she knows for a fact that she didn't leave it like that last grabs the wallet and opens it, she notices right away all of the cash is gone.

That little..! Ugh! I should have known! Regina is looking on the counter and inside her purse for her car keys, No. No. No. No. He wouldn't. I swear if he stole my car there is going to be hell to pay.

Regina opened the front door and noticed the empty space in the driveway where her car was parked last night.


Regina turned around and slammed the front door. Regina walks back up the stairs and grabs her cell phone to call Graham. I guess I was wrong, I made a huge mistake.

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