Not as it Seems


Graham hears his work cell phone ringing and groans. He knows that he needs to answer because there is an actual emergency, which isn't very likely at 6:30am in Storybrooke; or its Regina calling about something that couldn't wait until later in the day. Graham reaches over to his night table and answers the phone, "Sheriff Graham, how may I help you?"

Graham cringes at the reply, "How may you help me?! You may help me by going to find that little lying delinquent and get my car back!"

Graham is already out of bed and starting to get dressed knowing Regina is about to order him over to the mansion.

"Now as Sheriff I expect you to be here in 20 minutes ready to take my statement, go after that little snot, and bring him back to Storybrooke to receive his punishment"

Graham quickly replies, "I am on my way now", but is met with a dial tone.

Graham quickly makes his way to Regina's to avoid upsetting her even more. Graham knocks on the door which is flung open and with so much force it almost seems to fly off the hinges. Regina has changed into grey dress and black heels. She steps aside and allows Graham to enter.

Regina leads him to her office and sits down. Graham gets straight to the point, "I know you haven't known him very long but do you have any idea where he might be going?"

Regina thinks it over for a second, "Not really, there was someone he kept talking about in his sleep; a girl... Emily, Emilia,Emma. Emma. That was the only name I heard. I think it was his girlfriend, or something. I don't know and I really don't care. I just want him to be punished and to get my car back."

Graham nods his head and asks, "Did he ever mention where this Emma is?" Regina's look is answer enough.

Graham sighs, "Has he used the phone to call anyone, the computer, looked at a map? I can't go get him if I don't know where he is."

Regina thinks and tilts her head, "Both. He got a phone call last night and he used the computer for something. I wasn't here I had gone upstairs."

Graham points at the computer sitting on the desk silently asking this computer? Regina nods. Graham opens the computer and sees that August still has the web browser open to google maps directions to 7980 Alleghany St, Boston.

Graham sighs and looks to Regina, "Well I know where he is going, I can probably get to him a little after he gets there."

Regina looks at Graham and raises her eyebrow, "If you think you are going there alone you have another thought coming. I want to see what was so important that he needed to steal." "Come along sheriff, we don't have all day. And lock my door I don't need anything else being stolen."

Regina calls out over her shoulder as she walks towards the sheriff's car. Graham groans, locks the door, and follows Regina to the sheriff car. This is not how I thought August would turn out, I guess people aren't always as they seem.

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