Not as it Seems


August finally made it to Boston, stupid highway construction!

August drove to the park first. It took about 25 minutes to find the right tree but he finally found it and tucked the envelope into the hole in the tree trunk. He looked at the time and decided to wait around in the park, until kids were on buses and parents were off to work, to drive over to Mr. Jackson's house. August sat on a park bench and played out different scenarios.

What if I go there and Mr. Jackson recognizes me? He would defiantly beat the crap out of me. What if Emma is happy? I can't ruin that for her. But what if she isn't? After I get her where are we going to go? I can't go back to Storybrooke. Man if I get caught here I am defiantly going to juvie this time.

August checked his watch again and realized it was almost 9:30AM. He got up from the bench and walked back to the car. August found the house relatively easily. It was an old white house with a large front and back yard, the hedges, shrubs, and grass were severely overgrown. The house itself looked like it needed some work, the white paint was chipped and cracked, the steps looked like a safety hazard and most of the windows look frosted with dirt. There was an old shed behind the house. The shed looked almost as run down as the actual house, it had vines and ivy running along the sides and roof. The door looked crooked, and was being held together by a single hinge.

August sat in the car for a moment to collect his thoughts before he made the journey to the front door. August did one last check, and he saw and hear no one; not a kid playing, not a car starting, not a dog barking, he knew it was time. It was now or never. August chose now.

Regina and Graham were able to cut their travel time down by almost an hour with the help of Sheriff Graham's sirens and the removal of construction crews.

Graham and Regina drove straight to Mr. Hanks' home and parked the car around the corner. Regina looked at the house and thought This guy seriously needs a landscaper.

Graham was more focused on the look of the house, this place can't be structurally sound.

Just as Graham looked to tell Regina to 'come on' they hear August yell "WHERE IS SHE?!"

What in the hell have they gotten themselves into?

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