Not as it Seems


Graham could see the fear and shock in Regina's face and his sheriff training kicked in. He grabbed his cell phone and called 911, "911 what's your emergency?"

"Hello, my name is sheriff Graham, I am calling to report an altercation."

"ok sheriff, what is your location?"

"7980 Alleghany St"

"ok, I have units directed to your location now. ETA 3 minutes"

"Tell them that there is a civilian in the sheriff car and that I have gone into the home" Before the operator could argue Graham hung up.

He opened the glove compartment next to Regina's legs and grabbed his gun. Regina stared wide eyed as she watched Graham check his clip and holster the weapon. Graham turned around in his seat and grabbed his kevlar vest and velcroed it into place.

He looked back at Regina pointed a finger at her and said, "Stay here."

With the look on his face Regina knew now to argue, she just nodded. Graham grabbed the door handle and turned to exit the car, just before he exited the car Regina reached over and grabbed his other hand. Graham looked at Regina confused, Regina slowly released his hand and said, "Be careful. I don't.. just be careful".

Graham nodded and closed the door. Regina pressed the lock doors button and waited nervously for Graham to return.

Graham neared the house and could see August punch the man and push his way into the house.

Graham crouched behind a bush and unholstered his gun. He had made it to the front door and could see August running around and calling out "EMMA?! EMMA WHERE ARE YOU?"

Graham thought Geez, he better marry this girl for all this trouble. Graham had just entered the house when he made eye contact with August and everything went silent for a minute.

The silence was broken by a tall, greying, man, cocking his pistol. Graham saw the fear the entered August's eyes in that moment, he knew he needed to do something. Graham tried to calm him down,

"Sir, sir. My name is sheriff Graham, I need you to slowly put that gun down on the ground."

"Look bud, I ain't putting nothin down until this scum gets the hell off of my property"

"I understand that, and I am here to take him. But for all of our safety I need you to put that gun down."

looks at Graham and then at August and says, "nah, I think I'll just rid this earth of trash like him"

Mr. Hanks goes to raise the gun and shoot when Graham grabs August's arm and yanks him down. A single shot goes off.

Just as Mr. Hanks was about to shoot again the local BPD arrive and tackle Mr. Hanks to the ground. They secure the weapon and cuff Mr. Hanks.

Graham stands and holds out his hand for August, August grabs it and Graham him to stand.

They look at each other when a BPD officer walks over and asks "Are you alright?" Both Graham and August do a quick body check and say 'Yeah'. Just as the officer goes to walk away, August grabs his hand and asks, "Do you see her? Is she here?"

The officer looks to Graham and then back to August, "Who?"

"Emma. You need to find her. Please. I don't care what happens to me but I need to know Emma is ok."

The officer looks at August's face and sees the worry in his eyes, "Alright kid, I will have my guys do a sweep around the house. But I need you to go to the squad car with me, is saying that you forced your way into the house and destroyed his property."

August looked to Graham and Graham quietly said, "Just go, I will look with the other officers for Emma." August nods and walks out with unnamed officer while Graham starts searching the house.

Fifteen minutes later all of the officers and Graham are back out front. Graham walks over to August and says "She wasn't in the house, there weren't even any signs that she was ever there".

August's eyes look crazed, Graham notices Regina walking towards them and sighs, great just what this day needs, more drama.

Graham can tell by the way Regina is walking that she wants to rip August apart, but before Graham can tell her 'not here' or Regina to start yelling, August takes off running back towards the house.

The officers are shocked and confused for a second but run off after him. August sees the shed and makes a beeline for it, he was a couple feet away when he is tackled to the ground and has handcuffs fastened onto his wrists.

August is being dragged away by two officers while screaming, "Please check the shed! Emma! Please Check!"

The lead officer, officer Turner, is tired of listening to August scream so he yells back, "ALRIGHT! Geez kid just stop screaming."

Officer Turner calls out to one of his men, "Hey Shaw get the crowbar out of my car to open this lock."

The officer jogs to the squad car and retrieves the crowbar; Regina and Graham are standing by the squad cars looking on in confusion, they decide to head to the shed to see what is going on.

Officer Turner takes the crowbar and mumbles a quick, 'thanks', he turns back to August and says, "Look if there is nothing here I swear. You are already being charged with forced entry and attempted assault don't make me add charges."

August looks at Officer Turner and nods. Turner goes to the shed door and rips the pad lock off the door, he is pulling the chains off the shed and opens the door. It is so silent you could hear a pin drop. The door creaks open and Turner steps into the shed, clicks his flashlight on and looks around.

Something moving catches his eye, he puts a hand to him mouth and whisper, "Oh, dear GOD".

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