Not as it Seems


Officer Turner has seen a in his years as an officer, but this this he has no words for. Turner quickly walks back towards the door and demands, "Get me paramedics NOW! un-cuff him!"

Graham, Regina, and the rest of the officers are looking at Turner in confusion.

Officer Turner sees no one moving, "Did I stutter?! Move!" His officers scramble to do as they are told, Graham, Regina, and August are all just standing there.

Turner looks over to Graham and says "Go to my men and tell them to bring a blanket and some water."

Graham quickly does as he is told. August is looking at Turner with wide and scared eyes, Turner can't even look at August.

His officers are on their way back all carrying water bottle and blankets, one says, "EMS is 4 minutes out." Turner nods his head, grabs a blanket and water from one of the officers and heads back inside the shed.

Turner crouches down onto his knees and places his flashlight on the floor illuminating the small child hidden behind old lawn furniture.

Turner looks at the girl hiding and softly says, "Hi, I'm not here to hurt you. My name is Officer Turner I work for Boston Police ok. Are you Emma?"

The little girl nods.

Turner softly says, "Emma, I want to get you out of here ok?"

He goes to crawl forward but the girl steps back, Turner holds out his hands and says, "Sorry, I am going to show you my badge so you can see its real ok?"

Turner unpins his badge from his uniform and slides it towards the small girl. The young girl looks at it on the floor and then looks back to Turner, she takes a step forward and pick the badge up.

Slowly she walks to Turner and hands it back to him. Turner takes his badge and puts it into his pocket for now. Once his badge is in his pocket he grabs the blanket and wraps it around the small girls shoulders. Turner grabs the bottle of water unscrews the top and hands her the water.

The girl quickly drinks all of the water, Turner softly tells the girl, "Hey, I'm going to pick you up so we can get out of here ok?"

The child nods walks over to him and puts her tiny arms around his neck. Turner stands up and the child wraps her legs around his waist. Turner turns around and walks out of the shed and into the sunlight.

The crowd of officers, paramedics, August, Graham, Regina are all waiting to see what was going on in the shed.

It has only been minutes but from the outside it seems like days before Officer Turner walks back out of the shed. In his big muscular arms he is holding a small child.

Everyone gasps and says, "Oh my God" The paramedics are the first to react, they walk towards Turner and ask a few questions before telling him to bring her to the front and sit her on the stretcher.

Turner sits the child on the stretcher which the paramedics get to work, fixing her with extra oxygen, checking her temperature, blood pressure and pulse.

Turner walks to his car to call the station to see if he can get any quick information on Emma.

The officer begins to walk back to their squad cars to head back to the station to fill out the paperwork for today, and to start the paperwork for so he can be charged with child neglect and endangerment and what ever other charges they could get to stick.

The officers movement is what brought August, Graham and Regina out of their daze. They were all so focussed on wrapping their heads around what was going on they hadn't moved from where they were standing.

August was the first to run to the stretcher, it was his movement that brought Graham and Regina back to the present.

August could see Emma, she looked so tiny on that huge stretcher, she couldn't see him since one of the paramedics was shining a light into her eyes.

August slowly walked towards her, Emma blinked a few times to refocus her eyes and when she did she spoke the only words anyone has heard, "Auggie!"

August sprinted the rest of the way to the stretcher and engulfed her into a huge hug. August had tears running down his face and kept telling Emma how sorry he was. On lookers could feel their hearts clench in the heartfelt moment.

When the August released Emma from the hug he was tapped on the shoulder by Officer Turner.

August looked at Turner, "Listen, I am truly sorry for how everything happened today. And I understand that I need to receive punishment for my actions, and-"

Turner held up his hand and cut August off, "No, I am sorry. I almost walked away from that shed today, I almost ordered my guys back to the station. If it hadn't been for you, I don't even want to begin to think about what would have happened. So, thank you, for not having her harm on my conscience. Your foster mother hasn't said anything about pressing charges so I assume you are clear there. Unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about the assault and breaking and entering charges, but I can reason on your behalf. Best case scenario you are free to go with some community service and group therapy sessions, worst case you may be sent to a juvenile detention center until you turn 18 and about a month on parole. Once you hit 18 your juvenile records are sealed and only a select few have access. I am going to bring Emma and you back to the station once she is checked over. I'm going to see if we can get a rush hearing for you for tonight. If we have any luck the judge can squeeze us in after lunch around 2:30pm. How's that sound?"

August looked at Turner and gave him a small smile, "That sounds good. But whats going to happen to Emma?"

"Well it seems like she is physically ok, so there is no reason for her to go to the hospital , so I am going to have to call her social worker and see if she can find a home for her otherwise she has to go to a group home."

August nods sadly. Turner claps August on the shoulder and walks over towards Graham and Regina.

Graham and Regina watched the whole scene play out. Regina couldn't take her eyes away from the child. She captivated her, with her blonde hair that defiantly needs to be washed and her green eyes. Regina just wants to walk over to her and hug her and protect her; Regina has never felt that way for anyone except Daniel.

She sees Turner walking towards her and Graham, she straightens her spine and looks at Officer Turner.

Turner explains the situation to Regina since legally she is still August's foster mother. Regina asks a question she has been dying to ask, "So who exactly is the child?"

Turner looks confused for a second but quickly redeems himself, "Well from what the guys at the station tell me she is a life long foster kid, abandoned on the side of a highway up near Portland. She has bounced around from foster home to group home all her of life. According to the file she was fostered by one of the families that took in August about a year and a half ago."

Regina had a sad look in here eye, how could people be so cruel?

Regina then asked, "Why didn't they get adopted?"

Turner sadly shrugged his shoulders, "File doesn't say"

Graham finally enters the conversation, "So what's going to happen to Emma? Since August can't take her and with his previous record of violence he might end up in juvie."

Turned again sadly shrugged his shoulders, "I honestly don't know. It kills me inside but she is probably going to go back to a group home unless her social worker finds her a home last minute."

One of the paramedics calls Turner over, Turner looks back at Graham and Regina, "Look if you want you can follow me back to the station or clear your heads a little and got to the diner down the block from the station. I am taking August to see if I can squeeze him onto a judges schedule. Emma is going to be there until her social worker can call us back. So no rush."

With that Turner excuses himself and walks over to the paramedics. Regina looks to Graham and he nods in agreement. To the station it is.

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