Not as it Seems


Officer Turner has been on the phone for the last 20 minutes trying to get a judge to agree to seeing August today, as well as contacting Emma's social worker Greta.

Officer Turner looks over to August, who sitting on the bench near waiting for Emma to return.

Emma was given a quick shower and a change of clothes from the lost and found when they arrived at the station. A young female officer pitied the young girl and helped her shower and get changed.

Word got around about what Hanks had done and he was now in the holding cells downstairs in the basement.

While Emma is in the shower, Officer Turner finishes his call with the judge and calls Emma's social worker Greta Haighs.

Greta is a social worker who has burnt out over the years, she no longer has the feeling of she can save all of them, she is now an older woman who just wants to retire.

Officer Turner speaks with Greta, she said she is going to try and get someone tonight otherwise tough, the kid is going to a group home.

When Officer Turner hangs up the phone and looks up again he sees August and Emma sharing a package of M&M's, and for the first time today he sees Emma smile.

The station door open and in walks Regina and Graham, Turner gets an idea once he sees the look in Regina's eyes.

Regina and Graham walked into the station just in time to see Emma's smile.

Regina's heart fluttered, and if she didn't know any better she would say it was love.

Graham and Regina decided to stop for breakfast at the diner officer Turner recommended. The food was good but they both were too concerned about what was happening with August and Emma to really enjoy the food. Regina ordered extra food to go for both August and Emma, figuring they would both be hungry by now.

As they are walk in and head towards August and Emma, Turner calls out to Graham, "Sheriff" and waves his hand in a 'come over' gesture.

Graham nods and heads over leaving Regina with August and Emma.

Regina takes a seat in the chair across from the bench, next to the vending machine. Regina is looking at August and Emma interacting, he is tickling her sides making her giggle, Regina smiles at the sight.

August looks up and catches Regina's eye, he smiles softly, "Regina... I really am sorry about what I did. I hope you can forgive me; and if you press charges I'll understand"

Regina just nods and says, "I won't lie, I was furious, but after today and seeing why you did it- I can't be angry, so I won't be pressing any charges. You are forgiven, but don't do it again!"

August smiles and says, "Absolutely not. Thank you Regina".

August nudges Emma and tells her, "That is Regina. She is the one I was telling you about."

Emma looks up at Regina and gets up off the bench, she nervously walks over to Regina, looks her in the eye and says, "tank you for helping Auggie to save me."

Regina can feel the tears welling up in her eyes and chokes back the sob that is pushing its way forward.

She smiles at Emma and swallows the lump in her throat, "You are so very welcome Emma. I am glad I could help" Emma smiles shyly and scampers back to the bench next to August.

Regina takes a deep breath and remembers the food.

Regina grabs the bag next to her and pulls out two containers, "I thought you two might be hungry. Graham and I stopped at a diner on the way to the station. I got you a BLT August and I wasn't sure what to get you Emma so I got you a grilled cheese. Is that alright?"

August and Emma both nod their heads.

August opens Emma grilled cheese and then opens his BLT.

August moans when be bites into the sandwich, just as he was about to take a second bite Officer Turner calls him over to where he, Graham, and recently arrived Lily Adams are all talking.

August takes the sandwich with him as he stands up, "Hey Emma, I'm going to be right back ok. Stay here with Regina."

August walks off and the group enters a office and closes the door. Leaving Regina and Emma together.

Regina is nervous, kids usually don't like her and she has no idea how to be around them.

Regina looks over to Emma to see her still staring at her grilled cheese, Regina looks on questioningly.

Regina finally breaks and asks, "Emma why aren't you eating?"

Emma is startled in hearing her name, she shyly ducks her head and mumbles, "you didn't say I could."

Regina struggles to hear, but when she figures out what Emma said it breaks her heart.

Regina gets up from the chair and sits next to Emma on the bench, Emma is still looking at the sandwich.

Regina leans forward and gets Emma to look her in the eye, "Why do I have to give you permission? I gave the food to you to eat."

Emma continues to look at Regina, a few seconds later she answers, "Cause all the other people yell and I get punished if I eats before they say its ok."

Regina stared in disbelief, bastards! Who would hurt a child for eating?! UGH! sickening! If she was my child she would never go hungry! did I just say that?...

Regina looks at Emma and gently says, "Emma with me you don't have to ask my permission to eat, if I give you food ok?"

Emma looks at her hesitantly, Emma finally looks at the sandwich and goes to pick it up but pauses.

Regina confused asks, "What's wrong Emma?"

Emma looks back at Regina and says, "Its too big."

Regina chuckles and says, "Well I can fix that."

Regina opens the bag the containers came from and grabs a plastic knife, Emma flinched but stayed where she was.

Regina said, "Its ok, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to make the sandwich smaller"

Regina cut the grilled cheese into four triangles, "There, better huh?"

Emma smiled and grabbed a triangle, she finished the triangle in two bites.

Regina chuckled and asked, "Is it good?" Emma nods furiously.

Regina takes in the clothes Emma is wearing and deduced that the clothes were from a lost and found bin. Normally Regina would turn her nose, but today was an exception... well Emma is the exception.

Regina looks back at Emma and Emma smiles at her. Emma has eaten 2 of the 4 squares and is about to eat the 3rd when she pauses and sticks out her hand to Regina.

Regina is confused at first but then notices Emma is giving her this piece, "Here, Its weally good, I pwomise"

Regina chuckles at the mispronunciation of Emma's "R's", Regina slowly takes the square and takes a bite. Regina is surprised at how good the sandwich actually is.

Emma giggles and says, "told ya".

Regina smiles as Emma takes the last triangle and eats it. Regina grabs a napkin from her purse and wipes her hands, not looking she says, "Thank you Emma, you were right it was really good"

Emma beams a smile at Regina and Regina just has to chuckle again, Emma has grease from the sandwich all over her face.

Regina grabs another napkin and begins to clean Emma face. Emma looks shocked but doesn't pull away, Regina is just as shocked, she was expecting Emma to pull away or flinch, but Emma just leaned forward.

Regina finished cleaning Emma off and says, "There all clean"

Emma smiles and says, "Thanks".

Emma yawns and Regina can see her eyelids closing.

Regina asks, "You sleepy?"

Emma nods her head, Regina opens her arms and says, "Come here, its ok"

Emma sleepily looks at her and then gets off the bench and walks directly in front of Regina and lifts her arms.

Regina bends slightly and picks her up, surprised at how light Emma is, and cradles her to her chest. Regina wraps Emma up protecting her from the outside world.

Emma quickly falls asleep and Regina begins stroking her hair. Regina closes her eyes and leans her head against the wall. Regina falls asleep cradling Emma.

That's how Officer Turner found them 3 hours later.

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