Not as it Seems


Officer Turner is smiling when he re-enters the his office. He sits back at his desk and looks at Sheriff Graham and August sitting across from him.

Turner says, "I think I have an idea what to do with Emma."

Sheriff Graham looks at Turners smiling face and cautiously asks, "Oh, and what would that be?"

Turner smirks and says, "Regina. She would be perfect!"

August snaps his eyes up to meet Officer Turner. August slams his palm into his forehead and says, "That would be perfect. Why didn't I think of that?!"

Sheriff Graham voices his concern, "Hate to be the bearer of bad news but, Regina doesn't tend to do well with people, much less children. It took me almost resorting to begging to just get her to take August. What makes you think she would willingly take a child into her care?"

Turner smirks, "Well besides the fact that she seemed genuinely concerned about Emma, she is currently sitting in the bench over there napping with Emma in her arms."

Graham needs to see this for himself. He stands up and looks through the window. He sees Regina with her head leaned back. Just as he was about to refute Turners statement and sees Regina move a little and catches a glimpse of long blonde hair hanging over Regina's shoulder.

Graham turns back around to Turner and August with his mouth hanging open in surprise.

Turner looks at Graham and asks, "So you think she will take her?"

Graham rubs his face, "Honestly I have no idea. If I wouldn't have seen Regina holding Emma with my own eyes I would be able to defiantly tell you no. But now anything is possible."

Turner nods and looks at the clock. Lily and the lawyers should be done with the judge in a few minutes, and they should know what's going on with August .

Ten minutes later Lily walks back into the office and sighs, "Well it wasn't as bad as it could have been considering the circumstances. The judge ruled that since breaking and entering was to save a minor he waved that charge but, the assault couldn't be overlooked. And with you previous record he isn't willing to be lenient. He sentenced you to 11 months in a juvenile detention center just outside of the city in Essex. With good behavior it could be cut down to 9 or 10 months."

August hung his head sighed. Officer Turner leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath.

Graham stood up and walked out the door. Lily, Turner, and August all watched him walk over to Regina and gently place a hand on her shoulder.

Regina awoke slowly, she could feel extra weight on her legs and on her chest. She opened her eyes and looked down and the still sleeping blonde. Emma had shifted a little now had her head more on the top of Regina shoulder.

Regina had no idea how Emma was comfortable but decided to not question it.

Graham cleared his throat and said, "August's sentence has been delivered. 11 months in a juvenile detention center out in Essex. Everyone is in Officer Turner's office. We want to talk to you about Emma."

Regina nodded and looked down at the sleeping girl. She slowly and carefully readjusted her arms so she could stand and still have a firm grasp on Emma.

Regina finally stood up without waking Emma and followed Graham back to officer Turner's office. Graham offered Regina the seat he was previously sitting in but Regina declined, instead choosing to stand and slightly rock Emma back and forth.

Regina broke the silence, "I was told you all wanted to talk about Emma?"

Officer Turner nodded, "You are good with her, she bonded to you. I would hate to see that broken, she has been through so much.'

Regina nodded and ventured a guess as to why she was standing in the office, "And let me guess, you want me to take her in, hmm?"

All the heads in the room nodded.

Regina sighed. She stopped moving for a moment to think. What if I can't handle a child? A teenager was hard and confusing enough. This little girl has been through so much. What if I am not what she needs? I don't know how to take care of her.

Regina could feel Emma groan and shift. Regina quickly started rocking again and rubbing small circles on Emma's back.

Regina realized that she was already taking care of Emma. And she was loving it.

Regina looked back at all of the eyes looking at her and nodded, "Alright. I'll do it. I'll take Emma."

August sighed in relief.

Officer Turner smiled and clapped his hands, only to be shushed by Regina. Turner quickly blushed and whispered, "Sorry. I am going to call her social worker and tell her the good news"

Lily just stood off to the side and watched the tender moment. It was moments like these that she loved her job. Watching the light in someones eyes when they receive a child. Moments like these is what makes her get out of bed in the morning and go to work. Lily quietly left the room, leaving the others to discuss final details.

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