Not as it Seems


Officer Turner got off the phone with Greta and gave Regina and cheery thumbs up.

After the meeting in Turner's office Regina decided to sit back down on the bench by the vending machine and wait for Emma to wake up.

Emma was still sleeping but was slowly waking up. When she finally woke up she rubbed her eyes and yawned. She could feel the warm body against her side, she blinked a few more time and remembered falling asleep in Regina's arms.

When Emma lifted her head she looked up and saw happy brown eyes looking back at her. Emma smiled and laid her head back down against Regina's shoulder. She could feel the hand run through her hair and relaxed even further.

When Emma woke up Regina could tell. She didn't move, not wanting to startle Emma. Regina waited until Emma looked up at her smiled. Regina had never felt so calm, not even with Daniel. Regina felt Emma put her head back on her shoulder, she decided to run her fingers through Emma hair in a massaging motion. She used to love it the few times her mother would do that for her. Regina felt Emma relax into her further and smiled to herself.

Ten minutes later it was time to say bye to August. Regina got Emma up and sat her on the bench. Regina kneeled down to her level and tried her best to explain everything to the young child. Emma's tears made Regina's heart shatter, she never wanted to see Emma with tears in her eyes.

Emma shakily ask, "Why is Auggie leaving?"

Regina answered the best she could, "Because he did something not so good and now he needs to make it all better."

Emma wiped her tears with the back of her hand and asked, "Why can't he stay wif me?"

Regina feels the tears in her eyes but refuses to let them fall, "I'm not really sure. But I will be with you. You are going to stay with me. Is that ok with you?"

Regina is terrified Emma is going to cry harder at the thought of living with her.

Emma just got off the bench and threw her tiny arms around Regina's neck.

Regina was stunned for a second but quickly embraced Emma in a tight hug. She breathed a sigh of relief and gently pulled away. Regina held out her hand for Emma to take and said, "How about we go say bye to August and tell him we will see him soon?"

Emma grabs Regina outstretched hand and nods her head.

When Emma sees August she lets go of Regina's hand and runs to him saying, "Auggie. Auggie wait!"

August sees Emma running towards him and gets down on his knees and opens his arms, waiting for her little body to crash into him.

Emma runs into August and jumps into his arms. August catches her and picks her up. Emma is grabbing onto August's neck and says, "I gonna miss you Auggie"

August is fighting back tears and chokes out, "I'm gonna miss you too Emma. But like I promised I am always going to look out for you. I messed up last time, but I'm gonna fix it. You are going to be safe and happy with Regina. I love you."

Emma hugs August tighter and says, "Love you too Auggie. You my big bwother, and big bwothers always come back. Right Auggie."

August feels the tear stream down his face and says, "Yeah. Big brothers always come back"

August gives Emma one last big squeeze and puts her down.

Regina walks over and picks Emma up. Emma buries her head into Regina's neck and is crying softly.

August looks at Regina comforting Emma and smiles. He looks at Regina and says, "Thank you. For everything. I can't even begin to thank or repay you. Take care of her ok. She is really special."

Regina nods her head, "No more thanks is needed. I promise, I will take care of her."

August hears his name being called and says one last good-bye. August gets on the elevators with the detention centers security guards. The elevator doors close and August is gone.

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