Not as it Seems


Regina watches as the elevator doors close. She can feel the tears threatening to spill. This young teenager gave up his freedom so that someone he considers a sister can be free and safe. Regina thinks I severely misjudged him. I guess not everything is as it seems.

Regina can still feel Emma crying on her shoulder. Regina walks back to the bench and rubs Emma back in soothing motions and whispering, "It's ok, let it out Emma. It's ok."

Emma begins to calm down and the tears stop, only the occasional hick-up is felt. Emma removes her face from Regina's neck and wipes her eyes and nose on her sleeve. Regina cringes but ignores the snot and tears that are so close to her designer clothing. Regina reaches into her pocket and takes out a tissue; she rids Emma's puffy red eyes of tears and wipes her runny nose. Regina is still sitting with Emma in her lap and is still rubbing circles on Emma's back.

Regina and Emma sit in silence just listening to the movements of the police station and the hum of the vending machines. Emma has her head back on Regina's chest and Regina is stroking Emma's hair thinking,

I really hope I can be a good mother to Emma. I wonder what she should call me? Mom? Mommy? Momma? No, way too soon. Mother? No, that's what I was forced to call Cora, too impersonal. Regina? ehh, it will work for now. How will the town people react? Why do I care? My personal life is none of their business. Oh God when Mother, Cora, finds out! I am an adult, my decisions are mine. Emma is such a sweet girl. I wonder how I should set up her room? How am I going to work and spend time with her? I refuse to be my mother and let work consume me. It's already October will Emma be too behind in school?

Regina had all of these thoughts running around in her head while waiting for officer Turner and Graham to finish up whatever it is they are doing.

Graham and Turner are getting all of the paperwork together so that Regina can take Emma back to Storybrooke with her tonight. They are also getting all of the evidence against Mr. Hanks in order so that they can make sure the bastard is locked up for a long time.

It almost 5:30pm and the other officers in the station are getting ready to leave for the day. Officer Turner looks up and notices the time, "Hey, I think we should call it a day. The paperwork for Emma is finished I just need Regina's signature. Me and my guys will finish up the rest."

Graham looks at Turner and nods, "Yeah. I think its time for us to get going if we are going to make it back to Storybrooke by tonight."

Turner nods his head and holds out his hand, "It's been a pleasure working with you sheriff. There are extra car seats in the garage, just tell the guys there that I sent you and they can get it all set up for you. Oh and can you just send Regina in, I will get all the paperwork squared away so you guys can be on your way home."

Graham gives a firm shake and says, "Nice working with you too. Of course, I will send her in, get the cars warmed up, and car seats installed."

Graham exits Turners office and walks up to Regina. He can tell that she isn't sleeping but has her eyes closed. Before he can even get a word out Regina speaks, "Are you just going to stand there looking at me like some kind of stalker or is there something that you needed?"

Graham smirks and thinks Same old Regina. Hmm she is less intimidating with a child resting on her. Graham sees Regina's eyes open and responds, "Actually yes. Officer Turner needs you to go to his office to sign a few documents so that we can take Emma to Storybrooke."

Regina nods and is about to stand when she remembers Emma is laying on her chest. Regina looks down at the relaxed face of Emma, she can feel that Emma is falling asleep again. Regina gently rubs Emma's arm and says, "Emma. Sweetheart, I need to get up for a minute ok."

Emma looks at Regina with sad eyes thinking Regina is going to leave her, just like all the others.

Regina sees the sadness in Emma's eyes and recognizes it immediately, abandonment.

Regina quickly reaches under Emma's chin and raises her head so she is looking Regina in the eyes. Regina softly but firmly reassures Emma, "I am just going to officer Turner's office so that I can sign some stuff and take you home ok. I promise I will be right back and we will get out of here ok."

Emma looks into Regina's eyes and doesn't see any lies. Emma nods her head and climbs off of Regina's lap and sits on the bench.

When Emma moves from Regina's lap, Regina feels the cold air hit her legs and misses Emma's weight and warmth against her. She dare say she misses Emma. Regina quickly stands and heads to Turner's office to get this done as quickly as possible, so she can return to Emma.

Regina walks into Turners office and gracefully sits down, "I was told I needed to sign some things."

Turner nods his head and hands Regina three pieces of paper, "The first is stating that you are taking Emma Swan into your care, the second is giving you permission to make medical decisions is need be, and the last is to allow you to take Emma to a different state. For right the third is needed since you are traveling outside of Massachusetts."

Regina nods and nervously signs her name to all of the forms.

Turner collects the papers and puts them into a manilla folder and ties the seals.

Turner looks at Regina and can tell that she is nervous, "Regina."

Regina lifts her head and looks Turner in the eye, "I'm sorry that was is that you said?"

Turner gives a soft smile, "I didn't say anything yet, but I do want to say that what you are doing is noble. And I want you to know that if you need any help from me or the BPD please call me."

Regina smiles, "That is a word that has never been associated with me before. Noble. I have gotten evil, stern, powerful, but never noble. Thank you, I will be in touch if you are needed." Regina stands and heads towards the door.

Turner calls out to Regina one last time, hands her a child's backpack says, "The bag has the only clothes we could find in the Hanks' home that could fit Emma...Take care of her. She can use a little good in her life."

Regina stops with her hand on the knob, grabs the backpack, and softly says, "We both can. I will, I will take care of her. Bye officer Turner."

Regina walks out the door and closes it softly.

Turner watches Regina walk away and stop in front of the bench. He sees Emma run to Regina and stand in front of her. They are both smiling 200 watt smiles. Regina sticks out her hand and turns her head towards the door. Emma grabs her hand and begins walking with Regina forwards their cars. Emma is almost out of sight when she stops, turns around and looks at officer Turner,through the window. She smiles, waves goodbye, and runs out of the building with Regina.

Turner is smiling to himself as Regina, Emma, and Graham walk out of the station. He knows that life is going to throw them some curve balls, but feels it in his gut that they will make it through, together.

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