Not as it Seems

Chapter 2

The car ride is pretty quite; Graham notices August is shifting around a lot, trying to get warm, so he turns the heat up and directs the warm air towards August. August sighs and says, "thanks". Graham gives a slight nod of his head and keeps his focus on the road. Graham doesn't want to seem nosey but knows the mayor would have a hissy fit if she sees August in town without Graham knowing who he is, why he is here, and how long he is staying. So Graham tries to approach the topic gently, "So, what brings you to our sleepy little town?" August knew this was coming, though he had hoped he could make it to town without being asked. August turned to Graham and explained, "Well I am here to hopefully make a new start. I figured someplace out of the city would be best." Graham knew that August was holding something back but didn't want to press any further.

The two were quickly approaching the center of town when Graham asked, "So... where are you from originally? Any family near by?" August doesn't answer so Graham pushes on, "I only ask because I know you aren't 18 yet and I know you might not want me to but, I need to take you back to the station and try and figure out who to contact about you". August hangs his head and prays to any higher being out there that Graham doesn't call CPS (Child Protective Services). August needs to be here, he can't help her if he can't get on his feet here.

Graham drives August to the station and parks in the parking lot to the side of the building. Graham turns off the car and gets out. He walks to the entrance, turns around and waits for August to grab his stuff and to get out of the car. August sighs and gets out to meet Graham. Graham smiles softly and leads the two down the narrow hallway. The building isn't very big. There are two metal desks in the center of the room adjacent to each other. There is a small kitchenette and bathroom along the side wall, a holding cell along the other side wall, the sheriffs office next to it, and another hallway which looks like it leads to the front door. Both of the desks have computer monitors from the late 1980's and the dust to match.

Graham pulls out a chair from the desk indicating August to sit. Graham takes off his coat and drapes it over one of the desks. He walks to the kitchenette and calls out to August, "Hey, you want something to drink? We have coffee, Hot chocolate, and some kind of herbal tea". August know Graham is trying to be nice and he could use something hot, but he just isn't in the mood, so he yells out, "no. I'm fine" and crosses his arms. A few minutes pass and Graham comes back out holding two mugs of Hot Chocolate and a sandwich. Graham sets one mug of hot chocolate and the sandwich down on the desk in front of August, he says "I figured you would be hungry, and everyone loves hot chocolate". He grabs his own mug and heads to his office, to see what he can find out about August, leaving August to his sandwich and drink. Graham doesn't have to look to hard to find August's file.

Name: August Booth

Age: 17

DOB: September 9, 1997

Mother: Unknown

Father: Marco, whereabouts unknown, last seen May 1999

Notes: August was taken into Child Protective Services when his father Marco disappeared without a trace. August has a hard time following rules, has been placed with numerous foster families only to be sent back a few months later. August has had two run ins with police officers in Boston, Massachusetts, one for assault alleged by his foster father Mr. Greg Jackson. The other was for shoplifting, no charges where pressed.

[September 2014, August ran away with a few other orphans, money stolen from group home safe, home manager Ms. Laurel Grance, whereabouts unknown; if found please contact social worker

Social Worker: Lily Adams, Boston Child Protective Services]

Graham reads through August's file, from what he can see August doesn't seem like a bad kid just misguided. Graham doesn't want to turn him back over to the system, from the little he does know about the system he wouldn't want any child to be there. Graham knows he can't keep August a secret, but maybe there is something he can do.

Graham looks in the database for all foster parents in Storybrooke. There are only three, Mary-Margaret Blanchard and her husband David Nolan, and the town mayor Regina Mills. Graham knew that Mary-Margaret and David were trying to have a child of their own and would probably smother someone like August. That only left Regina. If he wants to help August he knows that calling Regina would be the only way.

Graham picks up the phone and dials Regina's personal cell phone. She answers with a stern, "Hello". Graham gets to the point as quickly as possible, "Hello madam mayor, its Graham - I.-". Regina cuts him off with a exasperated sigh, "Obviously Sheriff Graham, I do have Caller ID. What is it that you want Sheriff? I am busy." Graham takes a deep breath and says, "yes, umm well, I have a run away foster kid here at the station and was hoping you could possibly foster him until I can figure out what I can do with him?" When Regina doesn't answer Graham continues, "Of course I would contact his social worker and make sure this is ok. I know that this is a lot to ask but August, that's his name August, seems like a good kid, and I would hate to have to get him sent back to a group home, and..." Graham was rambling and he knew he was. Regina cut Graham off again by sternly saying. "Sheriff! That is enough." she pauses and sighs deeply, "I can be at the station is fifteen minutes. I expect him to be ready to go and I want you to contact this social worker before I get there." Before Graham can even stay 'thank you' Regina hangs up. Graham sighs rubs a hand over his face and thinks, Well this should be interesting.

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