Not as it Seems


Regina stares at Cora until Emma pulls on Regina's shirt, "Mommy I wanna go home"

Regina blinks says, "ok, just two more minutes ok. Then we will go home, get those cuts cleaned and have some dinner ok?" Emma just nods.

Cora says, "Well it seems a lot has changed since we last spoke. Now unless you had a child and kept not only the pregnancy but the child hidden from me for all these years this blonde child isn't yours."

Regina squared her shoulders and said, "She is my daughter, I am fostering her and when the time is right I am going to file to adopt her."

Cora looked shocked but said nothing, "Well then. Since this is defiantly going to be happening I think it is time that me and your father properly meet, her."

Regina narrowed her eyes and said, "Her name is Emma."

Cora looked at Regina with complete shock never before has Regina ever stood up to her the way she is doing now. "Emma. It is time that your father and I properly meet Emma. You will come by the house tomorrow for brunch." Cora didn't wait for Regina's response before she turned and walked away.

Regina sighed and walked back to her car.

When Regina and Emma got back to the mansion Regina was exhausted. She helped Emma wash her hands and put a antibacterial and bandaids on the two tiny cuts on her hands.

Regina gave Emma a bath, and got her settled in front of the tv snaking on some Apple slices while she took a shower.

Regina was in the shower and kept thinking about the different scenarios that could play out tomorrow during brunch. This is SO not how I wanted to tell mother about Emma. Mother can be so cruel, I just hope that she can at least be civil to Emma. If mother thinks that she can make me choose between her and Emma then mother is going to have another thought coming. But mother can be so manipulative, what if she tries to make it so I can't adopt Emma? What if she tries to have Emma taken from me? I don't think I could bear it.

Regina cries at just the thought of Emma being taken away from her. Regina gets out of the shower, gets dressed and is on her way down the stairs when she hears Emma's laughter. Regina can't help but smile and look at Emma, she looks to carefree and happy, Regina decides then and there that no matter what happens with Cora tomorrow Emma is her daughter.

Regina wakes Emma bright and early to make sure that they have enough time to shower again and get dressed.

Regina dressed Emma in gray pants and a cream colored sweater with black paten leather flats, along with her new purple coat. Regina pinned Emma's hair back with a little clip so it was out of her face.

Regina wore gray pants with a fitted white tank and a beige blazer.

Emma looked so cute that Regina had to take a picture. They still had a little more time before they needed to leave so Regina decided to sit Emma down and talk to her for a bit.

Regina sat on the edge of her bed and called Emma into her room. Emma poked her head in and yes, "yeah?"

Regina patted the bed. Emma ran over to Regina and tried jumping onto the bed but was still to small. Emma huffed and was about to try again when Regina grabbed Emma mid jump and clutched her to her chest. Emma and Regina giggled. When the giggles stopped Emma was still sitting on Regina's lap with her back pressed against Regina's front. Regina had her arms securely around Emma's waist.

Regina took a deep breath and said, "Emma I want to talk to you a little about some of the people we are meeting today ok?"

Emma nodded her head. "You remember the woman you bumped into yesterday at the park?"

Emma nodded again, "Well that woman was my mother"

Emma looked back at Regina shocked, "Really?!"

Regina smiled and said, "Really. We are going to go see her today and we are going to meet my dad." Emma nodded.

"I just want you to promise me that if my mother says anything mean or anything that hurts your feelings that you will come find me and tell me ok. I promise you won't be in trouble ok." Emma nods one last time.

Regina kissed Emma's cheek and says, "Well we have a few more minutes before we need to leave so what do you want to do?"

Emma thinks for a minute and says, "Take pictures"

Regina smiled and nods. Regina takes out her phone and holds it out so both her and Emma can be in the picture. They take a few pictures making funny faces, some with Emma kissing Regina on the cheek, and some with Regina tickling Emma. Emma grabs the phone and takes a few pictures of Regina, before Regina can take it back and snap a few of Emma laughing.

Regina looks at the time and decides it it time to leave.

The drive takes about 30 minutes. Emma her car seat watching the trees wiz past. When they arrive Emma's jaw drops open.

The house is even bigger than Regina's mansion. The grey stone driveway was massive, it could hold five cars easily. the home itself was surrounded by grass and tall trees. Then Regina and Emma pulled up to the main stairs Emma could see a large oak door, stone exterior and a grey tiled roof.

Regina got out a stretched her legs before getting Emma. Regina took Emma's hand and began walking up the steps. They were greeted by a older looking woman with kind brown eyes.

Regina smiled at seeing her and said "Hola Terri"

Terri looked at Regina and smiled brightly, "Regina! Mi amor, ha pasado mucho tiempo"

Regina smiled and said, "Lo se Terri, lo se"

Terri looked down at Emma who was looking extremely confused and asked, "Regina, dear who is this precious girl?"

Regina looked down at Emma and said, "This is Emma. My daughter. Emma this is Terri, she is a friend of mine."

Emma was being shy and just gave Terri a small wave while she gripped Regina's hand tighter.

Regina ran her thumb across Emma's hand in comfort. Terri noticed the small action and smiled. Terri looked back at Emma and said, "Well you my girl are very pretty."

Emma blushed and quietly said, "Thanks"

Regina looked back at Terri and asked, "Is mother and father around?"

Terri nodded and started walking towards the dining room, Regina and Emma followed.

When they arrived Terri said, "Mrs. and Mr. Mills, Regina and Emma are here."

Terri tugged on Regina's coat and draped it over her arm. Regina bent down and helped Emma out of her coat, then handed it to Terri. "Thank you Terri"

Terri nodded and gave Regina a little push to get her to fully enter the room.

Emma seemed to sense Regina's nervousness and grabbed her hand again. Regina looked down and saw Emma smiling up at her. Regina took a deep breath and entered the dining room.

Time to face the music.

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