Not as it Seems


The next morning Regina woke with her alarm. She got up and could hear Ruby and Belle moving around. She figured she would let Emma sleep for as long as possible. Regina got dressed for work, did her hair and make up and went to go tell Ruby that she was almost ready.

Regina knocked on the guest room door, she head a muffled, "Come in."

Ruby and Belle were both dressed, Ruby was pinning her hair back and Belle was applying some lip gloss.

Regina smiled and said, "Morning. Just letting you both know that we will be ready in a moment. I just need to get Emma up and dressed."

Ruby and Belle smiled and said, "Alright we are ready."

Regina nodded and walked to Emma's room. She opened the door, looked inside, and called out to Emma. Emma was curled into a ball and still shivering. Upon hearing no response Regina briskly walked over to Emma's bedside. Regina shook Emma and said , "Emma sweetheart it is time to wake up" Emma just groaned and curled into a tighter ball.

At Emma's reaction Regina grew worried, Emma usually wakes right up when she calls her. Every morning Emma wakes up and gives Regina a hug.

Regina put her hand to Emma's forehead and winced at the heat radiating from her body. Regina walked into Emma's bathroom and grabbed the in-ear thermometer. Regina put the thermometer in Emma's ear, Emma squirmed around not liking the feeling. While waiting Regina rubbed Emma's back in small circles. When the thermometer beeped Emma's temperature read 102.4.

Regina looked at the clock on the wall and cursed under her breath. Regina walked back to her room to grab her phone. As she entered the hallway Ruby and Belle stopped her, "Hey Regina you ready?"

Regina turned and looked at them with sad eyes, "Emma has a fever. I need to call my assistant to see if I can move my meeting to another day."

Regina went to go talk with Jenna. Belle went downstairs to make some tea, and Ruby went into Emma's room.

Ruby sat on the edge of Emma's bed and rubbed her back, "Hey pup." Emma cracked one eye and scooted closer to Ruby.

Ruby let Emma slide closer to her and continued her small ministrations, "You don't feel good do you pup?" Emma shook her head 'no'.

Regina grunted and Ruby said, "I'm gonna see what's wrong with mommy ok?" Emma nodded.

Ruby knocked on Regina's door and entered, "Hey everything ok?"

Regina sighed and said, "The board wont move the meeting."

Ruby looked shocked, "But your kid is sick"

Regina huffed and said, "According to them Emma isn't legally my child so that rule doesn't apply"

Ruby looked appalled, "That is a load of crap! You are so Emma's mother!"

Regina smiled and said, "Thanks Ruby."

Ruby nodded and asked, "So are you taking Emma with you or what? I would totally stay but I have no one to help Granny on such short notice."

Regina nodded, "I appreciate that but my mother is just outside of town on business. I just called her, she said she can be here in 20 minutes. If you can wait that long I can still give you and Belle a lift."

Ruby nodded and left to go join Belle downstairs and to fill her in on what is going on.

Regina re-entered Emma's room with a bottle of children's Tylonol and stood next to Emma's bed. Emma cracked a eye and moved towards Regina. Regina gave her the recommended dose and sat on Emma's bed. Emma crawled into her lap, straddled her waist, and put her hot forehead on Regina's exposed chest. Regina wrapped her arms around Emma's back and tucked Emma's head underneath her chin. Regina pulled a blanket up and wrapped it around Emma's small body. Regina could feel wetness on her chest and looked down, Emma was crying.

Regina's couldn't stand to see Emma cry, "Oh sweetheart, it's ok. I know you don't feel good"

Emma whined, "I don't feel good mommy."

Regina fought her tears and said, "I know baby, I know. Just go back to sleep and you will feel better"

20 minutes later Emma was back asleep. Regina heard the doorbell ring and the front door open. Next she heard muffled voices and footsteps up the stairs.

Cora knocked on the door and Regina quietly said, "Come in mother"

Cora looked at Emma and said, "oh, my poor darling."

Regina gently put Emma back into bed and tucked her in. Regina kissed her forehead and could still feel the immense heat coming from little Emma.

Regina went to the door and Cora followed.

Regina felt a tear stream down her face. Cora looked at Regina and frowned. She walked over to Regina and wiped the tear away, "Darling, it is just a cold. She will be fine."

Regina nodded and said, "I know. I know but, she is so hot, and she was crying that she doesn't feel good."

Cora nodded in understanding, "Knowing your child is unwell is a terrible feeling. I was so relieved that you were never really sick as a child. Just the common cold here and there"

Regina nodded, wiped the rest of her teats, took a deep breath and said, "I need to get to work. I will call or txt to check in. I will stop by Granny's and get some soup and drop it off. I should be home by 5:30- 6:00PM. Emma just took some cold medicine it is on her night stand, and the thermometer should be there as well. You have all of my numbers just in case."

Cora nodded and said, "Regina, I got Emma covered, go to work."

Regina nodded and went downstairs. She called to Ruby and Belle telling them she was ready to leave.

Ruby, Belle and Regina all got into the car and waved bye to Cora who was standing in the front doorway waving. Regina dropped Ruby off first, Belle decided she could walk from there since it wasn't too far. Regina agreed and said she would be by Granny's later to pick up some soup for Emma.

Regina made it to her meeting on time by a hair. The meeting was extremely boring. Everyone droned on about budgets and their wants and goals for the future. Regina carefully took out her phone and txted Cora.

'How is she'- Regina

'Ok. she can't keep any food down. And that fever just won't break.'- Mother

'ugh, this meeting is taking forever'- Regina

'Don't worry if anything else happens I will let you know'- Mother

'thank you mother' - Regina

Regina's meeting went on for another hour and fifteen minutes. Right when the meeting ended she got up and left the room to called Granny's and ordered some chicken noodle soup.

Regina entered Granny's and sat down at one of the stools. Ruby was taking an order so she held up a finger and said one minute. Regina nodded and sighed.

The bell above the door rang again Mary-Margaret Blanchard entered. Regina didn't like Mary-Margaret she annoyed her. She was too happy all of the time and her and her husband David Nolan are like to hormonally charged teenagers. Not to mention that David's ex-wife is Regina's best friend. To make Regina's day that much better Mary-Margaret sits right next to Regina and gives her a overly happy, "Hello Madam Mayor, how are you this wonderful day?"

Regina rolls her eyes, "hello. I have had better days."

Mary-Margaret frowns and says, "Oh. what's wrong?

Regina sighs and says, "My daughter is sick, I am stuck in meetings all day, and now I have you chirping in my ear about how nice today is."

Mary-Margaret reels back and says, "I am sorry. I didn't even know you had a daughter. Bur regardless I hope she feels better."

Regina gives another sigh and says, "Foster daughter for now, hopefully in the very near future it will be something more permanent. Thank you Ms. Blanchard I will give her your regards"

Ruby walks up to Regina with the bag of soup, just as she is about to ask how Emma is Regina's cell goes off.

Regina looks at the called ID and quickly answers, "Hello, mother how is she?"

Ruby and MM, as Ruby calls her, are talking and catching up.

Regina holds up a hand stopping their conversation.

Regina quickly grabs her purse and keys and throws on her coat.

Ruby wondering what is wrong calls out to Regina, "Hey where's the fire what's going on?"

MM is listening intently wanting to hear.

Regina finally wrestles her coat on and says, "Emma is going to the hospital. Mother is taking her, her fever is too high."

Ruby takes off her apron and calls out to Granny, "Emergency with Emma, gotta go"

Granny takes one look at Regina and nods her head.

Ruby grabs Regina's keys from her and heads towards the door.

Regina is confused but follows and asks, "What are you doing Ruby?"

Ruby opens Regina's door and says, "I am taking you to your daughter. You aren't in any condition to drive"

Regina is about to protest but realizes that her hands won't stop shaking. Regina quickly gets in and closes the door. Ruby gets in and speeds off towards Storybrooke Medical Center.

Regina is looking out the window praying to any and everything out there that Emma is ok. Please let her be ok.

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