Not as it Seems


Regina was jumping out of the car before Ruby even had a chance to put the car in park.

Ruby sprinted after Regina who was power walking through the hospital entrance.

Regina runs up to the front desk and asks, "Where is she? Where is Emma?"

The nurse looks up shocked and says, "Madam Mayor, I- Who?"

Regina slams her hand down on the desk causing, the cup of pens sitting on top of the counter to topple over.

The young nurse jumped back.

Ruby grabbed Regina's arm and pulled her away.

"Miss. Lucas unhand me right now. What the hell do you think you are doing?!" Regina spoke through gritted teeth.

Ruby loosened her grip and said, "I am keeping you from getting thrown out. I get it you are scared for Emma and you want to be with her. But if you get thrown out by security Emma is going to be here alone without you. Do you want that?"

Regina instantly calmed when Ruby said that Emma would be alone. Tears started streaming down her face and she shook her head 'no'.

Ruby nodded and said, "Good, cause I don't want that either. No I am going to calmly go over to that nurse apologize and ask where Emma is. You are going to take deep breaths and calm down, ok"

Regina nodded and Ruby walked back to the desk.

Ruby picked up the few pens that had fallen to the floor and placed them back into the cup. "Sorry about that, she is just concerned. Her daughter, Emma, was brought in a little while ago by her grandmother. Do you know where she is?"

The nurse nodded her head and said, "It is fine. Umm.. I need the girls full name."

Ruby blinked a few times and realized that she didn't know what last name Emma was using. "Ummm... Try Mills. Emma Mills."

The nurse typed it in and nodded her head. "Ok, she was brought in by her grandmother about 25 minutes ago with a high fever. They admitted her, she is upstairs on the pediatrics floor. Take the elevator to the third floor she is in room 346."

Ruby nodded and said, "Thank you."

The nurse nodded and went back to her computer screen.

Ruby walked over to Regina and said, "She is still here they admitted her. She is upstairs, third floor, room 346. Come on."

Ruby and Regina rode the elevator up to the third floor and as soon and they got off the elevator they started looking for Emma's room.

They finally found it. Cora was sitting in the hospital chair looking sternly at the nurse that was checking Emma's temperature and vitals.

Cora looked up and saw Regina. Cora quickly stood up and pulled Regina into a hug. Regina finally broke and cried into her mothers designer blouse. Ruby took a step back and walked back down the hall towards the vending machines to give the family a little privacy.

Regina finally got herself under control and stepped back. Cora handed her a tissue and said, "Blot darling don't want your eyes to look even puffier." Cora knew it wasn't the right thing to say but she didn't know what else to say.

Regina nodded, she knew that her mother is trying to be better so she let the comment slide. Regina blotted her eyes and looked at Emma sleeping in the hospital bed. Emma looked so small in that big bed. Regina asked Cora, "What happened mother? She just had a fever this morning."

Cora swallowed and said, "She was fine after you left this morning. She came downstairs and we had a bowl of oatmeal. She said she didn't feel good still. Then she started throwing up. I thought maybe the oatmeal upset her stomach so I gave her some warm water and some tea. She couldn't keep that down either. When I checked her temperature again it had gone up slightly to 101.3. It was too early for another dose of the cold medicine so I put her back into bed and wrapped her in blankets hoping she would sweat the fever out. But by 1:30PM she was still shaking and her temperature had risen again to 104.5. I didn't know what else to do. I am so sorry Regina."

Regina looked at her mother and could tell she slightly blamed herself, "Mother, this isn't your fault Emma is sick. Quite honestly you probably handled it way better than me. I am glad that you were with her. I don't blame you."

Cora sighed and kissed Regina on the cheek, "Thank you. But I am sorry. I am going to go for a walk, stretch my legs."

Regina nodded. She walked over to Emma's bed and took off her coat and purse and draped it over the end of Emma's bed. Regina walked to the head of the bed and moved Emma's curls out of her face.

Emma groaned and opened her eyes, "Mommy?"

Regina smiled down at Emma and stroked her cheek, "Hi sweetheart, Mommy's right here"

Emma whined and said, "I wanna go home"

Regina sighed and said, "I know baby. But you are sick and need to be here until you get better, then we can go home."

Regina moved the chair, Cora was previously sitting in, over to the side of Emma's bed and sat down. Regina held Emma's hand while she drifted back to sleep. Regina was tired but couldn't find it in her to sleep. She kept staring at Emma and all the different machines beeping around her.

A nurse came in and said, "Hello, I'm Otalia. I am Emma's night time nurse. You need anything just push the nurse button and I will be here."

Regina nodded and said 'Wait', "I was wondering what exactly is wrong."

The nurse nodded looked at her chart and said, "It seems that Emma had a high fever due to a very strong bout of the flu. She will be fine in a few days, we just want to keep her for a day or two because she is a child and to make sure she stay hydrated. Her doctor should be in tomorrow morning to fill you in with more details."

Regina nodded and said, "Thank you."

Ruby and Cora came back into the room. Ruby handed Regina a coffee and Cora gave her a sandwich.

Regina thanked them both. Ruby snagged two chairs from the hallway for both herself and Cora.

They all sat and watched Emma. Cora looked at the time and said, "It is getting late. I need to head back to my room to get change clothes. I have another meeting tomorrow morning but I should be finished by the afternoon. This way you can get some work done."

Regina smiled and nodded. Cora stood up and walked over to Emma's bed, she kissed her on the cheek and said, "Sleep well darling." Cora then left the room.

Regina and Ruby sat near the head of Emma's bed and talked softly while Emma slept. Regina laid her head down on Emma's bed and fell asleep.

Ruby was still awake when Emma started to wake up. "Hey pup. How you feeling?"

Emma blinked and mumbled, "Wolf?"

Ruby smiled and took Emma's hand, "Yeah pup. It's me."

Emma said, "wolf you protect me from the bad people."

Before Ruby could ask what Emma meant she had fallen back asleep.

Ruby got up and kissed Emma on the forehead and said, "See you tomorrow pup."

Ruby left Regina's car keys on the tray and left Emma's room. Ruby walked home and thought What bad people?

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