Not as it Seems


Regina was getting worried, "Ruby. Are you alright?" Regina snapped her fingers in front of Ruby's face. Ruby just looked up at Regina and gulped.

"You ok Ruby?"

Ruby cleared her throat and nodded, she was too afraid her voice would deceive her if she tried to speak.

Ruby got up and took a gulp of her now ice cold coffee. Ruby looked back at Regina and said, "I um.. I need to go.. for a little. I'll be back."

Regina looked at the time and said, "Ruby you can stay, it's only 5:45PM"

Ruby nodded and said, "Yeah I know, but you deserve some time with pup. And I need to check in with Granny, and stuff."

Regina looked at Ruby skeptically but was too tired to try and figure out what was going on. "Alright. Well I guess I will see you, eventually."

Ruby nodded and said, "Yeah defiantly. Tell the pup I'll see her."

Regina called out to Ruby as she reached the door, "Ruby. Thanks. For you know being here and defending Emma today. It makes me feel better knowing that there is someone looking out for Emma when I'm not there."

Ruby smiled and said, "Anytime Regina, you know that." Regina nodded and walked over to Emma.

Ruby watched as Regina bent down and kissed Emma on the forehead. Emma woke up a little and groggily said, "Mommy? You came back."

Regina nodded and said, "Hey baby, yeah, mommy's here." Emma smiled and gave Regina a hug. Regina hugged the girl back and stroked her hair, "Mommy will always come back"

Ruby smiled and left the hospital room.

Ruby walked to car and headed towards MM's apartment.

She arrived 6 minutes later but sat in her car for a good 15 took a breath and went to the front door. Ruby took another breath and knocked.

David answered the door and forced a smiled, "Hey Ruby! I didn't expect to see you tonight." David ushered Ruby in and closed the door behind them.

Ruby gave a slight smile and said, "Yeah I know, but I need to speak with MM. It's important." Ruby knew David and MM were having some trouble conceiving a child. David always seemed a little bummed out, but tried to remain positive.

David frowned and asked, "Is everything ok?"

Ruby nodded and said, "Yeah, just need some girl talk"

David nodded and said, "OK, well she is up on the roof. I was just headed to watch the game. So no eavesdropping from me."

David chuckled and went into the living room to watch tv.

Ruby sighed and went up to the roof. She stood by the door and waited for MM to speak.

MM looked over her shoulder when she heard the door close. She was surprised to see Ruby standing there,

"Hey Ruby. What are you doing here?" MM asked

Ruby walked over to where MM was sitting and stood in front of her, "I knew you were keeping something from me. I just- I wish you would have told me."

MM looked at Ruby confused, "Rubes what are you talking about?"

Ruby nodded her head and looked up at the night sky, "Four almost five years ago. I was here in Storybrooke working in the diner. David was trying to make it work with Kathryn. Regina was running for re-election. But you, you were just outside of Boston, in college."

MM looked at Ruby with wide terrified eyes, "Ruby, don't"

Ruby just shook her head, "And you know when everyone was coming home from school for breaks you stayed. 9 months; you were just gone, no one saw you, you never visited, you barely called. Then June rolled around and you just showed up, that little extra weight blamed on the freshman 15. I just, I never thought you could be so heartless. That you could do that."

MM shook her head and said, "You don't know what you are talking about."

Ruby gave a fake laugh and said, "Oh I think I do. You are a heartless, immature, bitch."

MM shook her head and said, "You just don't get it. You don't understand."

Ruby got angry, "Then MAKE ME! Make me understand MM! Tell me what happened. Cause from where I am standing it seems to me like the little girl that is sick and in a hospital bed right now is your daughter. Your daughter that you abandoned in the fucking woods. The daughter you never looked back on. The daughter you had with a man who was married! So please explain to me! Explain why you are interested in her now, why are you asking Regina questions! WHY NOW?"

MM let out a sob and yelled, "Because she is mine! I carried her for 9 months. I sacrificed for her. I did that, and now she is just going to be HERE, loving Regina?! Calling someone else Mommy?"

Ruby's mouth dropped open in shock, "You... You don't want her because you love her. You want her because you want the idea of her."

MM looked at Ruby with tears in her eyes, "David and I can't have more children. I- Emma is the only child I will ever have."

Ruby sat down on the ground and held her head, "Explain. From the beginning, explain what happened."

MM nodded and said, "Ok. But you have to promise that you won't tell Emma. I- I want to tell her myself"

Ruby rolled her eyes and said fine.

MM told Ruby exactly what happened

MM POV: I was in my senior year, David and I were still a secret. You and Regina were the only ones who found out. It was right before I left for college, we had only slept together once. I was going to tell him I was pregnant, but right before I told him, he said he was going to try and make it work with him and Kathryn. He didn't want me to hold back and not be a normal college student. I was devastated, so I left. I went to Boston.

I was going to abort her. I had the appointment and everything, but, I heard her heart beat. I- She was so tiny but she was growing, inside of me. And I couldn't, I just couldn't do it.

By the time I started showing I was already in school. Everyone assumed it was a random hook up gone wrong.

My parents couldn't know, they would have cut me off. I couldn't tell David cause I knew he would try and do the right thing. I couldn't tell you without running the risk of you accidentally saying something.

So I said that I had a lot of work and that I needed to stay. I spent Thanksgiving 4 months pregnant and alone, and Christmas 5 months pregnant and alone in a hotel in Boston.

When the semester ended it was the beginning of May. I couldn't go home until after she was born and she wasn't due the end of the month... So I decided to go on a retreat with a friend. We went hiking in the woods. It was a quick trip, we were near the major highway so it was supposed to be a easy trip back home.

I was with a friend, Emma F, we were walking and talking trying to find a place to set up camp. I was telling her how I wanted to have the baby at home and how I wanted to raise her. Of course she couldn't wait, I ended up in labor while we were there.

Then the next thing I know I have this screaming baby in my arms. She was so little, but she had my eyes and chin, but David's hair and cheekbones. And I looked at her and thought 'I have no idea what I am doing' .

Emma F went to go find help and had left her backpack behind. She always carried around a baby blanket that said her name on it, said it brought her good luck. So I took it and wrapped Emma in it. I guess they assumed her name was Emma since it was stitched on the blanket.

I forced myself to get up and I took her near the highway. I knew someone would find her.

I found Emma F on the way back and told her that the baby was gone. I made her promise to not say anything. It took some convincing but she agreed.

After I could walk with no pain I came home. I transferred schools and never contacted Emma again.

I found her once, my Emma I mean, she was living with a couple in a suburb of Boston. Young couple, the Swans, they were in the process of adopting her. After that I stopped checking in, I figured she would have a good life. So I decided to try and move on. I never thought she would end up back in Storybrooke, much less being fostered by a woman who hates my guts. I never thought I was going to see her again, but now, now all I think about is raising a child with David. I think about her coming home from school and telling me about her day, I think about David treating her like a princess. I want that. I want my daughter back."

MM looked back up at Ruby and wiped her tears, "So now you know the whole story. You happy now?"

Ruby looked at MM with her mouth open, but something caught her eye by the door. Ruby looked up and saw David standing there with tears in his eyes.

MM turned around at Ruby's loss of focus. MM stood and whispered, "David"

David just blinked and walked away.

MM started to cry and looked back at Ruby, "You happy? You have successfully ruined my life, thank you"

Ruby scoffed and said, "Get off it MM. You did this to yourself. You didn't tell David he has a child. You abandoned Emma in the worst possible way. You ruined your own life" Ruby went to leave the roof when MM grabbed her arm.

MM looked at Ruby in shock, "You are just going to leave?"

Ruby shook MM's hand off and said, "Yeah, I am. I am going to go back to the hospital and see Emma. I am also going to tell Emma's mother, Regina, exactly what is going on."

MM scoffed, "Regina, Emma's mother? Please. As soon as she finds out Emma is biologically mine she is going to toss her back to me. One Regina doesn't like kids, and two Regina hates me more than anything."

Ruby looked at MM in complete shock, "First off Regina may not like kids but she loves Emma. Secondly Regina isn't going to let you within sneezing distance of Emma if she has any say in it. And Lastly Regina may hate you but she loves Emma, enough to look past her obviously twisted genetic make up, and enough to adopt her."

MM looked at Ruby and said, "She can't adopt Emma. Emma is mine, I am taking her back. She is the only thing that may save me and David. David wants a child so badly."

Ruby shook her head, "You just don't get it. Emma isn't a toy. She isn't something that you can put on a shelf and forget about for five years and then say, 'oh I forgot about this'. She isn't supposed to bear the weight of your marriage. She is a child. She is this amazing, funny, adorable, loveable little girl that has gone through more shit in her life than the average adult. She deserves someone who is going to love her, no matter what. And you obviously aren't that person. I don't know who you are, but you obviously aren't the person I thought was my best friend."

Ruby went to leave when MM called out one last time, "That may be true, but Emma is still biologically mine. When the courts hear that I want to be a mother to my daughter... There is no way Regina is will be able to take her from me."

Ruby shook her head and left the roof. David was no longer in the apartment but Ruby care to investigate.

Ruby closed the door behind her and took a deep breath. She got back in her car and drove back towards the hospital. She felt she needed to tell Regina what was going on, because if MM was serious, a shit storm is about to take place in Storybrooke.

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