Not as it Seems

Chapter 3

Graham picks up the phone again and dials August's social worker, Lily Adams. The phone rings three times before a tired, "Lily Adams, how may I help you?" answers. Graham introduces himself and gets to the point, "Hello Ms. Adams, my name is Sheriff Graham Humbert from Storybrooke, Maine. I am calling in regards to one of your charges, August Booth." Lily knows August ran away but never did she expect to get a call from a sheriff in Maine saying that he was found. Lily thinks August is a good kid but has been dealt some pretty crappy cards in life; and she wants to do right by him, she can only hope that she can. Lily gets straight to the point, "Maine, there is no way I can get to Maine by tomorrow. Has August caused any trouble?" Graham quickly tells her no, "No not at all. I found him walking near our town boarder. I am actually calling because I wanted to know if it would be possible for August to stay with one of out local residents? She has agreed to taking him in" This was the last thing that Lily expected. Lily replies, "Well I would have to make sure she is a registered foster parent and within good standing but I don't see why not. What is her name? I can look her up now and if everything checks out I can get started on the paperwork." Graham gives Lily all of Regina's information. Lily says, "Everything looks good, I will file the papers tomorrow morning with my boss and everything should be good to go. If you need anything feel free to contact me again." Before she they both hang up Lily says a quick, "Thank you for helping August" and ends the call. Graham smiles to himself and puts the phone back on the receiver. Just as he does he hears the signature click clack of Regina's high heels. And now the fun begins.

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