Not as it Seems


Ruby makes her way back to the hospital to talk with Regina.

When she arrives outside of Emma's door she can't help but smile. Regina is sitting in Emma's bed reading her a story. Regina does different voices for each of the characters, making Emma laugh every time a character 'speaks'.

Regina sees someone lingering in the doorway and looks up, "Ruby?"

Emma sees Ruby and smiles, "Wolf! Mommy said you wasn't coming back tonight."

Ruby smiles and says, "Well I just couldn't stay gone without telling my pup goodnight."

Ruby looks towards Regina and frowns. Regina is confused, she sets the book on the tray next to Emma's bed and gets out of the bed. "Emma, I need to talk with Ruby for a minute ok." Regina gives Emma her iPad and a pair of headphones, "Watch a cartoon for now and I will finish the story when I'm done, ok."

Emma nods and picks a cartoon.

Regina looks at Ruby and holds the door open so Ruby can exit.

Ruby exits first and walks to the end of the hall, but is still able to keep an eye on Emma. Regina softly closes Emma's hospital door and stands in front of Ruby, "Ruby, what the hell is going on with you?"

Ruby just opens and closes her mouth not knowing how to start.

Regina stares back but is quickly becoming annoyed, "Ruby! Are you in trouble or something? Are you on drugs? What the hell is wrong with you? And why do you keep standing there glubbing like a fish out of water?! Damn it Ruby what the hell is going on?!"

Ruby couldn't take it anymore and blurted the truth out, "Emma is Mary-Margaret and David's daughter."

Regina took a step back and softly said, "What? No."

Ruby watched as Regina processed this information. Ruby went to comfort Regina but her hand was smacked away. Ruby backed off and lifted her hands, "Regina, I know this is a lot to take in.. but you need to listen to me."

Regina looked up at Ruby with blank eyes, "And why would I need to listen to you?"

Ruby sighed and said, "Because MM is crazy and selfish, and is going to try and take Emma away from you."

That caught Regina's attention, "Excuse me! And just how, pray tell, does she plan on doing that?"

Ruby licks her lips and takes a deep breath, "She wants to go to the courts and file to have Emma put back into her custody. She thinks that if she can spin a sob story about being a teen mother and only doing as her parents told her, there isn't a judge out there that is going to want to split up a mother and daughter... again."

Regina swallowed and cleared her throat, "How does she know Emma is her's? Biologically I mean?"

Ruby took out the picture of Emma and the picture of her, MM, and David. Even Regina couldn't deny the striking similarities.

Ruby watched as Regina took in this new information, "I don't know how you want to handle this but MM wants to fight you on this. She wants to take Emma."

Regina shook her head and felt the tears fall from her eyes, "No. Emma is my daughter. She is mine. She-she... I love her."

Ruby's heart broke, she pulled Regina into a hug and told her comforting nothings. When Regina pulled away she wiped her eyes and took a deep breath.

Ruby asked, "So do you think MM is going to win?"

Regina straightened her spine and took out her phone. She clicked on a contact, but Ruby couldn't see who, and dialed the number. "Hello dear. I need you. yes, I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you. See you soon."

Regina hung up and placed her phone back into her pocket.

Ruby lifted an eyebrow and said, "Well...? Who did you call? Please don't tell me it was a hit man or something. I don't think I can handle that."

Regina smirked a little but shook her head, "No, it's not a hit man. Just an old friend"

Ruby lifted an eyebrow and said, "Ok, when you say it like that and lift your eyebrow it makes it seems a lot more devious"

Regina chuckled and said, "Good."

Ruby smiled and said, "I'm sorry you had to find this out like this. I know it hurts."

Regina nodded and said, "I'm not worried about me dear. It's Emma I am concerned for. She is so young. I don't want to make this more difficult for her."

Ruby nodded and said, "The pup is tough, she will be ok. We all will"

Regina sighed and said, "Thank you Ruby. For telling me the truth."

Ruby smiled and said, "Your welcome."

Regina nodded and said, "It is getting late and I promised someone a story."

Ruby checked the time and agreed, "Yeah, I'm just gonna say good night and be on my way." Ruby gave Regina a quick hug and whispered, "It's gonna be ok, Emma is YOUR daughter"

Regina accepted the hug and took the strength Ruby was offering.

Ruby ended the hug and ran back to Emma's room to tell her good night.

While Ruby was saying her good byes Regina slowly walked back to Emma's room. When she reached Emma's room Ruby had already left, but Emma was waiting for her. Emma saw Regina standing in the doorway and patted the space next to her.

Emma said, "Come on mommy, you was getting to the best part" Regina smiled and sat next to Emma. Regina gave her a quick kiss on the head and got settled. Emma snuggled into Regina's side and got comfortable. Regina smiled at the moment and said to herself, If Mary-Margaret wants a fight for Emma, than it is a fight she is going to get.

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