Not as it Seems


The next morning Regina dropped Emma off with Ruby and headed to the office. Kathryn made good on her promise and was able to write up a contract and get it signed by a judge.

David and MM had until 3:30PM to come to Regina's office and work this out. Regina was on edge the entire day. Kathryn did what she could to keep Regina calm and level headed but it only helped but so much.

By 3:15 Regina assumed David and MM weren't coming. Regina turned to Kathryn and asked, "You think they are going to show?"

Kathryn shrugged her shoulders and said, "They would be pretty idiotic not to. This is a good deal."

Regina nodded and went back to work.

The clock struck 3:25PM when there was a knock at Regina's office door. Regina took a deep breath and said, "Enter"

The door creaked open and in walks David dragging a reluctant MM behind him.

David cleared his throat and said, "Sorry it's so late, but we umm.. we.. we want to get to know Emma."

Regina smirked and said, "Very well. I will let Kathryn give you the major details of the contract"

Kathryn nodded and said, "Alright, ground rules: Emma isn't to leave Storybrooke without Regina's permission. You two are not allowed to be alone with Emma, unless given permission by Regina. You are not allowed to file for sole custody of Emma behind Regina's back. Lastly if Emma is harmed in any way while within your care you will permanently give up all rights to be near Emma, which includes filing for both sole and joint custody. Is everything Understood?"

Three heads nodded. Kathryn nodded as well and said, "Alright Mary-Margaret sign here, David sign here, and Regina sign here."

Once the contract was signed Kathryn put it into an envelope and sent it to Storybrooke's courts.

Regina nodded and said, "You two will be joining Emma and I for dinner tomorrow night at 6. You will not speak to her until then. And don't be late."

David nodded and MM scowled. Regina just rolled her eyes and dismissed them.

The night of the dinner Regina was nervous. She made garlic bread with spaghetti and meatballs and a garden salad with Apple crumb cake for dessert. She accidentally burned the first batch a garlic bread, which was something Regina Mills didn't do.

Regina had just finished placing dinner on the table when the doorbell rung. Regina looked at the clock and it was exactly 6:00PM.

Regina called Emma downstairs and smoothed out the non existent wrinkles on her grey dress.

Regina wished Kathryn was here, instead of her waiting this dinner out at Granny's. Regina took another breath and opened the door. David was wearing jeans and a button down shirt and MM was in a pastel colored dress.

Regina stepped aside and allowed the two entrance of course adding a little bit of snark, "I'm glad you two idiots can tell time"

MM clenched her jaw while David gave a fake laugh. All heads turned to the stairs when they heard the sounds of little feet. Emma slowly made her way down the stairs. Emma waved hello to MM and David but looked at Regina when she asked, "Mommy is dinner ready NOW?"

Regina just smiled and said, "Yes sweetheart, dinner is ready"

Emma smiled and ran to the dining room taking her usual seat to the right hand side of Regina. Regina closed the door and lead MM and David to the dining room. David and MM sat across from Emma. David was to Regina's left and MM sat next to David, with Regina at the head of the table.

David and MM made their plates while Regina made Emma's.

The beginning part of the meal was filled with silence and awkward glances at Emma, but Emma was to content eating to notice. David finally broke the silence and asked Emma, "Emma what is your favorite color?"

Emma looked up her face covered in spaghetti sauce and said, "Purple!"

MM smiled and said, "I like purple also."

Emma smiled and said, "Mommy painted my room purple! and so is my coat!"

Everyone smiled. Emma continued saying all of the things she had that were purple and all of the things she wanted to be purple.

After that the conversation was still strained but Emma was able to fill the awkward silence in the way only a four year old could.

It was already 7:30 when they all finished dinner and dessert and it was almost Emma's bed time.

David and MM walked with Emma and Regina to the front door. David bent down to Emma's height and said, "Well Emma its getting late and we need to head home. But I really enjoyed getting dinner with you, you think we could do it again?"

Emma looked to Regina for permission and when she nodded Emma said, "ok."

David smiled and asked, "Emma can I get a hug?"

Emma shrugged her shoulder and gave David a quick hug. David's heart melted he was hugging his little girl for the first time. David thought to himself, How did I willingly gave this up? Oh God, MM would never forgive me if she knew , I knew that he was pregnant. That I was just too scared, that I would rather stay in a marriage that was going to fail than help her raise a child. Emma is my daughter, mine and MM's.

Emma pulled away and stood next to Regina again. MM then knelt in front of Emma and said, "I can't wait for us to see each other again."

Emma smiled and gave MM a hug as well. MM was shocked but quickly hugged Emma back. Emma pulled away and said, "Next time we go to Granny's and get milkshakes!"

Regina smiled and said, "Maybe"

Regina looked at MM and David, her look enough to tell them it was time to leave. They both nodded and gave Emma one last goodbye wave and left the mansion.

Regina scooped Emma up and brought her upstairs for her bath and to get her ready for bed. While Emma was in the tub she asked, "MM is my other mommy isn't she? The one who left."

Regina took a deep breath and said, "Yes."

Emma was playing in the bubbles asked, "And David is my daddy."

Regina nodded again and said, "Yes."

Emma looked at Regina with sad eyes and asked, "Why didn't they want me?"

Regina choked back her tears and said, "Your mom was young and your dad... he was doing something bad. So they wanted to give you the best life they could, so they had to give you away. And I am glad they did, because if they didn't I never would have gotten the chance to be your mommy; and being your mommy is the best thing in the whole world."

Emma smiled and said, "I like you being my mommy."

Regina smiled and kissed Emma's cheek, "I like being your mommy too. Your other mom and dad, they just want to get to know the totally amazing little girl that I know. I want you to know, that I won't make you see them; if you don't want to any more, that's ok."

Emma nodded and said, "I like them, they are nice. But I think I only want one mommy."

Regina smiled and teary smile and said, "I'm glad cause I only want one daughter, one Emma."

Regina got Emma out of the tub, dressed her in her PJs, and into bed. Emma was asleep by the time Regina cleaned up the bathroom. She gave Emma a kiss goodnight and closed her door.

Regina went back to her room and called Kathryn telling her it was ok for her to come back now, and that the spare key was under the mat. Regina too was tired to wait for Kathryn and got into bed. Regina figured if things stay the way they are MM and David will get to know Emma. But Emma will always be hers, no matter what.

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