Not as it Seems

Chapter 4

August ate the sandwich and sipped his hot chocolate, and takes time to close his eyes and think. If I get sent back to Boston without some kind of set up here I will never be able to help Emma. Ugh! I was so stupid! How could I leave her there in that hell hole to fend for herself?! Maybe someone super took her in? psh. who am I kidding, most of these foster parents are after the check that comes attached to us. I wonder how she is doing. I hope I can see her by her birthday, she will be so excited! I hate to admit it, but I miss her so much.

While August was deep in thought Regina entered the building. Regina walked in and noticed the teen sitting at the desk right away. He wasn't bad looking for a teenager and could see him growing into a handsome young man. She noticed the ugly black leather jacket he was wearing and huffed in disgust. He must have heard Regina's huff because he tilts his head toward the sound and opens his eyes. His blue eyes meet her brown ones and they both give each other a once over. Regina thinks huh, blue I never would have guessed blue eyes with that dark brown hair. He is tall maybe 6feet, not overly muscular but built. August looks at Regina and thinks, damn, she's hot. Not very tall, with short brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. She reminds me of one of my school teachers but way better looking. She is wearing designer clothes and shoes and a bag to match, her shoes alone must cost more than everything I own put together. I can totally tell she is stuck up. Looks like someone who has never been told no before. Probably drives some fancy car and lives in a kind of freaking mansion.

Once they are done,giving each other the once over, Graham enters the room and can almost feel the tension. He clears his throat to get their attention. Graham greets Regina kindly, "Hello Madam Mayor. How are you?" Regina does her signature raised eyebrow and looks at Graham like he has three heads. "How do you think I am doing? I was called from home to pick up a teenager that you obviously don't seem to be able to take care of." Graham gives August a look that says 'I'm sorry in advance'. Graham shrugs off the comment and makes introductions, "Madam Mayor this is August Booth, August this is the mayor of Storybrooke Regina Mills. She will be fostering you until I can talk with your social worker some more". August stands up and walks over to Regina he holds out his hand, "Thank you Ms. Mills for taking me in. I really appreciate it" Regina looks almost shocked at his manners, she quickly snaps out of it and gives his hand a firm shake. "You are welcome Mr. Booth. Grab your stuff and lets get going, it is getting late and I have an early start in the morning." Regina looks to Graham and give a slight nod of her head to which Graham returns. Regina turns around and begins walking out of the door, August quickly grabs is backpack and follows after her. As the door shuts behind the two Graham walks back to his office and flops down into his chair exhausted. He can only hope this arrangement works out for the best.

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