Not as it Seems

Chapter 5

Regina unlocks the doors to her vintage Benz and gets in. August rolls his eyes at the luxury car,wow am I always right? August gets in a closes the door and places his backpack on the floor in between his legs. Regina looks at his expectantly but when he just gives her a blank confused stare she rolls her eyes and says "seatbelt". August quickly jumps to put it on, and mutters a quick "sorry". Regina starts the car and leaves the parking lot. Regina keeps her eyes focussed on the road but asks, "Are you hungry?" Not expecting the question August says, "Huh?" Regina asks again sounding slightly annoyed, "Are you hungry? I haven't prepared anything for dinner and it is too late to go to the store to fix anything. Granny's is around the corner, do you want food?" August blinks and nods his head, "yes, thank you". Regina makes the turn and parks on the street. They both get out of the car and August reaches the door first and opens it for Regina. Regina is again amazed at the teens manners, she nods and says a curt "thank you". Regina walks in and heads to her usual booth. She sits down and August sits down across from her. She notices August isn't looking at his menu so she looks up, she sees everyone in the diner staring at August and herself. Annoyed Regina stands up and says, "Quit looking at him like some kind of barn animal! Go back to your meals." Regina sits back down and gives August a quick apology on behalf of the towns people. August is staring at Regina in wonder. Regina can feel August looking at her and drops her menu down on the table, "It isn't polite to stare Mr. Booth" August realizes he has been caught and smirks, "Sorry, its just I am a little surprised. My previous foster parents wouldn't care if I was fed much less if I was being stared at. You just surprise me." Regina is appalled that a child would be purposely underfed. But Regina just shrugs her shoulder and says, "I am not like other people." Ruby the waitress walks over and takes their orders; a chicken caesar salad for Regina and a BLT sandwich for August. Just as they were finished eating and getting up to leave, local pest of the The Daily Mirror Sidney Glass walks up to the booth and invites himself to talk with Regina. "Hello madam mayor how are you?". Regina sighs and replies with a bored "I am fine Sidney, but I must be going" Regina stands up as does August and they head back to the car. But just before they reach the car Sidney grabs Regina's arm and asks, "Who is he? Are you sure you should be getting in a car with him?" Regina tries to take her arm away but his grip is strong, "Sidney unhand me right now" Regina says with a look that could kill. August sees Regina try to get her arm free and all he can think of is is abusive ex-foster parents. August's eyes haze over and he walks up to Sidney, just as Sidney was about to speak, August punches him in the face. Sidney released Regina and puts his hand to his mouth where his lip is bleeding. Regina is shocked at the display of violence. With her arm now free she turns to August, she is about to tell him to get into the car but she looks at his eyes and she can see that he isn't with her right now. So she calmly and slowly walks to him and puts and hand on his shoulder. August feels her hand on his shoulder, blinks and few times, and looks at Regina. Once Regina sees that August is back with her she instructs him, "Get into the car and wait for me there." August nods and gets into the car. Regina takes a breath and glares back at Sidney, "If you ever put your hands on me again I will have the sheriff down her to arrest you for assault faster than the flash on your camera. Do you understand?!" Sidney nods, and Regina says a quick "Good, now get out of my sight." Sidney scampers off around the corner.

Regina get into her car and turns to August, "What in the HELL do you think you were doing?! I don't need you to protect me, do you understand! While you are here and living under my roof there will be no fighting ever! Do you hear me?!" August looks and her and nods, "yeah, I got it. Sorry". Regina starts the car and heads home.

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