Not as it Seems

Chapter 6

Regina pulls into the Mayor Mansion at 108 Mifflin Street. August looks at the front of the house and his jaw drops open, he doesn't take his eyes off of the mansion and says, "you.. live here... here!" Regina gives a slight chuckle and says "yes, come on. The temperature is dropping, when we get inside I will give you a quick tour and you can get into bed." August just nods and exits the car. Regina unlocks the door, steps inside and turns the lights on. They walk up the steps and are in the foyer. August notices the hard wood floors, the spiral staircase, a office off to the side, a lavish dining room, and a comfortable looking living room. August just stares and says, "Wow" Regina smiles and starts to show August around, "this room here is my office I am sometimes am here working after dinner and occasionally on the weekends. Over here is obviously the dinning and living rooms, the living room isn't used very often but you are free to look at television here or up in one of the spare rooms. The kitchen is here the fridge is yours to use but please tell me if something is empty and if I need to buy more or if you are allergic to something. " August nods his head and Regina continues the tour to the second floor, "So this is one of the spare rooms, I figured you could sleep here, there is a en suite bathroom in there as well. Here is the second bedroom and bathroom, this closet here is the linen closet and over in the corner there is a washer and dryer. This is my bedroom I ask that you don't enter unless I ask." August nods and says, "ok." Regina turns to August and says, "well as fun as this night has been I need to get ready for bed. I will be up early tomorrow for work so you will have to fend for yourself until I get home at around 6:00pm" August nods and says, "ok, that's fine." there is a slight pause and August looks Regina in the eye and says, "thank you, seriously. Thank you." Regina nods, says, "Your welcome" turns enters her room and closes the door. August walks to the room he is staying in, closest to the stairs, and closes the door. He throws his backpack into the corner and flops down on the bed. August realizes just how tired he really is once he lays on the bed. So he digs around in his bag until he finds his toothbrush and PJs. He goes into the bathroom, brushes his teeth, changes his clothes, turns out the lights, and gets into bed. He is asleep within 10 minutes. This is probably the best sleep he has had since his father disappeared; if only Emma would be with him and safe.

Regina was a little apprehensive about having August in the house, especially after the violence he displayed towards Sidney. Regina had all of these bad thoughts running through her head, she kept wondering what if he is some kind of teenage murderer, or a robber, or what if he is on drugs, what if he is some kind of drug dealer and is looking to expand his business into Storybrooke! Not in my town! Maybe I should check on him. Yeah, I'm being a concerned homeowner. Regina got out of bed and down the hall to where August was staying, she cracked the door and was met with darkness. She could see the figure in the bed clearly asleep. Regina breathed a sigh of relief, just as she was about to turn around and close the door she heard August talk in his sleep, "I didn't mean to. I shouldn't have left. Please forgive me. I love you" Regina didn't know who he was talking about, he never mentioned a girlfriend but, then again she never asked. Regina closed the door and went back to her room. Regina finished her nightly routine got into bed, made sure her alarm was set for 6:10am, the last thing Regina thought before she went to sleep was, I hope I don't regret doing this.

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