Not as it Seems

Chapter 7

August slept pretty much through the night but woke up early the next morning. It was only around 5:45am when August rolled out of bed, and went to take a shower. August stood under the hot water letting his mind drift. Man this shower is amazing! I wonder how long it would take for the hot water to run out. Maybe I should turn the heat down a little to make sure Regina has enough. I wonder if Emma has enough hot water for a good shower? I wonder where she is now? I wish I could call her, of course I can't. Maybe one of the older kids from group home know where she is, maybe she is still there? That would suck but at least I know where she is and can talk to her if I need to. Maybe I could sneak downstairs and use the phone to call the home. Yeah that's what I should do. August finished showering and got dressed. It was only 6:05am August figured Regina would be up soon so he needed to be quick if he wanted to get to the phone. Just as August was about to head downstairs he could hear the tell signs of an alarm going off and then silence. He could hear a door close and a shower start he guessed he wouldn't have enough time to make his phone call without Regina entering and asking questions.

Instead of making the phone call August decided to go downstairs to the kitchen and make himself some coffee. 20 minutes later Regina comes down the stairs and can smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee. Regina looks to the kitchen bar and sees August reading the paper and drinking a cup of hot coffee. He looks so old for his age. I would have expected him to drink hot chocolate and watch early morning cartoons like most other teenagers I hears about. Regina walks into the kitchen and says, "Good Morning". August looks up and says, "Morning, there is still some coffee left in the pot. I wasn't sure how you took your coffee so I just left it and set your travel mug to the side". Regina was surprised that August knew that she didn't drink her morning coffee at home, but instead poured it into a travel mug and took it to work. August noticed Regina's confused look and explained, "I saw the travel mug was in the drying rack while all the mugs were in the cabinet. Meaning you need quick access to the travel mug while you can take your time other days to reach up to the shelf and grab a mug." Regina still looked at August like he was going to make a rabbit appear from top hat. August just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm observant, no special trick or magic". Regina gave a slight smile and said, "Thank you, that was very thoughtful of you. So, I have to go into the office today and I figured you would be more comfortable here. When I get home from work I will make dinner." August nodded and finished his coffee, "I was wondering if you had a phone I could use?" Regina lifted a eyebrow as if asking and who do you need to call? August gave her a partial truth, "I just want to call a friend, make sure everything is alright." Regina nodded and told him he could use the phone in her home office. August thanked Regina and sat back down to finish reading the paper; Regina gave him her cell phone and work numbers just in case he needed to reach her, and walked out the house, locking the door behind her.

August waited another 10 minutes before entering the home office. He was finally going to be able to check in on Emma, he just needed to know she was ok.

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