Not as it Seems


August helped Regina clean up dinner, wash the dishes, and put the left overs into containers. Just as Regina was about to tell August she was going to go upstairs the phone rang. August sprinted to her office and answered the phone, "Hello, Ollie?" Ollie said, "Hey, this is going to have to be quick. Ms. Grange could enter any minute. So I looked at Ms. G's computer says here that Emma is being fostered by a Mr. and Mrs. Hanks. Their son Ed died in a motorcycle accident. Says here Mr. Hanks is a retired dock worker and Mrs. Hanks is a doctor, works at the local hospital; but is overseas right now. Their address is 7980 Alleghany St in the Mission Hill part of Boston." August scribbled all of the information down on a piece of paper, "Thanks Ollie! I seriously owe you one. I will get your money as soon as possible". Ollie didn't say good-bye, he just hung up. August looked up and saw Regina standing in the door way, she didn't say anything she just quirked her eyebrow, is that her signature move or something?! August looked at Regina and asked "Can I use your computer?". Regina sighed and said "Yes", she opened her laptop typed in her password and told August to shut it down when he was done. August wanted to do a little research on Mr. and Mrs. Hanks, make sure they were good people. August did a quick criminal search but came up empty. August was happy about that. But when he did a search for there was nothing but a newspaper article and random Facebook profiles. August clicked on the newspaper article about the famous Boston bar closing. On the front of the article was a picture of the bar and its owner standing out front. August clicked on the image to enlarge it. When the image loaded August's blood ran cold. That man wasn't Mr. Hanks.

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