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You think you know everything of some certain 90's TV shows? Well, get ready: These lost RHS reels may blow you away. A just for fun PG collection. Years have passed. TV channels changed. Everyone thought some certain TV shows from the 90's just came and went. But, when some explorers uncover a RHS video reel collection...these rediscovered lost RHS video reels may blow everyone away. A just for fun collection of trailers of what could have been. Plus, a big follow up ending. Rated PG.

Thriller / Children
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Past a field of tall grass... Past some stomping around triceratops... There’s a clay like cave.

As many nights and many days go by... As the Ice Age comes and goes... Cobwebs and moss cover the left barren cave.

In the year 2006...

Some guys in hard pith helmets and spelunking equipment make their way inside. One of them clears the cobwebs away with a gloved hand.

One of them asks nervously, “you sure there’s treasure down here? It doesn’t seem like the cave on the map.”

The other guy insists, “no: I’m sure. It’s here. We just got to keep looking.”

He takes out a search light, shining it down the pitch black cave’s winding passage.

The first guy just shakes his head.

He mutters back, “fine. But, if we don’t find anything down here, I’m getting you help and making it so.”

The second guy mutters casually, “oh, whatever.”

They pass some half eaten chocolate bars with gold wrappers collecting rubble. They pass “Ghostwriter?” carved into the cave floor with a half broken off sword...and a rotten aged corpse holding the hilt.

A rotten aged stabbed corpse of a minotaur lies further up ahead. Drips of dried blood go further back the way the treasure hunters came.

More things are carved in the cave floor, such as a triangle symbol with a Star and a A carved by it and a symbol of a container full of clay with a G on it.

The explorers just nervously keep silent, expecting minotaur babies or something worse.

They keep going...until they find a TV set: Carved out of stone, knobs and all. It’s covered with colorful wires like from a mad scientist’s science lab, and it’s playing Star Trek music and rock instrumental music on standby.

The second guy faintly sighs, “well... It’s not gold. But, maybe someone will pay high bucks for this.”

The first guy faintly chuckles. He looks kind of doubtful at him, “are you kidding? These are lost relics from the 90’s. Everyone likes to collect things from the 90’s. We’re golden.”

The second guy faintly chuckles, “well...ok: If you’re sure. I kind of live under a rock. So...”

All too confident sounding, the first guy comments, “well, we won’t be anymore. Not anymore.”

And, through the static... On the static filled TV set... There’s the following video reels on the DVD menu:

Starfleet Academy - The Educational Game; Gumby 2 - Counting Stars; Dinosaurs - Caveman Park; Dinosaurs - In the TV; Mythquest - Sun and Moon, Ra and the Underworld; Ghostwriter - Fast Forward 2 Ghostwriter Games; and Field Trip(The Adventures of Pug and Zero) - Double the Trips.

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