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Starfleet Academy: The Educational Game

There’s a brief shot of the San Francisco Bridge. The Starfleet Academy logo in classic silver stands before it.

Then, a black pen writes The Educational Game right below it.

The picture cuts over to a yellow, red, and gray blocky control panel styled screen, with “Commercial For Our Game” in plain simple white letters appearing under the once again appearing Starfleet Academy logo.

The picture then cuts to a Vulcan with short dark brown hair, in a dark red uniform with a patterned red corner along the top. He stands before the silvery entrance.

He greets, “welcome to Starfleet Academy. You may have heard of Starfleet Academy: The Simulator Game. But, if you’re not looking for just tactical scenarios... This is Starfleet Academy.”

He starts walking down the grassy and bush lined paths, passing by the iconic waterfall.

He goes on, “we offer summer courses such as laser wielding, shuttle piloting, and classic holo-novel expansions.”

A black pen writes below in white, “Do Not Try This at Home, Do Not Provoke the Wrath of Gene Roddenbury’s Spirit From Beyond the Grave For Classroom Misconduct”.

As he pauses a bit to bask in the scenery... The narrator goes on, “we offer main courses from Astrophysics, Classic Tactical Scenarios, Next Generation Tactical Scenarios, and Demolitions to Command 101, Self Control On Your Telepathy, Phaser and Phaser Rifle Training, Hit the Borg Where They Hurt, and Promotional Standards. But, of course, some levels don’t offer the same courses.”

For when the narrator says Promotion Double Standards... A black pen writes below in white, “Or How To Promote People That Don’t Deserve to Be Admirals To Make Yourself Look Better Compared to Them: Don’t Have to Thank Us Right Away”.

The narrator goes on, “the courses are divided up into Ensign Grade, Lieutenant Grade, Commander Grade, and Captain Grade. But remember: It’s just practice for the real thing.”

A black pen writes below in white, “but seriously, don’t try this at home. Unless you happen to be a military officer. Then, go nuts with it. It’ll confuse the enemy.”

The narrator then goes over to a part of the Starfleet Academy grounds, overlooking the San Francisco Bridge.

He concludes with, “the courses may be grueling at times. But, if you’re willing to put in the hours and show up... You can be your own Captain one day, or have whatever rank fits best for you.”

The narrator then holds up the Vulcan sign for peace and long live. He adds with a faint courteous smile, “live long and prosper.”

He then goes back into the building, with the door closing behind him. Some moans of pleasure are heard across the grounds, and there’s not a teacher in sight.

A black pen writes below in white, “rated Everyone Ten and Up. Grades 6-12. Holo-novel expansions sold separately. Any Angry Birds or context with sexual innuendo in them are therefore your own problem as captains of your households...as in you the parents. We’re not responsible for them at all.”

Then a logo with a rustic dark gray spherical building and blinking red light comes up. And, the words “AcaTrek Holdings Inc.” go across the screen.

Then it all goes to black...back over to the TV set.

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