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MythQuest: Sun and Moon, Ra and the Underworld

There’s a brief shot of a certain shining sword in the tall grass before the trees of a hallows like forest.

Then a mirror smashes over the handle: Reflecting the sword in the shards. And, all starts to flare in golden light.

As the mostly marble gray ancient Roman temple styled Cyber Museum whizzes past... Greek marble carved letters appear.

Through a narrator... They say, “the search for the stone is over.”

The sound of a crashing tidal wave crashes through, with the light giving way to water covering the entire forest.

Brief flashes of the scanned in Gorgos stone appear in a goldish flare.

The narrator goes on, “the stone that bound Gorgos and started it all.”

The goldish flare vanishes.

Ancient hieroglyphics along a carved passage of darkness itself glow with fire. The shape of a branch tipped canoe like boat and a figure in a bird like mask with a disc floating over it are seen in the dark. The sound of oars, a giant slither, and the washing waves of the sky echo through the darkness.

Some of the hieroglyphs turn to carved letters.

With the narrator over them... They say, “but like the sun and the moon... There’s good and bad wills...and there’s always a way for them to come back.”

The fire soon gives way to the brightness of the sun itself: A ball of fire...before it all starts to fade before a eclipse of the moon.

As Isis in the myth... Cleo in her white robes looks really scared...looking in Alex’s direction past the tall grass of the tall Egyptian grass of the underworld. She wears the gold rimmed amulet Mister Chung gave them, with the piece of the stone glowing in a small but visible white and black swirl.

On the other side of the screen, at the computer... Alex is in a dark green long sleeved shirt and his army gray coat with army pockets.

Cleo puts to question, “you really think I’d tell you to go help Asher and mom if I was imagining this?”

Alex tries to point out, “Cleo, we don’t even know how far your powers can go! What if you really are just imagining this?”

In his black suit and tie... Mister Chung uncharacteristically laughs a little. He mutters in a slightly morgified voice, “even a little piece of the stone can drive someone mad if worn long enough. But, we’re mad enough to protect the world from the likes of Gorgos and thieves like Barbara. A shame you found out before it was our time.”

Max Asher reaches for the black phone. But, Mister Chung punches Max Asher down to the ground of his own wood floor.

The receiver falls. A dial tone follows.

Teary eyed, Cleo comments, “Alex! Why don’t you believe me?”

With his hands up briefly... Alex apologizes, “sorry. Sorry. That’s... Sigh. It’s not that. I just... What if it’s like when I found my own doppelganger when I thought I got out? What if you believe that’s what’s going on and it really isn’t?”

Looking stunned... Cleo as Isis calls out, “dad?”

She sees her father Matt Bellows, reflected in the waters of a burning lake and smiling up at her.

The edge of the boat from earlier is seen as Cleo is tempted to let go of the paddle in her hand and reach out to his reflected reaching out hand in the burning mythical waters.

On the edge of a dock made of dried sandy mud... Matt tells her very nervously, “Cleo, go. Go now!”

On the other side of the washing in tide... Cleo as Isis insists, “no: Not without you!”

Gorgos’s laugh pierces through the washing in tide...as some arms from a certain god grab Cleo and pull her in.

From both sides of the screen... Matt and Alex cry out, “Cleo!”

Matt dives in after her.

In the waters, some Greek and Egyptian letters circle around the bubbles.

They shine bright gold and red, before changing into marble carved words.

With the narrator over them... They say, “MythQuest: The Movie, MythQuest: The Series, and MythQuest: The Video Game. If you like myths and the fantastical... This is one boxed set you don’t want to miss.”

Drifting down the waters... A big plastic box with the Cyber Museum wrapped around the cover and back opens.

Inside the box’s marble white like black rimmed interior are four smaller boxes, with stills from the Cyber Museum’s many objects touched to get in from earlier on the front. They rise out, spinning slowly to their sides to reveal marble white stone lined letters there.

One says MythQuest: The Movie, with hints of a DVD sleeve. One says MythQuest: The Series, with hints of several restoration DVDs.

The third says MythQuest: The Video Game: with hints of a video game disc, and with a parchment themed instruction book including mention of “you can play as Alex or Cleo; up to 1-2 players” inside. There’s also mention of “all episodes and the movie in one action filled game”.

And, the fourth box says MythQuest: Myths and Cosmic Struggles, with two the making of documentary DVDs inside.

It all then fades before a great red disc. And etched on it in water blue letters is, “A VIF International Films and Minds Eye International Multimedia collection.”

As it all fades... It comes back over to a certain TV set.

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