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Gumby 2: Counting Stars

There’s a brief shot of a clay set over a wooden counter: With Gumbasia across it in squiggly purplish letters, "play set" in smaller basic blue letters, geometric shapes and animals across a painted desert before a blue sea like sky, two very big circled around shadows of supernatural like beings...and a red clay figure looking out to the sky.

A narrator says, “out of a Fantasia parody called Gumbasia, there came rolling into Toyland a joyful ball of clay named Gumby. There was never a frown for long with him around.”

The red clay like figure grows out of the painting, turning into a TV set frame.

A bright light passes.

And, as quickly as it comes... There’s just the TV set before outer space.

Flashing by in the TV set is every trailer ever made of Gumby: The green shapeshifting clay figure with a pitcher like head and a bright yellow clay molded smile, skateboarding along his own trailer stills between the old fashioned white storyboard like lanes holding them up.

Gumby then pauses. He calls out cheerfully, “these are very nice fan service videos for all of us, Clokeys. But, you forgot to bring out Gumby 1 and Gumby 2!”

Most of the stills roll up into clay balls, falling through the frames.

Gumby is tempted to look down, almost falling over himself through himself.

Seconds later though, something else catches his attention between them: Literally.

They turn into a white sticks like model of a mostly cylindrical seat with light blue and green clay ends. Gumby sighs with relief in the moment as he lies back on it with his hands behind his head.

A light blue TV set made of clay then drops down from one of the many wooden bookshelves. They look so close and yet so far from him.

The TV set instantly comes on, with a movie trailer of Gumby playing.

Gumby and the Clayboys playing in the park with their colorful guitars and drums before thousands of farmers and their families on a nice clear day, Goo tying up the Blockheads with her clay goo, Gumby riding Pokey over a pile of hay, Gumby clashing laser wielders with his robot clone before a gray paper mache like walkway over a metal fortified bottomless pit... It all rolls by in the style of old projector film.

With a bright smile, Gumby adds, “thanks Clokeys.”

A cool sounding DJ like voice says back, “you’re welcome. Just sit back and relax while we advertise for you, Gumby.” Gumby just casually goes, “okay.”

With the narrator over the movie trailer... The narration continues, “in 1995, he had his own movie with his friends and his own band. But, if you thought that was the end of Gumby and The Clayboys...”

The movie trailer changes over to a grassy field down a upward hillside, with the sun shining in the sky over a faintly familiar looking wooden farm past the dark and light green grass.

The narrator continues, “...count the stars again. Because the sun has come out over Toyland, and the adventures are just beginning.”

Gumby suddenly goes wider eyed, sitting up with his hands raised.

The TV screen suddenly freezes in place.

Gumby realizes, “oh no. Where’s Pokey? He was supposed to be...!”

Then... Pokey, the reddish orange clay horse with a smooth black mane and not a light hoof to be found, comes down on a red and blue plaid over white parachute. He ends up crashing through part of the cylindrical model.

He goes, “oh, nuts.”

Gumby faintly laughs, “oh. There you are, Pokey.”

With a stretchy bend over, he appears right next to him. He’s already clearing the white stick like rubble around Pokey’s legs and helping him up with his clay arms.

Gumby checks, “are you all right?”

With his blue eyes over to Gumby now... Pokey assures him more brightly, “I am now. Thanks, Gumby.”

Gumby cheerfully says, “you’re welcome. Always happy to help.”

Sounding skeptical, Pokey comments with a faint glare, “hey. I don’t always need to be propped up, you know.”

Gumby solemnly goes, “sorry, Pokey. I didn’t mean it like that.”

Pokey figures, “thanks. Am I too late to see our latest trailer?”

Gumby assures him, “nope. You’re just in time. Come on. You can sit right there. I’ll get you a cushion.”

Pokey does. Soon, Gumby gets four dollhouse sized reddish orange cushions to lie on.

Gumby turns one of the knobs on the TV screen: Getting it to quickly restart itself and unfreeze where it was playing like nothing happened.

He says, “that should do it.” Pokey adds happily, “great.”

Now they’re both relaxing before the TV screen, with Gumby lying back with his hands behind his head and Pokey lying forward on the cushions.

The sun gives way to a spinning wheel of outer space. The stars spin about.

And, as the spinning wheel spins away... Gumby 2: Counting Stars appears in sparkly starry yellow clay before a light red background.

The title screen rolls away in clay, showing a sketch-up storyboard map of the Gumby and the Clayboys tour.

Light blue to very dark orange and red stripped books of Professor Know It All, Life at the Casino, Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, The Grand Canyon and Other Grand Sights Of Nature, and to video cassette boxes of Donkey Monkey: The Mutant Giant, Statues of Liberty From Around the World: The Live Musical, and Driver’s Nightmare 2: Sleep Deprived Ghost Town... They open up with audiences in clay ball made seats far and wide, cheering for the Clayboys.

Gumby and Tara are walking hand in hand, just enjoying the sight of a bookshelf they’re walking along at night in dimly lit Toyland.

They come across a book titled “From the Sun”, with a ring of space rocks and stars around a bright yellowish white star against a jet black book cover.

With a blue clay hand on her blue clay chin... Tara, the light blue clay figure with a matching dress with a bright yellow T on it and shoulder length black hair, stands there pondering.

She thinks out loud, “hm. Bright but interesting book. Maybe we shouldn’t look at it too long.” Gumby figures, “maybe.”

Tara wonders, “you think we should check it out?”

Gumby brightly smiles, “why not? It could be fun.”

They both walk into the book, disappearing into it.

The scene changes quick to more scenes, with a rolling globe of the Earth and white clay rimmed photos flying off of it.

One is of Gumby on a red phone talking to his parents Gumbo and Gumba back at his house. Another is of Gumby and his friends hitting a night party at a casino, buying more and more ice cream with their riches until their stomachs ache from so much ice cream.

The narrator continues, “all seems good. All seems bright. But, the thing with stars...is that they still have shadows in space. When Gumby finds himself against the biggest shadow he’s ever faced...”

A third is of a pair of giant black gloved hands molding stars...and picking up Gumby and Tara to try to crush them into stars. But, with his shapeshifting, Gumby pushes the hands apart long enough for them to slip back down for outer space and turn himself into a rocket for him and Tara to escape the book.

Soon, the Star Titan of pitch black leaves the book... Shaking the bookshelves with every step and crushing the very first book it sees with its star crushing hands. A booming voice says, “stars. Stars! Must make...stars!”

The narrator continues, “...will Gumby’s optimism be enough to win the day? Or, will he have to destroy the well meaning Star Titan before everything is destroyed by its hands?”

The Blockheads run from the book in one direction with a platinum looking vacuum cleaner, while Gumby and Tara run in another.

They all stumble over from the shaking. The vacuum falls off the shelf, smashing to the carpeted gray floor.

Tara slides to the edge of the shelf, grabbing it and barely staying on.

Gumby calls out, “hold on, Tara: I’m coming!”

He rolls over to the edge as a ball of clay, soon changing back to his normal clay figure form.

Tara’s grip slips. She starts to fall for the floor.

Gumby’s stretching clay hand reaches for her stretching clay hand. But, Tara is falling fast.

Worriedly, Gumby calls out, “Tara!” Worriedly, Tara calls out, “Gumby!”

Suddenly... Another light red clay made screen spreads out over the screen, with yellow and green clay letters across it.

With the narrator over them... They say, “Gumby 2: Counting Stars. Rated PG for carved out hard hitting questions, some frightening images, and bizarre metaphysical content. DVD and video game coming on August 9, 2002.”

Two clay box set styled boxes emerge from the clay made screen.

One says Gumby 2: Counting Stars – The Movie in green clay slab letters, with a DVD inside with the From the Sun book’s world across and Gumby and Tara running from a supernova as DVD cover art.

The second says Gumby 2: Counting Stars – The Video Game in red and blue clay slab letters, and it comes with a fire truck styled manual with Gumbo in a firefighter helmet on the cover waving. The video game disc’s cover art shows shaking bookshelves and falling books and Gumby stretching out many clay arms to try to catch many books in the form of clay nets, while Pokey, Prickle, Goo, and Tara try to catch the other books with silver rimmed red nets.

In the video game manual, it even goes so far as to include mention of “can play as Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, Goo, or Tara; up to 1-4 players” and “a arcade Gumby mode and a explorer Gumby mode”.

Both boxes are with raining down red, blue, yellow, and solid wood building blocks with faces of Gumby and his friends on them.

In a bit... It cuts back to Pokey and Gumby.

Between excited and not... Pokey says, “sure. There’s plenty of adventure. But, I got a strange feeling about this. You’d think a Clokeys production wouldn’t be so scary.”

Gumby faintly sighs.

With a hand up, he brightly goes, “oh, come on Pokey. Just because it’s PG doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun.”

Pokey and Gumby faintly smile...before dark red curtains come and hands clap.

Then, it all fades...back over to the first TV set.

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