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Field Trip(The Adventures of Pug and Zero): Double the Trips

There’s a brief shot of a spinning around dark to light blue storm like quantum vortex. Black splotches spin as well within the vortex.

Quantum orbs go down the vortex from above and up the side from below. Bright tan yellow lightning slivers and bright white light slivers crackle around them as they go.

Silvery metal mostly rectangular shards spin around as they flip over and over from both directions.

They quickly flip over each other...creating a mostly silvery diamond with “Field Trip” across it in almost wooden rustic faint brownish yellow letters.

Then... The diamond starts to be covered in bright tan yellow lightning slivers and bright white light slivers.

The diamond speeds further into the quantum vortex.

It turns hard to the left. Then, hard diagonally around slightly to the right and up.

As it does... The silvery metal mostly rectangular shards spin around and flip out over and over from both directions and back again.

They create a mostly silvery diamond with “Double the Trips” across it in almost wooden rustic faint brownish yellow letters.

Then, they create a mostly silvery diamond with “Out of this System” across it in almost wooden rustic faint brownish yellow letters. “First Contact” is right below it and a matching horizontal bar in almost wooden rustic faint brownish yellow letters.

Rustic gray lined wristwatch faces go by.

In some... Live footage of NASA mission control, a power plant, Universal Studios in Hollywood goes by.

More wristwatch faces go by: With Charly and Pug and Zero going back in time to see the Renaissance disguised as Italians and Louis the XIV’s kingdom disguised as French people, Charly and Pug and Zero parachuting down the grand canyon before just missing the ground with Charly opening up a quantum vortex, walking and jumping around on the moon in thin styrofoam looking astronaut suits inspired from Scoop’s technology, and checking out virtual reality headsets and arcade games at some arcades.

Then... The scene cuts over to a movie theater.

There’s dark blue studded metal walls. There’s mostly dark red chairs and armrests.

A small crowd of people are in the seats.

But, in the front row... There’s Pug and Zero: With some big red and white striped popcorn boxes and Pepsi branded plastic cups with Pepsi.

Pug murmurs, “well...this is gonna be harder than I thought. You sure I should tell them?”

In his small hovering mostly styrofoam looking Millenium Falcon styled ship... Scoop kind of lightly points out, “come on, guys! How many times do we have to go through this? It’s better to be honest.”

Pug mutters, “oh. All right, all right!”

He then turns to face forward.

He goes on, “some of us were trying to get a four tape set together for the kids. We would have had our big show all on tape. Instead, we get...this.”

He puts out his arm, facing upward.

Zero kind of nervously says, “I said I was sorry.”

Pug puts his hand down.

Pug kind of grumpily goes, “mmhm.”

The scene cuts over to earlier...in the back room of a TV studio.

Black cameras on big studio tripods past the big window, black tape decks and a master control control board... Pretty much a seemingly typical studio of the late 1990’s.

Pug came in.

He called out, “Zero! Zero! Where are...?”

He flipped a light switch.

Light filled the back room of the TV studio.

Pug then saw Zero putting some finishing touches on a burning bright white electric light bulb. But, there are no wires or nothing seeming to connect to it.

Zero said, “there. All better.”

He put down the electric light bulb.

He clutched his red hot hands. He suddenly realized they are.

He says, “oww! Oww! I forgot the mitts.”

But, just as quickly, his hands were cooling down from the TV studio’s air conditioning.

He’s surrounded by cut up little tape reels, screws, taken apart tape cassettes, and a pair of scissors.

Pug called out, “Zero!”

He looked furious. He was having his arms out.

Zero looked down very nervously.

He gulped.

Zero explained, “well...there were cracks in the light bulb in my head from all the hard thinking for co-writing my movie with Charly.”

Pug says, “so? You always tape them...back up.”

His furious glare came, went, and came back up again.

Zero heavily sighed.

Zero went on, “well, how was I supposed to know that tape wasn’t for taping things up? This dimension has weird ways of labeling their tapes.”

Pug heavily sighed in frustration.

Pug just muttered back, “fine. But, I ain’t telling Charly.”

He crossed his arms.

Zero nervously said, “I’m sorry Pug. I didn’t know.”

Pug’s glare suddenly started to go away.

Pug considered, “well...maybe this isn’t a complete loss. Let’s see what’s left for a bright idea in there.”

He picked up Zero’s light bulb by the screwy end.

He gave it a look.

Then... He saw some loop of tape reel that was still miraculously intact.

He peeled it off to have a closer look.

His hand was red hot. But, he didn’t seem to care.

He seemed in better spirits. He was laughing.

Pug commented, “well, I’ll be a jolly good fellow.”

Zero wondered, “what’s funny, Pug?”

Pug highlighted, “I just saved enough tape reel for our little music video Side by Side. And, I remember a name in the DataOpolis for a company to sell bragging rights to for the show for a lot of chocolate bars. Maybe for a lifetime.”

Zero seemed in better spirits already. He was smiling.

He said, “that’s great, Pug.”

Pug considered, “Zero my boy, maybe it is. But, don’t tell Charly. We’ll get in trouble. Or rather, you would.”

Zero went, “oh yeah. That’s right.”

There was a awkward silence.

Zero checked, “you sure we shouldn’t tell her, Pug?”

Pug insisted, “sure I’m sure. CAEG Films will get the bragging rights. Pixar is starting to get CGI in good with getting some overblown toy story. If she wants the show to come back, she can take it up with them. We might even get our own CGI show someday.”

Zero suggested, “ooh! Or we can quantum surf to the past with a camera to...”

Pug insisted, “no way, Zero. Too much work. Pairs of time ducks quacking away. Man, I hate time ducks!”

Zero added, “oh. Me too.”


Zero figures, “but, don’t go away now.”

Pug figures, “yeah. Because we don’t want to leave you in the dust, we’ve been making more than just Zero’s movie here.”

They’re both starting to smile.

From inside his ship... Scoop goes, “yeah. It’s a two hour double feature. Double the Trips. What a Field Trip!”

Charly reasons, “yeah. It’s going to be fun to watch the camera shooting and art come together on the big screen.”

Pug adds, “yeah.”

He suddenly turns to his left.

Charly is suddenly there in the seat to his left.

She wears a dark gray T-shirt with wire like yellowish to reddish butterflies flying past a greenish wire like bush. But, she has her backpack just in front of her feet.

Pug says, “well, hiya to you too.”

Charly smiles.

She says, “hi guys.”

She waves.

Zero says, “hello Charly.”

Pug asks, “how did you...?”

Charly comments back, “we just about have both Exploragyzers. What do you think?”

Pug still looks stunned.

He remarks, “I didn’t even see the quantum tube open. You sure you aren’t psychic?”

Charly laughs.

She highlights, “no. Just a really smart young woman who’s about to be thirteen years old in a month, made the Exploragyzer, been in college for a year, pretty much scripted her own show called Field Trip for kids to have fun watching around the world, and knows you guys wouldn’t intentionally start on a field trip without me.”

Pug and Zero faintly smile.

Pug brings up, “right. Not intentionally anyway.”

Zero adds, “yeah. You really do know us.”

Pug suddenly goes, “shh. It’s starting now.”

Charly says, “okay. Charly out.”

She sets her silvery lined black wrist modem on vibrate.

The theater screen goes black.

A old fashioned projector styled countdown in a wrist modem comes up.

3, 2, 1...

The theater screen cuts to going through the quantum tube.

This time though... It splits into two quantum tubes.

Down one... It comes out to a spinning Earth in space.

The mostly silvery diamond with “First Contact” across it appears in a flash of near blindingly bright light.

Just as quickly... A opening crawl in greenish circuit like letters comes up:

A not so long time ago, there were two quantum surfers.

Pug and Zero(last names were untranslatable in English).

They were stuck in our dimension because of a test run of the Exploragyzer bringing them out of their home dimension.

It accidentally went off again before Charly Wells, a very smart young woman who made the Exploragyzer, could get it back from them.

For months, Charly kept trying to find them.

Pug and Zero kept trying to find her to at least bring back her Exploragyzer. But, as months came and gone, they kept talking on their wrist modems.

Soon, they became best friends. And now, they’re back together.

Pug and Zero may not even care about going back to their home dimension.

But...can that really be the end of the story?

Well...not if their people are coming to Earth.

The crawl disappears.

Several cave ships are flying for Earth: With gold nuggets, monstrous cave like bats, and spinning bubble wand engines running on quantum lightning charged soap bubbles.

It cuts to live footage of NASA mission control.

One of the flight controllers goes, “my god! I’m not having that bubble bath dream again. Am I?”

He looks really stunned at his screen.

Another flight controller faintly laughs.

He says, “no. I see it too. Let’s hope they’re friendly.”

The cave ships land in the middle of a desert.

There’s a big gust of dust.

Snakes slither away and vultures soar away quick.

Pug and Zero hold on to the nearest biggest rock they could find. Charly stands behind it.

When the dust finally fades away... Small light yellow plushy like aliens of varying chainmail and brown jackets come out.

Pug, Zero, and Charly come out.

The aliens before them lower their arms.

One of them says, “you do not need to worry, humans. We come in peace.”

Pug, Zero, and Charly smile.

Then... Rockets from the USA, Russia, China, and Japan appear in different corners of land around the cave ships.

In the dust storms around their landings... Text appears in greenish circuit like letters.

Through Zero narrating... They say, “they seem peaceful all right. They freely offered their technology to the world in exchange for getting a chance to study the Exploragyzer to help with their food shortage. But, trouble erupts around the world...because they legally proposed that the world should do away with money and make more chocolate instead.”

At a upward diagonal angle... All four rockets start to take off again.

As they do... Text appears in greenish circuit like letters.

Through Zero the narrator... They say, “in the hope of finding more resources in other dimensions to take out the Huttins and keep their deeply troubling riches...corporations near and far are coming after the Exploragyzer.”

It cuts to Pug, Zero, and Charly running from quantum tube to quantum tube. They’re going after corporate guys in black suits with ties from black to plaid red.

Paris, Berlin, California, New York, Tokyo, Moscow... The corporate guys are firing laser fast fire at each other and reddish lightning crackling force field capturing balls at the Huttins.

It keeps going until...the whole world is covered in a dodecahedron of quantum vortexes showing up all at once.

There’s a near blindingly bright light of dark and light blue over it all.

Text appears in greenish circuit like letters.

Through Zero the narrator... They say, “can they stop the corporate alliance at their mean game? What if they can’t? Is this the Huttins’s last first contact with life? Find out in Field Trip: The Adventures of Pug and Zero: First Contact.”

Then... A slanted down CD-Rom case appears, done up to look like a rustic gray lined watch face.

A still picture of several cave ships coming for a landing in the middle of the desert is on the CD-Rom.

On screen in his little ship... Scoop is hovering over it.

Some more text appears in greenish circuit like letters.

And, through Scoop narrating... They say, “also available on CD-Rom as a edutainment game: Thanks to partnering with The Learning Company.”

Down the second quantum vortex... It keeps going.

Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto... They all fade away in zooming past stars.

It finally comes out over a part of outer space.

A moon sized cave ship is zooming by.

The mostly silvery diamond with “Out of this System” across it appears from behind it.

Just as quickly... A opening crawl in dark blue jacket fibers like letters comes up.

And, Pug is narrating through it all:

A not so long time ago, there were two quantum surfers.

Pug and Zero...

You know something?

Why do we need last names? We’re big stuff.


They were stuck in our dimension because of a test run of the Exploragyzer bringing them out of their home dimension.

It accidentally went off again before Charly Wells, a very smart young woman who made the Exploragyzer, could get it back from them.

And, if it wasn’t for Zero bumping into it...

Nothing to do with me by the way, because there’s no way I can be that clumsy(but don’t tell Zero)...

It’d be another story.

For months, Charly kept trying to find us.

We kept trying to find her to at least bring back her Exploragyzer. But, as months came and gone, we kept talking on those mostly working junk wrist modems.

Soon, we became best friends. And now, we’re back together happing along.

We may not even care about going back to our home dimension.

But...isn’t there always something to complain about?

Buckle up.

Because...there’s always something bad out there just waiting to come get us. And, it ain’t on Earth this time.

It’s our people...the Huttins.

And, they’re mad. Hungry for food. And, desperate.

No, this ain’t getting a R rating kids(laugh).

Just sit back and enjoy my scary movie. It’s PG too.

And, it’s full of educational metaphysics and space facts.

You know, for the teachers to feel more okay with showing a scary movie in classrooms. Yep. Make them feel right at home.

Where was I now?

Ohh. Right.

On to my great cult movie. Out of this System.

On the educational part... Scoop flies past the text crawl in his little ship several times.

Then... Several scenes quickly go by.

For the first... Charly goes to get a night snack late at night. But, the chocolate bar she recently got makes her fall unconscious.

A Huttin in a black cloak hears the thump.

He faintly laughs.

He uses a lockoverser gadget to unlock the door with a bright white key shaped beam. Then, several Huttin carry Charly away.

For the second... Pug and Zero are aimlessly flying out from quantum vortexes: From twisted red and green bubbly planet and comets to ice cream cone shaped asteroids and bowtie pasta sculpture looking aliens in propeller propelled fishbowl ships.

They’re in thin styrofoam looking astronaut suits. They keep calling out for Charly.

For the next scene... Charly sighs frustratedly to herself.

She’s locked up in a stalactite gold nugget carved room. No wrist modem, computer, or flip phone.

Some Huttins stand guard outside the door. They’re wearing thicker chainmail and chainmail like helmets.

For the next scene... Pug and Zero get surrounded by Huttins by the door.

They’re wearing thicker chainmail. But, their helmets have already been knocked off to the ground.

Yet... Pug is laughing hard.

Zero worriedly says, “Pug, snap out of it! We have to get Charly out and...”

Pug catches his breath.

Pug says, “oh no. I’m not laughing at Charly. Just...”

He laughs hard again.

Zero impatiently goes, “what? What is it?!”

Pug catches his breath.

Pug remarks, “they really think we created a bad reputation for them creating Jabba? I ain’t even giant sized!”

Zero considers, “well, you always said you have a big ego.”

Pug puts his arms out.

And... He exclaims, “Zero! You’re not helping with flattery right now.”

For the fifth... Pug and Zero are running like crazy down the cavern corridors, trying to stay ahead of Huttins and their bright white light ray blasts.

They’re going ahh with their arms out.

And, for the sixth... A quantum vortex opens up high in the sky.

In the vortex... Pug goes, “sure. That’s fine and good. But, the second part I like about this field trip is we didn’t break any...bones.”

But, just as quickly... Pug and Zero are falling out through the quantum vortex.

They crash through some U.S. fighter jets.

Pug and Zero go, “oww! Oww.”

Wings go flying off in a blaze of fire.

U.S. military are quick to eject out with parachutes.

Charly is coming out through the quantum vortex on a sandy looking Huttin parachute.

So is the cave ship...squeezing and bending its way through the quantum vortex opening.

Zero is going ahh with his arms out.

And... Pug mutters, “darn it, darn it, darn it!”

Then... It all goes dark.

But, just as quickly... It pulls back to show Charly’s computer with a pink post-it note on it.

On Charly’s computer’s screen... The quantum vortex is zooming past the planets again.

But, as it does... Some text in dark blue jacket fibers like letters comes up.

It says, “Field Trip: The Adventures of Pug and Zero: Out of this System. You’ll never look at a big Batcave the same way after this.”

Then... A flash of bright white light goes off.

And, it all suddenly fades...back over to the first TV set.

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