RHS Video Reel Collection

The End

Now... It pulls back from the RHS TV set to show a home shopping show.

It’s slowly rotating on a Greek like pedestal. Light blue curtains are all over the place.

A announcer in a white suit and a red tie is standing by the pedestal.

The two explorers are still in their pith helmets and spelunking equipment. But, they’re smiling in the back with their hastily printed out goldish paychecks.

The announcer goes, “now you can get your very own Retro Home System TV set. Just $19.99 right here! Get in on them while they’re in pre-order stock!”

A red side window with the price is seen on the side of the rotating pedestal.

$100 and $50 are crossed off above.

And... Little fine print on the bottom says in goldish letters:

We’re not responsible for inevitable delays and monster TVs made in our mad science lab. Any consequences not caught in time are therefore your own problem, sucker(unless you happen to be a superhero).

Meanwhile, back in the cave...

Back down the winding passage... The word Ghostwriter carved on the cave floor lights up in light green.

Light green... Ghostwriter spins off from it.

Ghostwriter circles around the cave.

And, as Ghostwriter does... Parts of several carved words from further down the passage float around, glowing light green.

Ghostwriter writes:

Okay everyone. The cave robbers are gone!

A panel of stone slides away from the ground.

Some little gusts of dust form around it.

A exploragyzer on a stone pillar rises from the slid away panel of stone.

Scoop’s little ship hovers over it.

From his little ship... Scoop says, “whew! What a relief. It was getting lonely down there. Thanks, Ghostwriter.”

He types it out on his little ship’s viewscreen.

On his little ship’s viewscreen... Ghostwriter responds:

You are welcome.

Some more gusts of dust form around rising back up sections with computers.

A classic wooden stage has also just appeared from a rising back up section.

Gumby rolls in a ball to the center of the passage.

He briefly returns to his original form.

Then... He shapeshifts into a green electric fan, blowing the gusts of dust away.

Lenni calls out, “thanks Gumby.”

Gumby shapeshifts back to his original form.

He cheerfully says, “no problem. I’m always happy to be helpful.”

Lenni and Gumby smile.

Lenni chuckles a little. She awkwardly grins a little.

Robbie is further back of the stage. He’s giving the instruments one final checking over to make sure they’re ready.

He has his bright red guitar by him, already ready to go.

Lenni is on stage too. She has her music sheets, microphone, and electronic keyboard already ready to go.

Lenni awkwardly says, “umm... I know this sounds kind of crazy. I mean...”

She takes a deep breath.

Gumby asks in concern, “are you okay Lenni? You seem worried about something.”

Lenni looks relieved in a mixed kind of way.

She says, “I’m okay. Just... You want to hang out at your place?”

Gumby smiles.

He faintly laughs.

But, just as quickly... He goes, “well, why didn’t you say so before? Sure we could.”

Lenni smiles wide. She blushes a little.

She says, “really cool. Thanks.”

Gumby concludes, “you’re welcome. I’m going to go check around the cave. See if anyone else could use my help.”

He points backwards with one bent clay arm of his.

Lenni adds, “yeah. Good idea.”

Gumby fast walks from cave stalactite to cave stalactite.

He’s stretching his clay form to see over them as he goes.

Lenni is still blushing a little.

She looks down over her electronic keyboard.

She whispers to herself, “oh Lenni! You are crushing hard on a gumball lifeform. Deep breath. I don’t even know how old he is. Does he even really know?”

She takes some more deep breaths.

Robbie says, “all right. Everything looks good on stage. We’re ready to rock.”

Just then... Lenni finally looks up from her keyboard.

She’s not blushing right now.

She kind of quickly turns to Robbie.

Lenni says, “okay.”

She’s sounding a little better as she says it.

Lenni concludes, “I’m more of a hip hop singer myself. But, I’m ready now too.”

Robbie concludes, “yeah. Ready as I’ll ever be.”

He sounds nervous all a sudden.

He admits, “I never got to be a rock legend before.”

Lenni faintly smiles.

She assures, “Robbie, relax. I made sure to watch every episode of your show Dinosaurs when it aired. You’ll be great.”

She kind of awkwardly puts a comforting hand on his larger dinosaur hand.

Robbie says, “wow. That’s surprisingly assuring. But, not in a bad way: Like that preachy sitcom episode where I was literally talking to the camera in the end. Faint chuckle. Thanks.”

He smiles.

Lenni faintly chuckles in a knowing way.

She adds, “you’re welcome.”

They then move their hands away.

Robbie goes back over to his guitar. Lenni turns to look out from the stage in front of her electronic keyboard.

Charly is standing by the exploragyzer with a mostly gray battery tester like device.

Some little red lights go off from it.

Charly faintly smiles.

She tells them, “the Exploragyzer is stable and not going off without us for a long while. We’re good to go.”

Cleo says, “I’m quite happy to watch this big performance of retro legends from the computer. But, we’re good to go here.”

She’s at a computer in one of the risen sections. Several windows of rooms in the Cyber Museum are up on the computer all at once.

Her dad Matt Bellows is standing next to her.

He faintly smiles. Cleo smiles.

The Starfleet Academy ensign narrator from earlier is at a computer in the other risen section. USS Enterprise-D styled control panels are in place of a keyboard.

The Starfleet ensign narrator reports, “transporter tests are done. I also established temporary quantum vortex enhanced transporter locks on more areas through the rupture in the space-time continuum: With artifact and ruins specifications from the Cyber Museum from six million B.C. to the 24th century.”

Parts of several carved words from the passage float around, glowing light green.

Ghostwriter writes:

Okay. From all the feelings I’m feeling around here, we all seem ready for the closing musical number.

From in his ship... Scoop writes back:

You bet.

Gumby bends forward in a wide cylindrical arc.

The arc comes back together as one smaller cylinder.

Gumby shapeshifts back into his original form.

Gumby kind of nervously says, “sorry. I’m here now. The Clayboys are just warming up back on the farm, and Pokey won’t be long now.”

He gets ready with his guitar.

Lenni faintly chuckles to herself.

Then, she realizes he’s looking at him kind of funny.

Lenni looks very nervous.

But... She also says, “sorry. I guess some of our names might sound crazy to you too.”

Gumby faintly smiles.

He says, “it’s all right. I don’t think my life can be crazier than trying to stop the Blockheads from causing trouble from book to book. Those two like to be called that. I never really understood why.”

Lenni faintly chuckles at the last part.

She adds, “yeah. Me neither.”

Then... She adds, “thanks.”

Gumby adds, “you’re welcome.”

Charly faintly smiles.

She reflects, “your dimension sounds like fun. Well...except for those blocky Blockheads.”

Gumby turns over to Charly.

Gumby smiles wide.

He concludes, “yeah. Me and my friends back in Gumbasia sure think it is. You’re welcome to come and bring Pug and Zero if you want.”

Charly reasons, “I got school work to catch up on first. But...yeah. It sounds like a fun field trip for me and the boys.”

Gumby adds, “you’re welcome. I think Pug and Zero are also going to like Gumbasia.”

From in his ship... Scoop suddenly interjects, “I’m sorry to ask. But, we are we ready yet? I can’t wait!”

Charly, Gumby, Robbie, and Lenni faintly chuckle.

Robbie assures, “it’s okay Scoop. Unless there are any last minute objections, I think we are ready now.”

No objections are heard.

And, from in his ship... Scoop says, “we’re starting the closing number. Hooray!”

The Exploragyzer spins...faster and faster.

Quantum vortexes and gusts of wind dance around phasing in and out yellowish transporter beams. The light they give off are like bizarre disco lights.

Dust clouds come and go just as fast.

Robbie appears by Alex. Alex is in his and Cleo’s house, facing the original computer for the Cyber Museum.

Alex has his electric guitar out: With dark red bordering the top and side around white.

Charly has suddenly appeared on stage next to Lenni. And, she’s got a microphone to hold of her own.

Clips of the RHS video reels, of random episodes of all the shows(pre-2006), and of the Gumby movie are reeling on by around the spinning Exploragyzer. They reel on through the quantum vortexes, gusts of wind and dust, and transporter beams.

Even Commander Will Riker and his band playing jazz from Ten Forward on the USS Enterprise-D briefly reels on through.

Gumby has suddenly appeared on a parallel stage, with the Clayboys and Pokey. The back of a light gray wood barn is seen partly sticking out of the quantum vortexes.

Gumby and the Clayboys start to play on their guitars and drums.

Lenni and Charly start to sing, “after so many years that we’ve been together...it’s hard to say goodbye and it’s hard to say whether we’ll stick together forever. But...”

Lenni is playing chords from her electronic keyboard as they sing.

Suddenly... Robbie and Alex do some loud guitar riffs.

They bend down some as they do.

Robbie and Alex look up.

They do more guitar riffs.

And, they kind of loudly go, “look at me...look at me...!”

From phasing in and out windows from the worlds of the shows... Girl dinosaurs and teenage girls by the hundreds scream and cheer excitedly.

Just about everyone in the cave chuckles. For, it’s still a planned part of the number.

Cleo just mutters to herself, “oh please.”

But, soon as Robbie’s and Alex’s guitar riffs fade off... Cleo smiles like nothing happened.

Gumby and the Clayboys go back to playing light rock on their drums and guitars.

Lenni and Charly sings, “we’ve got to stay strong...”

Lenni is back to playing chords on her electronic keyboard.

Lenni sings, ’cause not much is on when we’re moving right along.”

Gumby puts down his guitar.

He puts on a light grayish blue cowboy hat.

He crouches down and jumps high.

Pokey steps back some.

Gumby lands harmlessly on his back.

The Clayboys keep playing light rock. Robbie and Alex are playing not so light rock.

Pokey and Gumby ride off through a quantum vortex.

They appear out by a clay like mostly dark brown western saloon in the middle of a desert.

From the front of the saloon... Tara sings, “oh...Gumby, ohh...”

She’s got a dark blue cowgirl hat on. And, she’s reaching out to the sky with a bent upright clay arm.

A mile away... Pug and Zero are standing there.

Pug sings, “through all kinds of weather...what if the sky should fall?”

Clips of the RHS video reels, of random episodes of all the shows, and of the Gumby movie are reeling on by in the sky: On a clay like video reel dripping melting very light blue clay.

But, just as quickly... Lenni and Charly appear in the sky on a floating in stage.

The Clayboys appear in the sky on a floating in stage as well. Robbie and Alex are on the stage too.

They keep playing light rock and not so light rock.

A quantum vortex opening is left open behind both stages in the sky.

Lenni and Charly sing, “the sky is not gonna stop....”

Lenni sings, “...not gonna stop-p-p. Clouds gray and white will be flyin’ all right.” Charly sings, “...flyin’ all right.”

In seconds... The dripping melting very light blue clay are caught all at once by sideways green and orange clay musical notes.

The musical notes come back together into a green ball and a orange ball.

They hit the ground.

From their ball forms... Gumby and Pokey shapeshift back into their original forms.

Tara sings, “you’re green, you’re clay, you’re a cosmic display...how can I go on this way? You’re getting taken away-y...!”

She and Gumby rush over to each other with their arms out. They’re both smiling.

But, at the last part of Tara’s singing... Mostly dark red and green kinescope like Blockheads pillars take Tara, Gumby, Pokey, Pug, and Zero up and away for the sky.

They kind of slowly get back to their feet.

They cough hard some in the kicked up dust.

But... Lenni and Charly keep singing, “it’s gonna be all right. We’re not gonna be away forever.”

Lenni sings, “’cause in years to come, if we remain far apart...I’ll always carry thoughts of you deep within my heart.”

Clay copies of scoop’s little ship swirl around Scoop’s little ship. They’re forming a bridge between the Blockhead pillars Pug and Zero are on.

Lenni and Charly sing, “I’m feeling like this sh-ow is never gonna end...”

Lenni sing, “’cause you know...” Charly sing, “because you know...”

Pug and Zero quickly get on the Scoop ships formed bridge.

Pug and Zero sing, “just as long as we’re together...”

Lenni sings, “...within our hearts...within our hearts...any not kind words that we hear come our way...” Charly sings, “...that we hear come our way...”

Pug and Zero sing, “...it doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t matter at all.”

Prickle suddenly appears next to Gumby. Goo suddenly appears next to Pokey.

They and Tara all faintly nod to each other. They faintly smile.

More Blockhead pillars are closing in...crashing through into each other.

Crashes are heard. Gusts of dust clouds and glass shards come out from crashed down Blockhead pillars.

Meanwhile... Robbie sings, “nothing’s gonna stop, gonna stop, gonna stop the love of a friend.”

He bends down with a loud guitar riff.

Lenni sings, “nothing’s gonna stop...” Charly sings, “nothing’s gonna stop...”

Robbie stands back up.

Robbie sings, “nothing’s gonna stop the love of a friend.”

Charly sings, “nothing’s gonna stop...” Lenni sings, “nothing’s gonna stop-p-p...”

Lenni sings, “it’s going to be all-l right.” Charly sings, “...all right.”

Robbie sings, “all right now.” Lenni and Charly sing, “always stay true...”

Robbie and Lenni sing, “nothing can come between us, I’m always here for you.”

Lenni sings, “it’s going to be all right.” Charly sings, “...all right.”

Robbie sings, “all right now.” Lenni and Charly sing, “always stay true...”

Robbie and Lenni sing, “nothing can come between us, I’m always here for you.”

Gumby, Pokey, Tara, Prickle, and Goo shapeshift into clay slabs.

The Blockhead pillars try to all converge in one big crashing pile up.

But, past it all... Gumby, Pokey, Tara, Prickle, and Goo swirl up as rainbow swirls: Going up and over the half circle formation of the scoop ships made bridge.

Scoop’s original ship, Pug, and Zero jump in through some clips of their show going by on the reeling by clay like video reel.

Pug and Zero go, “yahoo!”

Lenni sings, “we’ve got the kind of thing that lasts a whole lot of fruit. It’ll stand the test of time no matter what we do. Years will pass, we may go our separate ways. But when we meet again, it’ll seem just like yesterday...when all my friends seem like they’re here to stay.”

No more Blockhead pillars. Just rubble from the clay like saloon, glass shards, and gusts of dust among the fallen smashed in Blockhead pillars.

Gumby, Pokey, Tara, Prickle, and Goo swirl in and out of the clips on the reeling by clay like video reel. Their heads are in their original form while their swirling ribbon forms swirl on.

Alex sings, “we were young... We were angels and devils in disguise... Oh yes, we were... Oh yes, we were angels and devils in disguise.”

Robbie sings, “but now we’re grown or out on tour, not just kids at play...”

Lenni and Charly sing, “we got to live our own life in our own way...”

Gumby and Tara swirl by a certain shining sword in the tall grass before trees. Pokey swirls by the Sinclairs house in 6 million B.C. Prickle swirls by Starfleet Academy. Goo swirls by clips of Gumby, the Gumby movie, and of Field Trip.

Pug, Zero, Charly, Alex, Robbie, and Lenni are relaxing on their backs in a swirling half circle quantum vortex.

It’s swirling like a wide water slide from one dimension to another. Scoop is flying along, taking flashy pictures from his little ship.

Then, in a flash... Charly, Robbie, Lenni, Gumby, and Pokey appear back on the stages in the sky.

Tara appears right by Gumby.

Tara warningly glares at Lenni.

Lenni gulps nervously some. But, she quickly looks down away from her.

Yet, Lenni faintly smiles and faintly chuckles to herself. She’s just thinking back to holding hands with Tuan.

Then... Goo and Prickle are relaxing on their backs in the swirling half circle quantum vortex from one dimension to another.

Charly sings, “nothing’s gonna stop...” Lenni sings, “nothing’s gonna stop-p-p...” Robbie sings, “nothing’s gonna stop the love of a friend.”

Charly sings, “nothing’s gonna stop...” Lenni sings, “nothing’s gonna stop-p-p...” Robbie sings, “nothing’s gonna stop the love of a friend.”

Lenni sings, “it’s going to be all-l right.” Charly sings, “...all right.”

Robbie sings, “all right now.” Lenni and Charly sing, “always stay true...”

Robbie sings, “nothing can come between us, I’m always here for you.”

Lenni sings, “nothing’s gonna stop...” Charly sings, “nothing’s gonna stop...”

Robbie sings, “nothing’s gonna stop the love of our friends.”

Charly sings, “nothing’s gonna stop...” Lenni sings, “nothing’s gonna stop-p-p...”

Robbie sings, “nothing’s gonna stop the love of our friends.”

Lenni sings, “it’s going to be all right.” Charly sings, “...all right.”

Robbie sings, “all right now.”

Lenni and Charly sing, “always stay true...”

Robbie sings, “nothing can come between us, I’m always here for you...for you!”

He bends down loud guitar riff. Alex swiftly turns completely around and kicks up.

They both go, “yeah!”

The sun shines.

The number stops.

Pug, Zero, and Scoop appear by Charly on stage. Goo and Prickle appear by Gumby on stage.

Everyone is smiling and taking a bow.

From the cave passage with the Exploragyzer still spinning in it... Cleo, Matt Bellows, and the Starfleet ensign narrator are clapping.

And, from clay like and not clay like concert stadiums... Crowds clap and cheer and roar across all the worlds of the shows.

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