The Phoenix of a Man


A man who once went by a mundane life quickly is swept up into zany hijinks after creating life, throwing it away, and becoming a cultist conspirator. Our protagonist, genius Illumino Pseudonymous, is an ordinary guy until he tries to play God and create life from nothing but stem cell research. He creates it, alright, but he also becomes part avian in the process. After taking up conspiracy theory as a hobby, he is kidnapped by the Illuminati and forced to join, causing an insane adventure to unfurl like an angel's wing.

Scifi / Thriller
Terry C. Monroe
4.0 1 review
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I don't know how it happened. My sanity... it was long gone by then. I was experimenting with stem cells, yes, avian DNA, too, and also an odd radioactive growth hormone. I accidentally dropped them all into a test tube and created life. Knowing what would happen, I injected myself with what remaining DNA I owned.

The cops would be onto me, I knew, so I discarded my creation like an old paper towel, if you were the kind to litter. I then took up conspiracy theories as a hobby, along with technology, so my brain would have some sort of contender to prevent me from getting bored.

That night, I felt a dull, throbbing pain in my shoulder blades. I stumbled into the bathroom and took two Aspirin, but the pain got worse, and almost began to feel like growing pains. God help me, I thought, for I'm likely to burst and die! The agony began to get worse, and I convulsed. My back felt a warm liquid, probably blood, dripping down and pooling beneath me in a dark puddle in the dark bathroom. How ironic.

I felt my skin begin to tear and rend. Something extended through where my shoulder blades once were. I didn't know what it was, so I fumbled for the light switch in the darkness. After adjusting to the brilliant light, I finally got a good look at what had caused me such brilliant, exquisite agony.

It was a pair of inky black, blood-soaked wings.

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