Dance Around The Sun

Chapter 2

Regina was sitting in front of her mirror brushing her hair. She heard Jefferson appear before she saw him. "What are you doing here?" She demanded without turning around to look at him.

"I came to have a dance with you at the ball which is currently going on downstairs, but judging by your appearance you are not planning on making an appearance."

"I have no interest in the stupid ball for Snow's birthday."

"Well then shall we dance up here?" He asked playfully flipping his hat off his head as he walked closer to her.

"As I have told you the last four times you have come to see me, I have no interest in you tonight or any night."

"Yes Rumple told me you seem to have no interest in anything lately." He matched her harsh tone as he waved his hat around at the empty unkempt bedroom.

"Rumple told you about my last meeting with him?" She turned away from the mirror to face him.

"If you mean how you have stop coming for lessons and are spending all your time moping around your bedroom, having fests with yourself, then yes." He stopped a few feet from her. "Did you really have the cooks roast you a swan?"


"Whatever for?"

"Because I didn't like watching it out the window on the pond all happy and free, while I am stuck here. My life is so horrible not even that stupid fairy could make things right."

Jefferson gave her a questioning look. "Stupid fairy? What have you been up too Regina? The fairies can't be trusted you know that."

"Trust me I know that now. They are worthless, basically rats with wings." She brought her hands up rubbing her arms. "I am the Queen but basically it just means that I am a prisoner with nowhere to go!" she finished in a shout.

"There is your rage. At least it shows you are still alive and want to change even if it appears you have given up."

"Rumple says my rage feeds the darkness."

"Any emotion can fuel magic. I am sure he was just trying to tell you to use it to control and expand your powers. But if you believe your life is so horrible then change it. Come away with me tonight."


"Come away with me tonight." He requested again placing his hat back on his head. "It isn't like you will be missed with the ball being held."

"No I told you I am not interested in leaving this room."

"You are not interested in leaving. You are not interested in me. You are not interested in being Queen. I think it is time you see how the commoners spend all their time not being interested in things."

"I am the Queen I can't just go out for a night on the town with you." She turned back to the mirror. "Besides the townspeople hate me."

"The townspeople don't hate you." He moved closer taking the brush from her hand. "They hardly pay enough attention to you, to care about you."

"Well thank you Jefferson for making me realize I am the Queen of nothing." She pulled her brush back from his hand hissing. "When I kill the King and that stupid little tattletale then they will notice me."

"Yes." Jefferson agreed. "Yes I don't doubt that last bit there, but you are not the Queen of nothing, you are my Queen." He flash her one of his charming smiles. "And tonight my Queen, I think you need to get out, and I have just the potion that will change your appearance and no one will know who you are."

"Where did you get something like that?"

"Just a little something I picked up in Oz." he reached into his bag and pulled out a potion vial. "Would you like to try it?"

"Did you get that with Jacqueline?"




"One of the countless other woman in your life?"

"Regina," He tilted his head at her. "you are married to the King, you could have anyone you desire and your fool of a husband wouldn't notice. So do you see me complaining about who you share your bed with when I am not able to be here?"

"There has been no one else but you."

Regina's confession caught him off guard. "No one?" He asked before he knew the words were out of his mouth, he paused a moment seeing her embarrassment at the fact before she lowered her head to stare off to her side at the ground.

"Not that it makes a difference but I picked this up when I was with Victor. He has a thing for Oz. I think it has to do with everyone thinking he's a great and power wizard, but he will deny that to his last breath, going on and on about how science is better than maigc."

"The Doctor who couldn't save Daniel? His science is hardly that great and powerful." She whispered keeping her head down.

Jefferson gave a sigh he was starting to lose her and he didn't want to return to Rumple's so soon. "Yes that is him." He put the vial back in his bag. "Daniel may be gone, but I am standing right here in front of you. I have been here for months now and I know no matter how much you pretend otherwise, you have enjoyed your time with me. So stop pushing me away, unless you really do want to be done with me, like you seem to be done with Rumple."

She turned back to her mirror. "The last thing I need is to fall in love again."

"I am not asking you to love or fall in love with me. I think we should just enjoy our time together because who knows how long we will have together."

"I don't know…"

"Is being happy that terrible of a faith? Believing in even the smallest glimmer of happiness is a powerful thing. Don't let anyone take that from you. Don't be afraid to take control of your life and let me know if you want me in it or not."

He stood there a few moments waiting for an answer which never came before he finally turned to leave.

"Jefferson wait!" Regina called out standing up and turning to face him.

He quickly froze as she called to him, a smile on his face as he keep his back to her. He gave a happy nod. I got her now. He thought as he spun around, his long coat snapping back into place as he faced her.

"Maybe you are right." She took a deep breath. "Maybe I do need to see something of life outside of this room, the castle, and grounds."

Jefferson reached in the bag and pulled out the potion again. He didn't moved just held it out for her. If she was really serious about leaving she was going to have to come to him.

She walked over and took the vial in her hand, holding it up to the light, studying it.

"You know if you continued your studies with Rumple you could make something like this? And possibly even learn how to change your own appearance without a potion."

She gave him a questioning look like she doubted she could do such a thing.

"You have more power than you think Regina, and the day you realize that you will truly be free."

He reached out to touch her but she pulled away taking the top off of the bottle and drank the potion. He watched as the spell did its job changing her appearance.

"Did it work?" Regina asked.

"I like blondes as much as the next man but it doesn't look that great on you." He moved her back to the mirror. "I like you much better the way you were." He moved to take her in his arms.

"Good thing I don't care what you think." She hissed pulling away from him. "Now where are you planning on taking me?"

Jefferson flashed her a wicked smile and grabbed her tight with one hand while he used the other to give his hat a twist. Before Regina could complain they disappeared in a puff of purple smoke.

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