Dance Around The Sun

Chapter 3

The purple smoke cleared and Jefferson let Regina go. She took in her surroundings, they had reappeared outside of a pub in what Regina would have call the lower of the lower class part of her kingdom.

"When I agreed to see life outside of the castle I didn't realize you would bring me to trash heaps."

"This isn't the trash heaps, that smell is just because we are near the docks." He commented as he stuffed his hat into this travel bag.

"Where in this hell pit are you planning on taking me?"

"Here to the pub they have the best stew and rum this side of the lower east side."

"That sounds promising." She rolled her eyes wrapping her hands around herself.

"It has to taste better than a roasted swan."

"You would be surprised at how good swan actually taste."

Jefferson gave an annoyed huff. "Regina look around. Everyone here is way worse off than you. Hell Half the women in this part of the kingdom have to sell their body every night just to survive."

"And what do you think I have to do with the King every time he comes lurking in my bedroom?" She hissed before turning and bolting inside the pub.

"Regina please wait." He called as he cursed himself out in his head for speaking without thinking things through. He followed her inside and almost ran her over for she had stopped just a few feet inside the pub not knowing what do next.

This place doesn't look as clean or friendly as the pub Tinker Bell had led me too earlier this week. Regina thought as she turned sliding up to Jefferson taking his arm as she looked around at the dirty, loud, drunken mess of peasants in the pub.

He walked her over to the bar and asked for their most expensive bottle of rum.

"I can't imagine their most expensive bottle is much different from their least expensive." Regina muttered as she turned her head once again taking in the room.

"Well we all can't have wine and mead cellars filled with the best the kingdoms have to offer." Jefferson paid the man, taking the bottle and two glasses back towards an empty table along the left hand side of the pub.

Regina quickly followed along behind, not wanting anyone to think she was alone in this place.

Jefferson sat down and poured them each a glass. She watched him take a drink before she took a little sip and choked. "How do you drink this?"

Before Jefferson could reply a woman walking up the isle towards thier table called out "Jefferson is that you?"

Regina watched the expression that could only be described as oh shit, cross his face as he turned around. "Bridget, fancy meeting you here."

"I work the area as you are well aware." She raised an eyebrow at him as she moved closer. "Now who is? I don't remember seeing her around here before."

"She is with me."

"You have been gone months..." She looks over Regina. "And you have the nerve to bring another woman in here. Is she a prostitute too?"

"I beg your pardon?"

She looked Regina over again. "I would cut my losses and run now if I was you my dear, this one is a heartbreaker. A good for nothing cheap bastard, who never pays for what he is after."

"That is enough Bridget?"

"Are you saying he is supposed to pay you for sex?"

"Well it is my job, but Jefferson here, he seems to be able to get what he wants for free."

"It is hardly fair for me to pay for something you wanted to do more than me."

His comment brought a slap across his face.

"Ouch!" Jefferson exclaimed. "I hardly deserved that for speaking the truth."

She pulled him up by his scarf. "What do you say you dump this clueless sow and we go up to my room now," Regina watched as her free hand trailed down his chest disappearing under the table causing Jefferson to give a little gasp as she added. "It has been ages since you graced my bed."

Just then a male voice called from across the room, "Bridget if he isn't paying move on."

"Such a shame." She forced a kiss on him. "Until I am off the clock?" she suggested before taking the bottle of rum with her as she stormed away.

"First you slap me and now you steal my drink." Jefferson yelled after her. He straighten up in the chair fixing his scarf back into place as he watched her walk away a moment caught up in the sway of her hips before turning back to Regina who was sitting across the table fuming. "Well that was uncalled for. I didn't deserve that."

"When you are not with me, you are paying whores for sex?"

"No didn't you listen, she said I don't pay for sex. I never had need to do that. I am very good at what I do as you well know." Seeing Regina was not impressed he ran on. "She welcomed me into her bed and as you can see when I left her she hasn't taken it too well. But that was months ago, before us."

"There is no us Jefferson."

"No, but there should be."

"You never paid for sex?"


"That sliver tongue of yourself talks your way into everything you want, what is it you want now?"

"If you listened to what she said it has been months since I was last down here. Months I spend with you. I only want you Regina." He leaned in once again trying to kiss her.

Regina pulled back from him, pushing her chair back from the table. "Have you ever charged someone one for sex?"

"Are you asking me if I am a male Prostitute?" He laughed "No,"

He paused a moment his mind flashing back to Rumple hiring him to keep Regina as happy as she could be in her current role as Queen. Rumple hired me to keep her happy. If I get to sleep with her as a side effect of that job it is just an added bonus. He justified his actions to himself before he said out loud. "I don't have the need. I have quite the pretty face and charming tongue and once I get a chance I usually impress in bed. Don't you agree?"

He leaned back in his chair letting Reinga have her space before adding, "But I supposed I would be a rather successful one. But I quite enjoy how I make a living now, so there is no need to give it a try." He moved forward in his chair again. "You know for someone who keeps refusing me in your bed of late you seen awfully interested in my life between the sheets. Are you ready to go back to your bedroom my Majesty?"

"I told you not to call me that." She sadly stated before throwing back the drink. She started coughing.

"It's good right." Jefferson smirked at Regina's glare. "Do you want another?"

She nodded not sure of her voice at the moment.

"Barkeep, another bottle of the rum!" Jefferson watched as he gave the bottle to a barmaid but he lost his smile when another one cut her off taking the bottle and bring it over to him. "Oh shit." He actually got out before the woman slapped him.

"What the hell was that for?" He demanded.

"You know what it was for." She stated setting the bottle down on the table before turning sharply and rushing away.

"Was that for sleeping with her too?"

"No I didn't deserve that. That was for not sleeping with her." He explained to Regina before shouting after the barmaid. "That was for telling her there wasn't enough rum in all the kingdoms to make me ever want to sleep with her!" He watched as the barmaid flipped him off.

"Why am I here? Because I have a feeling that it isn't to see you get slapped in the face, as much fun as that has been." She asked pouring herself another drink.

"No this night isn't going as I planned." He muttered. Damn it Victor was right my plan is falling apart. He thought as he poured and drank another shot of rum. "I told you when I first arrived in your bedroom, all I wished to do tonight was dance with you."

"I told you I didn't want to go to the stupid ball for Snow." She threw back her second shot of rum not seeming to worry about the taste of it anymore.

"Yes which is why I brought you here."

"You want to dance with me here? Whatever for?" She noticed his whole body language change.

"Never mind this was a stupid idea." He stood up and offered her his hand. "I will take you home now if you are ready."

"No I am not ready. Why did you bring me here of all places to dance?"

"Because…" He shuffled his feet uncomfortably a moment not wanting to tell her the truth, before throwing himself back down in the chair. Looking anywhere but at her he muttered "this is where my parent's used to dance."

"Your parents brought you here?" She raised an eyebrow at him "As a child? What were they thinking?"

"Well for starters they were pirates and places like this were our home away from ship." He finally turned his head to look at her.

"Pirates? Really?" She asked not believing him.

He gave a shrug of his shoulders before twisting back around in the chair to face her. "There is a lot about me you don't know yet Regina." He poured them both another shot of rum. "And I know there is a lot about you that I want to learn, I am not ready to be done with you." He gave her a small smile as he handed her the drink.

She took it looking down at the horrible tasting liquid. "What if I am ready to be done with you?"

"You are not and I know that because you left your bedroom with me tonight." He widen his smiled at her. "Will you grant my wish and dance with me?"

"This music is horrible." She commented before throwing back the alcohol.

"I agree." He finished his third shot of rum. "Let me change that." He stood and walked up to the lute player.

Regina thought he called him by name but she wasn't sure, she was having a hard time imaging the Jefferson she knew wanting to spend a lot of time in a place like this. But the cheer he got from a few people as he took the lute player's spot made her think otherwise. She watched as he took a moment to tune it.

She watched as his fingers started to move on the strings. Right away she noticed the music was an improvement from the horrible sounds of before. But when he looked up right at her and started to sing Regina forgot how angry she was at her life, at him, she even forgot how to breathe for a second.

"I would shine just like a million suns if you'd just love me baby, I'll be in your life again so baby, baby, just say maybe," He flashed her a smile from across the pub.

Oh that damn smile of his filling my head with all kind of thoughts. Regina thought to herself as she grabbed the bottle pouring and drinking another shot of rum.

"Now here I come to dance around the sun, I've been oh so blue, Stuck behind the moon, Now let me in, Back where we begin, And let me hold you like the way, I used to do." Regina watched as he closed his eyes nodding his head in time with the music.

Regina felt herself blush as he opened his eyes meeting hers across the room as he sang.

"All the stars point me to you and lately they just drive me crazy." He sang with an exaggerated shake of his head. "A universe can be so cruel so baby, baby be my lady. " He stood up nodding to the lute player who came over.

Regina watched as he whispered something to the lute player and handed him the lute. The player continued on as Jefferson turned back to the crowded bar and started singing again as he walked towards her.

"Now Here I come, To dance around the sun, I've been oh so blue, Stuck behind the moon, Now let me in, Back where we begin, And Let me hold you like the way, I used to do." He stopped in front of her extending his hand out to her.

He watched as she turned bright red. The golden curls of the glamor potion made her skin seem even more red then her usual blush he seemed to be able to bring out in her.

"Will you dance with me now?"

There was a cheer from the crowd as Regina accepted his hand and stood up letting him take her in his arms. He spun her around pulling her in close for a few beats, before leading her in between the tables and chairs back up to the front of the bar, where there was more space to dance.

"Is this the type of singing and dancing your parents would do here?"

"Not really, their favorite songs where much more adult themed and usually involved swinging a mug or two of mead."

"Is this one of the songs your father would sing?"

"No," He gave a sad chuckle. "I picked this one up on my travels. It has been floating around my head the last two weeks you have wanted nothing to do with me."

"Has it really been two weeks?"

"It has seem much longer." Both Regina and Jefferson whispered at the same time.

Regina looked up at him and was about to say something but he pulled back a little and started to sing again. His voice filling the pub.

"I would shine just like a million suns if you'd just love me baby, I'll be in your life again so baby, baby just say maybe."

He spun her away from him a moment letting go of her hand. She came to a stop few feet away from him. As he slowly walked over and around her he continued the song. "Now here I come, To dance around the sun, I've been oh so blue, Stuck behind the moon,"

He stopped behind her moving in close and wrapping his arms around her. "Now let me in," he sang swaying her to the beat of the music. "Back to where we begin, And let me hold you like the way, Now let me hold you like the way, Now let me hold you like the way." He pulled back spinning her around to face him.

"Now let me hold you like the way, I used to do,"

Her cheeks where still red with embarrassment but her eyes matched the smile on her face and he couldn't help but smile back at her. He finished the song in a whisper. "I used to do."

"Jefferson." She whispered as the music stopped. But whatever she was going to tell him was lost in the cheering from the bar.

He moved away from Regina but let his hand slide down her arm to take a hold of her hand. "Thank you!" he told the crowd giving a little bow. "Now a round of applause for my lovely lady friend." He dramatically gestured to Regina as the crowd gave another cheer.

"If she won't let you hold I will!" Came a shout from woman in the back of the pub.

"Over my dead body." Came another female voice which Jefferson hoped wasn't Bridget's.

"You know for a thief you certainly love being the center of attention."

He gave a laugh as he turned his attention back to Regina. "Yes I know and if you ask Rumple he will say it is another horrible trait I acquired from my father."

Not wanting to let go of her hand for anything in the world he used his free hand to reach into his travel bag and place his hat on his head. "Now are you ready to get out of here?"


Author's Note: The song Jefferson sings is "Behind The Moon" By Matt Costa. Amazing song which has been in my head all week and the whole reason I wrote this story. So go listen to it! ;)

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