Gangster In love (Bts Jungkook FF)


Her father leaves her to protect her. Her father tells one of his worker to stay with her and keep her safe. What if the person staying with her is... N/a

Drama / Fantasy
Love Them All (BTS)
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A/N Note : I started a new story yyaaaaayyyy


Y/n P.O.V

I am a the daughter of a gangster. My life ..ummmmmmm complicated. I have to learn how to protect myself and fight just in case one of my dads enemies come after me. Don’t get me wrong I actually like this life but i gotta keep it a secret and people are getting suspicious. Life can be hard sometimes but you gotta push through.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm. I feel well today so imma be kind to people. I get up and go to the bathroom. I take my shower and get ready for school *I am 17 and really smart*I go to my closet and find something to wear. I feel like wearing a cute outfit today. So I choose this I find this style comfy and cute. I go to my room and pack my things. After i was done I went to the mirror to do my makeup * hair is with makeup*. When I was done I went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple and left out to the garage. I picked my old reliable I drove off to school when I step out the car I see a crowd and here a whole bunch of fangirling. Lemme guess the new boy’s Bst or Bts (whatever).*deep sigh* These girls need to keep it down. I have to admit they are attractive but I don’t wanna get caught in any drama. I walk past the crowd and go into the school. What happened the next moment happened really fast so I could not process it quickly. I heard fast footsteps behind me before I could turn the person ran into me and landed on top of me. I was about to scream but he looked up and stood up.he grabbed my hand and started running.He pulled me into the nearest closet and closed the door.I asked “What are y-” before I could finish he cover my mouth and looked out the small window.A loud stampede could be heard.He looked back at me and bit his lip He asked me "Whats your name" I said "I should be asking the same thing" I stood there with my arms crossed.He said "so you don't know me" I said "No I do not,can I leave now " He said "I'm Jungkook from Bts and not until I know your name" I sighed and said "My name is Y/n" He came closer to me and trapped me in between him and the wall. He said "What a pretty name"He started to lean in (so he's that type of guy) I also leaned in and..........

To Be Continued....................
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