Story One: Conception

"How does it work?" Dean asked.

"Angelic conception is different to that of Earthly methods. Two angels' auras must first be bound together before another aura is created, a new little angel toddling around Heaven. It will be different for you and I. The new aura will not be conceived in Heaven, and both auras do not belong to angels. Your aura is human and mine is angelic."

"So the baby, will it be an angel?"

Cas shook his head. "It will be a Nephilim."

Dean noted the change in Cas' tone as he spoke their future child's specie. "What's a Nephilim?" Cas was silent. "Cas?"

"Half angel, half human." Cas began. "They are outlawed in Heaven."

"Why?" Dean furrowed an eyebrow.

"Nephilim are seen as abominations because of their both angelic and human qualities."

"What about you?" Dean asked.

"What about me?"

"Won't the angels hunt you because of this? I're not exactly Heaven's favourite angel."

"Nephilim aren't hunted, they are just excluded in Heaven. Angels have grown up with teachings about how Nephilim are foul creatures, created through the bonding of a human and an angel. I am already being judged in Heaven because of my relationship with you, Dean, their comments do not harm me."

Dean smiled before placing a hand on Cas' cheek and pecking him softly on the lips.

Cas smiled too. "Are you sure about this?"

"Having second thoughts, Cas?" Dean quipped a smirk.

"No. Of course not. What we're about to do, it's a big thing, there's no turning back, I just wanted to make sure that you definitely still wanted this." Cas explained.

Dean, who was sat on the edge of the bed beside him smiled softly. "I want this more than anything in the world."

Cas nodded. "Good. Ready?"

Dean nodded too.

Closing his eyes, Cas reached out a hand and placed it flat against Dean's chest, over his heart. Dean could see the light blue glow lightly shining from under closed eyelids. Cas' eyes remained closed for a further few seconds before they finally opened. Looking drained, Cas took a couple of deep breaths before he found himself pulled into Dean's comforting arms. Collapsing against his chest, Cas smiled. "It's done."

"It worked?!" Dean exclaimed.


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