Story Two: Welcome

Arriving in Heaven, Cas looked around at the large, gathering crowds of angels, knowing instantly what was the subject of interest. And then he stopped. All thoughts lost as he heard the sound of a baby crying. His baby. Pushing his way through the people, the sound became louder and louder until he was through the crowds and stood looking at Hannah who was knelt beside a small bundle with her angel blade drawn, clearly ready to attack in defense of the baby if necessary.

Hannah had been a loyal friend to him since the days of Metatron's reign of terror over Heaven ended. She was one of Heaven's restorers, and Cas knew that by associating herself with his baby like this, she was putting her reputation on the line. Hannah had known about the impending birth of his and Dean's child since the topic of it's conception first arose, and couldn't be happier at the thought of being able to be part of the baby's life. Cas had taught her free will when they travelled together during the time in which he was struggling to get by with the stolen grace of other angels, and looking at the situation in front of him, Cas was extremely grateful for this.

"Castiel." She smiled, ignoring the staring angels around them as she put away her blade and looked back down at the baby. "Congratulations."

Walking closer, Cas knelt down beside the small bundle that was wrapped up in Hannah's light blue blazer. As it's eyes fluttered open slightly, the baby's cries stopped as it looked up at him. Gurgling happily now, Cas smiled and wrapped an arm around it's back, gently lifting it from the ground and into his arms.

Girl. He was holding his daughter. His and Dean's daughter. A tear trickled down Cas' cheek as he rose to his feet once again, and held her closer to him.

"She's gorgeous." Hannah stood up too, offering a finger to his little girl, before smiling with delight as she tightened her tiny hand around it.

She had a head of dark black hair that was thick and sticking up in every direction. Cas noticed as she opened her eyes once again that they were blue like his.

"I'll deal with them, you go back to Dean." Hannah stated with a smile.

"Thank you." Cas nodded before poofing off.

Dean was waiting in the library of the bunker for him when he returned. At the sight of the baby in his arms, Dean's expression melted into a much softer one, tears building in his eyes as he crossed the room in seconds over to Cas.

"It's a girl." Cas relayed to his husband with a smile.

A tear fell down Dean's cheek at the news before he put his arms out. Cas gently handed him their daughter. "Hello." He smiled at her as he held her close, resting her on his arm as he gently bounced her, sparking a small hiccupy gurgle. Casting a hand through the mess of spiky black hair, Dean smirked. "It's like yours in the morning."

Cas smiled as he watched the man he loved with the girl he had come to love within seconds of meeting her.

The door clinked before Sam entered. Walking down the metal stairs, he threw his jacket on the back of one of the chairs before he noticed. As he did, Sam's eyes widened with a smile as he took in the sight of his brother holding his and Cas' baby.

"Hey baby, wanna' meet your Uncle Sam?" Dean smiled before turning to his little brother. Sam's expression was that of awe as he looked at the baby. "Sammy, meet your niece." Dean delivered the baby to Sam's awaiting arms.

"Hello." Sam smiled as he looked down at his niece in his arms. She wriggled in his hold, Sam's expression that of worry as she did.

"You're not gonna' break her, Sam." Dean reassured, seeing this. "Don't worry."

"She's beautiful." Sam looked at his brother who now had an arm wrapped around Cas' back.

"What can I say, she got good genes." Dean quipped.

Cas smiled too.

"Have you thought about what you're gonna' call her?" Sam asked.

"What d'you think?" Dean turned to Cas.

"I'm not sure." Cas answered, but Dean wasn't convinced. He could see straight through his husband's expressions, knowing that Cas did in fact have a name in that head of his.

"Hey..." He began softly. "You can tell me."

Cas was silent for a further few seconds before he spoke up. "What about Grace?"

"Grace." Dean repeated before smiling. "I love it."

Sam handed the baby to Cas as he walked over. Dean joined him, wrapping an arm around him once again.

"Hello, Grace Winchester. We're your Daddy's, and we're going to look after you. So's your Uncle Sam." Cas stroked a hand through his daughter's black hair as he spoke gently to her.

Sam smiled at the title they had given him, bursting with pride at his new duty.

"Welcome to the world, Grace Winchester."

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