Story Three: The Attack

Something was wrong. Very wrong. Her Papa had once told her that angels had a sixth sense about knowing that something bad was going to happen, but she'd never believed him, thinking that it was just another story that he'd made up when she was a kid. Now however, Grace began to think that maybe they did. Grace kept her gaze low as she made her way into town. She hadn't seen Papa since that morning. He hadn't been answering when she tried to contact him through angel radio, and she was starting to get worried. He never didn't answer. It was something that he'd promised when she was younger.

'I will always be there when you call, Gracie. Always.'

Town was unnaturally empty. The usual bustling crowds were missing from the sidewalks, and only a few cars were passing by. Something was definitely wrong.

"Hello, Grace." Came a voice.

Grace gasped as she froze.

"How nice of you to come at such short notice."

Turning to face the voice who had addressed her by name, Grace noticed instantly the face of the demon hidden behind the flesh of it's vessel.

Grace prepared to run, but was interrupted from doing so as the demon spoke up once again. "Don't even try and run away." The demon stated. "Let's just say we prepared for every eventuality." He turned. "Boys."

Grace turned too, her eyes widening at the sight in front of her.

There was Papa, bloody and beat up in the arms of demons.

Grace growled in anger. "You son of a bitch!"

"Don't talk about my mother like that." The demon smirked.

"Leave her alone." Cas stated.

"I could…but where's the fun in that, eh?" The ring leader smirked.

Getting angry himself, Cas jabbed an elbow back, striking one of the demons holding him in the stomach, winding him. Before he could strike the next though, the other denom landed a punch across his face before another kicked him behind the knee sending him dropping to the ground where they then proceeded to kick him in the stomach.

"No! Stop it! Stop!" Grace screamed as she heard her Papa's groans of pain.

"Grace…" Cas weakly shouted. "…run!"

Looking at her Papa, Grace shook her head, refusing to leave him.

"Go…please…" His tone was reduced to a beg as he desperately pleaded for his daughter to run before the rest of the demons arrived.

"Papa…" A tear trickled down her cheek.


Grace took a couple of deep breaths before she turned and ran.

As she ran, she heard a scream behind her. A pain filled scream. Her Papa's pain filled scream. She needed Dad or Uncle Sam or Auntie Hannah. Suddenly, a man appeared in front of her and grabbed her by the arm. Grace's eyes widened as she took in his disgusting face. She immediately began to squirm in the man's hold. "No!" She shouted, throwing punches with her free arm at the man's stomach and chest.

"Stop fighting me!" The man bellowed before he landed a slap across her face.


The man proceeded to drag her back over to her Papa who was now barely conscious as he lay on the ground. Grace saw his eyes widen in fear as he noticed her in the hold of the demon. "No…" He shook his head. "No, you have me…you have me…please…please don't hurt my daughter…just let her go…"

"We're not gonna' be letting anyone go I'm afraid. And anyway, I'm sure she'll enjoy our next trick." Grace watched as the ring leader demon leant down and picked up her Papa's angel blade. Her eyes widened in an instant as she realised what he was going to do. "No…no…no…no…" She began to buck in the hold of the demon. Another approached and took her other arm, securing her in place in front of the ring leader and her Papa.

"Don't do this…not here…please don't do this here…" Cas begged as he weakly looked up at the ring leader.

"Oh but I want to do it here. Here is so much more fun." He grinned maliciously.

"Please…" Grace watched as a tear trickled down her Papa's cheek. Acceptance flooded his expression, and Grace knew that he was hopelessly helpless as he lay on the ground, blood pouring from wounds that littered his body.

"No…" Grace shook her head. "No, Papa, no…" Tears began to fall down her cheeks too as she sobbed for her Papa.

"Get him up!" The ring leader ordered.

Two further demons approached Cas and grabbed him by his shoulders, pulling him up to his knees and holding him there.

Cas looked past him and found his daughter's petrified gaze. "Don't look, Gracie…don't look…"

"No…Papa…" Grace's words lacked strength as she desperately tried to free herself.

The ring leader grinned. "Goodbye, Castiel." He pulled him arm back ready to strike with the angel blade.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooo!" Grace screamed, throwing the demons holding her backwards as she did. The wind picked up in the proximity around them, sending her black hair flying and fluttering wildly.

The angel blade in the hand of the ring leader flew from his grasp and fell to the ground with a clink.

Sprinting towards it, Grace snatched it up from the ground before stabbing it into the chest of the ring leader. He gasped as a yellow glow erupted from his chest, illuminating his rib cage as he burnt out. The demon's eyes flickered before he fell heavily to the ground. Still overwhelmed in her rage, Grace turned and proceeded to stab the blade into the chest's of the remaining four demons who had been thrown by the power of her scream. Once they fell too, she collapsed to her knees, breathing heavily in exhaustion.

"Gracie…" A weak voice broke through the silence that plagued the town.

Grace looked up, finding the voice with her gaze. Another tear trickled. "Papa?…" Closing the short distance between her and her father in seconds, Grace dropped to her knees beside him, his hand seeking out hers instantly, fingers intertwining.

As Grace raised a hand and lightly placed it on his cheek, he felt the slight tingle of her grace against his skin as he closed his eyes. His daughter did not have much grace and he wasn't prepared to let her use it all on him. Although he knew it would replenish and cause his daughter no harm, Cas still wouldn't allow her. The use of her grace would still leave her weak, and the fact that she was only half angel meant that it took her twice the time of a full angel for her grace to fully recharge.

Finding her other hand, Cas gripped it gently before lowering it from his cheek. "I'm okay." He spoke softly.

Grace shook her head. "Papa, you're hurt. I can heal you."

"No." He shook his head, wincing slightly as he did so. "I'll heal." Cas paused. "You need to call your Dad, or Uncle Sam."

Grace nodded, quickly shoving her hand into her pocket and removing her phone. She then proceeded to dial the number before waiting for the call to connect.

'This is Dean, leave a message.'

Grace groaned in annoyance before calling Uncle Sam's number. Thankfully he picked up.

"Grace? Oh thank god, are you alright?" Uncle Sam's panicked tone began.

"I'm fine. Where's Dad, he's not answering his phone?"

"He's fine, Grace. His phone got smashed."

"What happened?" Grace asked.

"We got jumped by a group of demons. They planned this, wanted us all separated." Uncle Sam explained. "Is your Papa alright?"

"Papa's not doing so good. He's bleeding but he won't let me heal him." Grace heard her Dad's voice in the background asking for the phone. Sam said something to him away from the speaker and the line was quiet for a few seconds before her Dad's voice spoke up.


"Hi, Dad."

"What happened to your Papa?" He asked, getting straight to the point with a hint of fear in his tone. "Put him on."

Grace handed the phone to him. "It's Dad."

Cas smiled thank you at her before putting the phone to his ear with a shaky hand.

Noticing this, Grace placed a hand over his to steady the phone as he listened to Dad talking.

"I'm fine, Dean."

Grace could hear her father tell Papa to cut the crap and tell him how he actually was which caused her to smirk slightly.

"I'm bruised and bleeding a little, it's not that bad."

'We're coming now.' She overheard before Papa ended the call.

"You're bleeding more than a little." Grace stated.

"He worries enough."

Dean and Sam arrived a few minutes later. The sound of the Impala's engine could be heard before the car's black, gleaming body came into view. They both rushed from it and over to Grace who was knelt beside Cas with worry in her expression.

Grace took in the sight of her Dad and Uncle as they approached. They only just looked better than Papa did. Her father had a large gash on his forehead in which a trail of blood was dripping from, and Uncle Sam had a large black and purple bruise beside his left eye.

"Cas!" Dean too dropped to his knees beside his injured husband.

"I'm fine, Dean, just help me up."

Dean nodded and carefully wrapped an arm around Cas' back before helping him slowly to his feet. Uncle Sam took his other side, throwing Cas' arm across his shoulder as they walked over to the Impala.

After helping Cas into the backseat of the Impala, Sam climbed into the front before Dean went back over to Grace who was still sat on the ground.

"Hey, kiddo."

She didn't acknowledge him.

He hunkered down beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder, turning her round so that she was facing him. It was then that he took in his daughter's broken expression. "Hey…" He spoke in a soft tone.

"I'm sorry." Her quiet, tearful tone spoke up.

"For what?" Dean looked around at their surroundings after he yet again received no answer. The bodies of four demons' vessels lay dead on the ground, and droplets of blood were left from where Cas had been lying. Realisation soon began to kick in. "Gracie…"

Grace began to cry as she buried herself against his chest, everything beginning to catch up with her.

"I'm sorry…I'm so sorry, Gracie." Dean apologised as he gently stroked his daughter's long, black hair. "I should have been here, I should have protected you from all this…I'm so sorry…"

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