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Hunger games meets harry potter Will artime finally know peace or will Alex and his people have fought to be destroyed forever?

Fantasy / Adventure
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The desert land of Quill was no more. even though Aaron stowe had implanted a fatal scatter clip into Gondoleery rattrap's forehead and cried out the word 'die a thousand deaths' that ended her terroristic reign, the old woman's weapons had hit many unintended targets. the fireballs continued doing damage after her demise.

The Artimeans limped home after the battle past dozens of small fires that burned throughout Quill. Fanned by the sea breeze and fed by the dry brittle wood house. the fires grew out of control. soon every quadrant in Quill was ingulfed in flames. frantic wanteds and necessaries had to abandon there homes and flee to the only part of the island that was not burning: Artime.

"Lets keep the Quillens moving!" shouted Alex Stowe, the head mage of the magical land of Artime, as people passed through the invisible weather barrier...……...

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