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Gibbs/Allison Series: Gibbs' New Girl

By Rena Mason


Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was nearly time to get off when Gibbs entered and shouted the words everyone dreads to hear this time of day.

“Gear up! We have a dead marine!”

As everyone scrambled for their gear Vance appeared at the top of the catwalk and called down.

“Gibbs, a minute.”

“We’ve just caught a case director?” answered Gibbs as he stopped and looked up at the man.

“I know, it’s about the case” answered Vance and then left heading for his office.

“I’ll meet you at the truck” called Gibbs to his team and then headed towards the director’s office.

Ziva and Tony looked at each other with puzzled looks but just shrugged their shoulders as the elevator doors closed.

Gibbs took the stairs two at a time even though it hurt his knee, his team was waiting for him and it upset him that Leon would asked to see him just as he caught a case.

“What’s so important Leon that it couldn’t wait until we got back?” asked Gibbs as he opened the door and walked into the Director’s office.

Leon was sitting at his desk with a worried look on his face and that didn’t bode well for Gibbs.

“I just received a call from Sec Nav, you’re dead marine is possible an attaché to several foreign embassies who have just informed us that information from some sensitive documents have been copied”

“And you think he might have them on him?” asked Gibbs, if he did this could complicate the case a great deal.

“Possibly, the problem is that if he does the documents are all mixed up. Someone is taking key words from different documents and putting them together in several languages. Unless you can read all the different languages it just looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Sec Nav is sending over a specialist to decipher any documents that he has on his person. If they are from the stolen documents she will be joining your team until we find out who copied the documents and why?”

“Who is it?” asked Gibbs with concern, he had a feeling this wasn’t going to bode well for his team.

“Allison Grayson, she’s been with special cipher and decryption for almost twenty years now.”

Gibbs took this news with his usual stoic demeanor, He had heard of her before but knew very little about her other than she was the oldest daughter of a retired four star general and a senator’s sister. It was said that Allison, or Ali as she was called by a select few stayed mostly to herself and didn’t play well with other’s.

“Don’t suppose I have a choice in this do I?” asked Gibbs stoically as he looked at Leon, the look on the Director’s face said it all “Didn’t think so”

“This comes directly for Sec Nav Gibbs, if this marine does have any part of those missing documents it could have wide ranging foreign ramifications.”

“I agree,” answered Gibbs with a sigh. He didn’t like it but he knew that if it did involve foreign governments things could get messy quickly. “When will she be coming in?”

“She won’t. Your team is to bag and tag everything, take extensive photographs then as soon as Ms. Sciuto is finished with the forensics you are to deliver all the documents to her.”

“We know how to work a case Leon.” he answered sarcastically, this raised Gibbs ire, she was telling him and his team how to work a case.

“This comes directly from her Gibbs, you can take it up with her when you deliver the documents to her house.”

“Oh believe me I will.” said Gibbs as he turned and exited the Director’s office. He had a case to work and no smart al lick little crypto specialist was going to tell him how to do his job.

As Leon watched Gibbs leave his office he hopped that Allison Grayson was up to the challenge of working on Gibbs team.


Gibbs mood hadn’t improved when he reached the truck and he got in and slammed the door a little harder than he had meant too.

“Everything ok, Boss?” asked DiNozzo as he looked over at Gibbs and the quickly put the truck in gear and pulled out.

“Sec Nav is sending us a new person to help work this case.” Said Gibbs flatly.

“Who, Boss?” asked Tim

“Allison Grayson from special cipher and decryption.”

“You mean hermit Ali!” replied DiNozzo as he looked over at his boss. Unfortunately the steering wheel followed his eyes and the truck all of a sudden swerved into oncoming traffic.

“DiNozzo!” cried Gibbs

Tony quickly returned the truck to their correct lane and looked sheepishly at his boss. “Sorry, Boss”

“What have you heard about her?” asked Gibbs cautiously, his interest peaked by Tony’s reaction.

“Only that she’s harder to work for than you and Vance rolled together. Sorry, boss. No one in special cipher and decryption wants to work with her which is why she works from home and when she’s in the office no one goes anywhere near her office.”

“Oh she can’t be that bad Tony” asked Ziva.

“You remember that Toliver case?” asked Tony

“I do, they sent over someone to help Abby decipher some files on a computer?” answered Tim “I remember because the guy was almost ecstatic just to be able to get out of the office”

“Right, it’s said that Allison assigns each person at least four or five cases at once just to make sure they stay busy and expects each case to be done in a week.”

“Sounds like good time management to me DiNozzo, maybe I ought to send you over for a while”


“Calm down DiNozzo, I doubt Movie lingo is a ligament language that special cipher and decryption uses” answered Gibbs with a smile.

“Right boss, good one.” Said Tony with a sigh. “So what’s the plan? Is she actually coming to NCIS?”

“Nope, we bag and tag everything, turn it over to Abby then when she’s finished I take it to her house.”

“That’s a meeting I’d like to see” said Tony quietly under his breath.

It took only a few minutes before he felt the hard slap to the back of his head.

“Behave Tony, or next time it will be lower”

“Yes boss, thank you boss.” Answered Tony quickly as he turned all his attention to his driving and getting them to the crime scene.

When they arrived at the crime scene each member of the team quickly exited the truck and got to their assigned job. When Ducky arrived Gibbs was over the body with Tony taking pictures.

“Well Jethro, where is our new member?” asked Ducky as he came up to him and then bent down over the body

“Does everyone know!” asked Gibbs loudly and suddenly he and Ducky were alone with the body

“I take it you’re not thrilled with the news Jethro?”

“You think Ducky!” exclaimed Gibbs harshly and then sighed and rubbed his face. “Ducky, what do you know about an Allison Grayson?”

“Not much actually, Mr. Palmer might know more of the inter office gossip than I”

“Palmer!” called Gibbs who quickly stuck his head out of the back of the autopsy truck. “Come here.”

“Yes agent Gibbs” said Jimmy nervously and then almost ran over to where Gibbs and Ducky were standing.

“Palmer, what have you heard about Allison Grayson?”

“Allison Grayson from special cipher and decryption?” asked Jimmy

“Is there another one?” asked Gibbs harshly

“No sir, the one that I’ve heard of is enough.”

“Mr. Palmer!” said Ducky quickly

“Sorry Dr. Mallard. Well the gossip is that she is a real hard nosed boss, expects the best out of her people and won’t settle for anything less.”

“Sounds like your kind of person Jethro” said Ducky with a smile

“Does anyone know why she works at home so much?” asked Gibbs

“If they do their not saying. But the main gossip going around is that she has some sort of condition that keeps her at home.”

“Well I guess I will find out when I deliver the evidence to her, would you like to come with me Ducky?” asked Gibbs.

“I’d be delighted to Jethro”

“Good, I’ll let you know when Abby’s finished with it”

After the scene was processed and the body removed the team headed back to NCIS headquarters to deliver the evidence to Abby and start working the case. It took Abby a couple of days of working and grumbling to anyone who would listen before she finished processing all the evidence and returned it to Gibbs.

Everyone was in the bullpen working at their desk when Abby stomped in and literally dropped the evidence crate on Gibbs’s desk.

“Abby!” barked Gibbs as he looked up at her.

“Well it’s all here, I hope she’s as good as they say she is because I couldn’t find anything forensically.” Said Abby in a defeated tone.

“Nothing?” asked Tim.

“I didn’t say nothing, Timmy. Just that I couldn’t say yes or no forensically that this was part of the copied documents. I know that specific words were cut and pasted onto other documents then translated into another language. Each word a different language, some I know like German, French, Russian, Italian and even Arabic but some of the others were a totally new language or dialect that I’ve never seen. And even the ones I know the words just don’t make sense.”

“Well, it’s not your job to translate or make sense of it Abby. It’s Allison’s” said Gibbs as he stood up and grabbed the crate.

“Well for once I don’t envy hermit Ali” said Abby quietly.

Gibbs heard the comment but left it answered because his curiosity was peaked. If Abby, the best forensic scientist at NCIS couldn’t tell then Allison Grayson had better be damn good.

He stopped by autopsy to pick up Dr. Mallard and they drove to Allison’s address. She actually only lived about twenty minutes from Gibbs but her house was in an old historical district that came from old Washington money. Soon they pulled up in front of a three story old Victorian Mansion and both men got out and stood for a few minutes looking at the house.

“Well, it looks like she’s well taken care of. I didn’t know Grayson was old money?” said Gibbs

“I don’t think it is, I believe most of this comes from her mother’s side of the family. She is after all the oldest niece of Senator Abrahams”

“Hmm…” mumbled Gibbs then moved away from the car and started up the walkway.

Ducky came up on the porch behind Gibbs just as he was knocking on the heavy front door. It was an old oak door with a larger clear stained glass inset. They waited a few minutes and then Gibbs knocked again, harder. It was another two or three minutes until they saw a distorted figure moving towards the front door.

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