Chapter 12

Everyone walked into Potions with the normal silent aura. Many students seemed to figure out the presence of the new girl, mentally learning that she was in fact their age. It surprised many and Grace couldn’t help but blush when others would raise their brows in an impressed manner. She subconsciously headed towards the right side of the room, but was then halted by Blaise’s hand grabbing her wrist. Suddenly embarrassed, Grace steered herself to the Slytherin side.

“Why must you sit in the back?” She complained to Blaise, as he pushed her into the seat beside him.

“Because this is where I normally sit.”

“Oh honestly.” She shoved her seat back into its rightful place and took her things to the few vacant rows in the front of the room.

At this point in time, Slughorn wandered in. “Now students, lets begin by writing the history of today’s potion on your parchments. We will then proceed to make them in the upcoming months. Write this down before I forget. Yes, good. Your homework for this evening is to give me an explanation of the effects the ingredients have within the potion we are making-” he shifted his gaze to the disturbance in his room. “Mr. Zabini, why are you moving?”

Blaise looked up from his stance in the isle way, all students’ eyes turned upon him. “I thought I would move to the front of the room today, sir.”

Hearing her brother’s voice, Grace looked up from her parchment and glared as he sat down in the seat beside her.

“You okay Zabini? You’re looking like a lost puppy.” A Gryffindor across the room teased, directing implying that he had fallen for the girl he sat down next.

“Shut up.” Her brother sneered as he got out his ink and quill. He looked down on the parchment in front of him.

Slughorn returned back from his surprised state, “Well. Yes, very good Mr. Zabini. Uh… now then, will anyone volunteer on explaining the use of the fire tonic we will be discussing today?”

A circulation of gasps rang throughout the class as they saw a small hand whip out into the air. The only person the students knew that had any behavior like this was Hermione Granger, and she was gone. Even the professor seemed startled.

“Erm-yes. You.” he muttered, still taken aback from such familiar actions out of a different person.

“Fire tonic is a potion used to sedate a victim of a freezing spell or any other hyperborean hexes. It was originally invented by a wizard by the name of Martin Throttle in 1865, after he got in a row with his wife and permanently froze her. He then made the potion and gave it to her everyday until he died. From common research, it is said his wife is still alive, but is still icebound. However, the potion is quite dangerous, for if the maker touches the liquid it could lead to severe burning and cause permanent tissue damage.” Grace ended in her lecture with pride.

The whole room stayed silent with shock. No one at Hogwarts had experienced this kind of knowledge to casually flow out of a person since a certain someone disappeared. All students didn’t think there was anyone as knowledgeable as Hermione Granger. If she was here, this new girl could rival her.

“Y-yes. That simply sums up my entire lecture. Thank you Ms. Zabini.” Slughorn croaked with wide eyes.

The classroom became full of life and mummers as they absorbed the new information.

“That’s Zabini’s sister?”

“What the hell?”

“They do look alike you know.”

“He has a sister?”

The overflow of gossip was overwhelming, and apparently Slughorn needed a bit of space from the drama. “Class is dismissed. You may leave.” He teetered slightly on the spot he was currently standing in.

“But Professor-” Grace added in concern, “We haven’t even been here for ten minutes and we have yet to take proper notes.”

The old man nodded at her point and said clearly to the class, “If you did not listen to Ms. Zabini’s previous statements, you will relearn the history in your textbooks along with tonight’s homework. Now go.” He gently swatted his hands away, and turned to leave for his office.


“Awesome Gracie! You got us out of class!” Blaise exclaimed as he got out of his seat.

“Its not fair. This was my first class coming back.” She responded in a pout. “Why did he dismiss so early?”

“Who cares?! Let’s go, we have enough time for a game of Quidditch!”

“I don’t like Quidditch.” She stated simply, shifting the shoulder strap of her bag.

“Boo, no fun there eh? You can watch us!”

“I’d prefer a round of wizard’s chess.” Draco added as he met the siblings by the doorway.

Grace snickered. They were such boys. “I’m going to head down to the library.” She swiftly stood on her tiptoes and kissed her brother on the cheek and left.

As Grace entered the library, she was in awe of the many emotions that bestowed upon her. She missed her sanctuary so much, and the endless stories and knowledge that filled the articles around gave her a strange feeling of safety and comfort.

She gave Madam Pince a stunning smile and briskly walked to her study table. She roamed around and picked out a couple books about magical branding and imprinting. Totally immersed in a century old text, she stayed there for what seemed like an hour or so until she felt someone’s presence in close parameter of her.

Looking up from her concentrated state, her eyes dilated.

“Hi. I’m Ron Weasley.”

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