Chapter 13

“Uh…hello.” She mumbled in surprise. Deep inside, Grace couldn’t be happier to be in Ron’s presence again. She desired his friendship an unhealthy amount when she was gone, but now she can slowly reveal her identity to him, if he gave her the chance.

The redhead sat down in the seat across from her. “Zabini right?” The girl responded with a nod. “You’re bloody brilliant.” The girl blushed. “I’m in your potions class…er. Uh…” He stuttered.

“Thank you, Ronald.”

The redhead’s ears perked at the specific use of his name. “First names huh?” Grace let out a perplexed facial expression. “Usually we go by surnames here, especially you-uh- the Slytherins.”

“Would you prefer I call you by your surname?” Grace asked in a bit of worry. How could she call her boyfriend (?) by his surname?

“Not if you don’t want to.” He responded casually. They sat in silence for a few minutes. Finally Ron shifted in his chair and propped his elbows on the table. “If you’re going to call me by my name, I might as well call you by yours.”

“Grace.” She responded, acknowledging where the conversation was going.

“Grace.” The boy echoed.

Silence lingered a little while longer.

“Uh- so tell me about yourself Grace.”


By the time Grace met up with her brother it was near the end of lunch.

“Where were you?” Blaise demanded, stopping her just outside the Great Hall.

“I was in the library.” The girl responded in a giddy attitude, she was on a happy-high from rekindling a friendship with her best friend.

“Fine. Go on.” The brother gestured towards the doors.

“Actually, I’m not hungry.”

“You sure? I was going to meet Nott and the rest of them, we are going to patrol around the grounds.”

Grace nodded and tagged along. She was too happy to fully analyze the situation she just got herself into.


“Mate, what took you so long?” Nott whined in disgust as he saw his fellow Slytherin approach.

“Sorry, ran into someone on the way.” Blaise responded, firmly pushing his sister into view. Grace was now beginning to realize she agreed into going on a walk with the most notorious and selfish male Slytherins in the school. She could definitely use this to her advantage.

“Hello boys.” She stated with a small smile.

Blaise rolled his eyes as he saw his housemates’ jaws drop. “Oi! Lets get started then!” He yelled, breaking everyone’s fantasies.

They set off in the direction of the Herbology houses.


As they walked, the Slytherins stayed very silent and Grace couldn’t help but compare them to actual snakes. Blaise was protectively walking close behind her and she became grateful he was. The inviting expressions from the rest of the posse were becoming quite creepy for her tastes. Suddenly the group halted and Grace turned to get a better view of the situation.

“Move it!” bellowed Malfoy, he had regained his aristocratic demeanor.

The scared third year whimpered under the wrath of the Slytherin Prince. “S-sorry. I-I-I…m-my g-glasses.” He patted the ground around him with no luck.

Draco backed down, he didn’t want to seem soft, but he couldn’t accuse the bloke properly if he couldn’t use all of his senses.

Nott interfered in the conversation, “Hufflepuff. Two different colored eyes. You must be a Whitby.” The small boy whimpered in response. “Move out you disgusting Mudblood.”

Grace let out an inaudible gasp as the rest of the Slytherins snickered. Blaise stiffened and wrapped his arm comfortingly around his sister. “Sorry.” He whispered into her ear. Grace didn’t seem to hear the apology because she was rapidly becoming furious.

The rest of the Slytherins sobered themselves and began walking again, a soft crack of glass coming out from one their foots.

“Grace…” Blaise began. They had fallen to the back of the group.

“Just go Blaise. I need to let out some steam.” His sister seethed through clenched teeth. Blaise, knowing fully well her hexing capability, left towards the group of Slytherins.

Grace immediately dropped to the ground, her eyes fiery with tears. She moved towards the balling third year behind her. Kneeling down beside him, she rested a hand on his shoulder. The boy immediately jumped back in fear, wide eyes glistening with tears. “I-I’m so sorry. Oliver.” She said sympathetically.

Noticing the soft tone in the older girl’s voice, he cautiously responded “Y-you know my name?”

“Well it is Oliver isn’t it?” The boy nodded his head. Grace then made her way over to where the boy was shivering. Taking off her cloak, she placed it around the boy and sat down in front of him, gently wiping away his tears.


From a corner away, Draco was observing the sight before him. When he noticed Grace had retreated from the pack, he gave his housemates an excuse to leave. Really, he just wanted to try and catch Grace to maybe talk to her. He then found her comforting the boy they had just intimidated. It was almost…Gryffindor-ish…oh this really was a sight to see.

Draco leant against the walls of the castle as he watched Grace smooth out the boy’s hair with a small hand. He was just close enough to where he could hear them.


“I really am sorry.” Grace pleaded, her hand still resting on the boy’s face.

“Y-you didn’t do anything.”

“Oh, but I did.” Grace looked at him with sad eyes. “I let them call you that. You know, since the war is over, they might as well make language like that illegal.”

Back near the corner, Draco’s eyes went wide from the girl’s opinions. He had to admit, he was quite impressed.

“You t-think so?” The Hufflepuff asked, his shaking form slowly dissipating. Grace shifted her weight so she sat more comfortably on the ground, simultaneously tugging on the hem of her shirt to cover her burn marks.

“You know? I know exactly how you feel.” Grace stated subconsciously.


“I’m a Muggle-born too. I know how this feels, the people at this school have done it to me years.”

Draco’s jaw went agape. What the hell was this girl playing at? She was a Zabini, the most prestigious, wealthy pureblood family in the English Wizarding World, aside from the Malfoys of course.

“B-but you’re a Slytherin. You m-must be a pureblood.” The small boy said under the bundle of cloaks he was wrapped in.

Sirens in Grace’s head went off, she had said too much. “Never mind that. I am a pureblood.” She spoke with a nod, as if she was trying to convince herself rather than the boy. “But I am a nice Slytherin.” She pronounced in confidence.

After ‘Accio-ing’ the boy’s broken glasses, she placed them on the third year and pointed her wand at his head. The boy, now regained his frightened state, closed his eyes in fear.

“Oculus Repairo.” The girl said loudly. With a small snap, the boy’s glasses were again repaired, reminding Grace about a certain memory during her first year.

The Hufflepuff let out a large sigh of relief, and was helped up by the chuckling older girl.

“You’re welcome.” The girl stated and gently pushed the boy forward, “Now off to class you go.” With a sheepish smile, the boy waved and paced towards the castle doors.

Grace let out a large smile and walked away from the scene, leaving a gaping Draco in a corner.

A couple days later…

“SHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Madam Pince hissed for the umpteenth time.

Grace and her ‘new’ redheaded friend shriveled at the warning. It had been a few days since Grace and Blaise’s first day of classes, and Ron had met her everyday in the library ever since.

“Ronald!” Grace said in a low giggle.

“Really…I’m now grateful that her cat tried to eat Scabbards, the thing turned out to be bloody Wormtail. Crookshanks could have killed it and I wouldn’t have given a damn, considering the betrayal he did to Harry’s parents.”

Grace frowned at the mention of Harry’s mother and father. “He deserved to die in the fiendfyre.” She spoke with a nod.

Grace didn’t notice but her friend became slightly pale. “You know…I’m sure someone told you that, and it’s true.” He looked into Grace’s eyes in a curious way, “Sometimes you sound like you were there.” Grace’s throat suddenly went dry and her heartbeat stopped. “Funny huh?” Ron added after a second of silence.

“Quite funny.” Grace sputtered with relief. “You talk about her cat and her friends…but you never talk about her.” She stated with a tinge of sadness in her voice, not once had Ron acknowledged Hermione.

“Why are you so interested?”

“I-I…I read a lot of her. I thought…maybe you can tell me about her?” Grace added.

Ron ran a large hand through his hair, his head turned towards the floor. “It’s kind of hard for me to talk about her.” He admitted, his hands began to tremble in his lap.

“Ronald you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Grace pleaded, knowing she stepped into sensitive territory. Yet, she couldn’t help but want to know Ron’s true opinions about her, she was Hermione after all.

“N-no. It’s best that I tell someone eh?” Grace nodded in response, and he continued. “Hermione was a true friend to me, I could rely on her for anything. I saved her life and she saved mine, and I couldn’t seem to thank her enough for that.” He paused and ran his hand through his hair again. “As for her personality…” Ron had a small realization, but he made it clear with his facial expression. “You know? She was pretty much like you.”

Grace stopped breathing once again and became several shades paler. “R-really?” she whispered in fear, she couldn’t let him know yet.

“Yeah, really. She was intelligent, like you. She had the same opinions as you. She disliked Quidditch, like you do. She was passionate, like you. She loved school, like you. She read books, like you. She worked just as hard as you do. She was ambitious, she was strong, she was independent, she was strict, she was…well, she was very much like you. She even said my name like you. Actually…she studied at this very table.” Ron ended in finalization. The girl in front of him was so much like her, but yet she wasn’t. It made him curious.

Grace, however, was having a hard time thinking. She froze in her chair, staring at the boy ahead of her. Finally, Ron added onto his epilogue. “It’s funny cause it’s as if you two could have been best friends or something. You are too alike...” He shifted his weight in his chair, “But your appearances are complete opposites.” He pointed a large finger towards her. “She had this huge tangly hair, a boring brown color if you asked me an-and her teeth used to be rather gruesome, thank Merlin she had them fixed the summer before third year. Her eyes always became really fiery and angry, and you could tell exactly how mad she was by just looking at them. Oh and blimey was she pale, could have gotten some sun if she hadn’t been in this damn library the lot of her time.”

Grace was extremely insulted by Ron’s ranting. So that’s how he viewed her. Tears began to collect in her eyes. She wanted to leave, now. As she started gathering her things, Ron’s hand wrapped around her wrist.

“Hey…don’t leave. Did I say something?”

“Er-no. Um…” Grace set her quill back down and she resumed her chair. “W-why…uh…you talk about her in past tense. Why is that?” She had noticed this tiny detail throughout Ron’s explanation and she was curious to why he was specific on such language.

Ron stiffened from her statement. “Because she’s dead to me.”

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