Chapter 15

“Four feet of parchment everyone, any less and I will deduct points. Class dismissed,” The new Transfiguration teacher spoke. With a swish of crimson robes, she walked into her office.

“Fancy a walk?” Grace asked as she finished the counter-curse, changing the table back into her notebook.

“I’ll pass Gracie, thought I would visit Slughorn to restock on my stash of bermsweed.” Blaise patted her on the back as he headed towards the dungeon.

“I’ll go with you Grace.” Draco said with a smile, he took her bag off her shoulders and placed it on his own.

Grace was in awe of the man’s polite actions. “Now when did Malfoy turn into such a goodie-goodie?”

“Oi! Who called me a goodie-goodie?” Draco teased as they walked to the nearest exit.

“I just didn’t know you could be such a gentleman.” Grace was extremely impressed with the observations she had made of Draco in the past few weeks. It started whenever he placed a warming charm on her first day. After, she watched as the blonde would hold doors open for other houses, place books back properly in the library if they where not in their designated area, and refuse to add commentary when the Slytherin posse would intimidate other students.

“I wouldn’t call it a ‘gentle’-man.” Draco chuckled.

“What would you prefer then?”

“A man.”

“Ahh you’re every bit as egotistical as I’ve heard.” Grace responded with a smile. She couldn’t understand why it was so easy to be civil with her nemesis, but she assumed it was from all the time she had spent around her brother.

Draco brought her out of her thoughts, “Not as egotistical as your brother. He’s been living off of the school’s newest name for the both of you.”

He was referring to the first couple of weeks the siblings had re-entered school. Within that time period, the realizations that the new girl and Blaise were not a couple but, in fact, a brother-and-sister duo, the school had dubbed them the ‘Hottest Siblings in Hogwarts.’ Girls couldn’t help but blush at Blaise’s dark handsome features, and the guys didn’t attempt to inhibit their resistance to drool at Grace’s natural aura. Overall, the school either was envious of the duo, or desperately wished to be related to the Zabini line.

Grace giggled, “I suppose you’re right.”

“I always am.” Draco smiled as she nudged her shoulder. He halted. What the-.

“Hmm?” Grace stopped walking and turned around when she noticed her company had fallen back.

Draco was pointing at her with a very stricken look upon his pale features. “What?”

“Your hair.” Draco spoke in a low tone.

“What about it?”

“It’s… well it’s…”

“The color of a ruby? Yeah I know. I’m surprised the lot of you hadn’t noticed sooner actually. It’s a rare characteristic in the family. I don’t know if I should be proud of it or not,” Grace rambled.

“You should be.” Draco caught up to her, “I’m quite fond of it.” Grace blushed as he lifted a strand out of her face.

“Erm…excuse me Malfoy-”

“Call me Draco, please.” He interrupted, his silver eyes latching onto hers in an intimate way. He was too caught up in the moment to realize that he only allowed people to call him by his name if they were in someway close or affectionate to him. This girl had become the latter of the two categories.

“Well…excuse me Draco. I-I must talk to someone.” Grace gasped at the sight of the attractiveness of the blonde’s grey orbs. Before he could come any closer, she walked past him towards the object of her desire.

Draco turned in shock at the girl’s discreet behavior, he watched as the girl he sought headed in the direction of a specific redhead. ‘Sodding Weasel.’ His mind flared in anger.


“Ron! Ronald!” Grace finally caught up to the redhead.

“Oh…hey, I was…uh.” The boy shoved his hands in his cloak. “Whoa, your hair.” He looked at the female’s tresses in amazement.

“Never mind about that.” She shooed her hands away in an act to physically turn the conversation to something else. “I want to talk to you.”

“Me too, Grace.” Ron moved his hair out of his face. “Look. I’m really sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I-I was just stuck in the past. I’m sorry to have scared you away, I didn’t mean it.”

Grace looked at him in understanding, he may have done some terrible things while she was gone, but he was still the same Ronald Weasley she always knew. “No, you didn’t scare me. I’m sorry for running away. It’s pretty pathetic of me.”

Ron grabbed her hands that were waving in the air; he held both within one of his own. “Don’t apologize. I-uh. Merlin I’m not good at these things.” He pulled Grace closer to his body. “I fancy you okay? I thought maybe you and I could maybe become a couple.”

“Sure Ron.”


“YOU’RE SHAGGING THE WEASEL?!!!” Blaise yelled in the Slytherin common room.

“BLAISE! Lower your voice! I am NOT shagging him, I’m simply dating him.”

“Seriously Grace? Out of all people in this school! He practically shagged that slag right in front of you! Do you not remember?! Merlin Gracie…out of all people.”

Draco sat on the couch watching the brother and sister’s row. He held his third glass of fire whiskey in his hand, hoping it would numb the pain. The boy had experienced another episode while walking alone in the dungeon halls, and the anxiety he felt was not helping his cracking heart.

“Malfoy! Stop drinking! You look positively sloshed!”

“Don’t bring him into this! I’m talking to you Missy!”

“Don’t Missy me! I’m safe and I’m happy! Can’t that be enough for you?!”

“Not when it’s the Weasel!!!”

“For Merlin’s sake listen to yourself!”

“Why don’t you listen to your own words so maybe you can realize how idiotic this is!”


“Don’t you leave! I am not finished!”



“Up yours!!!”


Draco finished his glass. This really was going to be a long year.

Across the castle…

Harry’s eyes were wide with astonishment, “Let me get this straight. You got another girlfriend.” Ron nodded. “Who happens to be the female version of our arch nemesis’s best mate.” He said in slow, clear words. Ron nodded once again. “Blimey mate, good job!”

Ron grinned at Harry’s approval.

“Seriously Ronald? Another one?”

Ron turned to his sister, who was sitting on a chair with her arms crossed in disappointment. “Yeah, what’s it to you?”


“Why does everything come down to her? She’s not here! We’re over! Why can’t this be about me?”

Ginny snorted in disgust, “You’re a pig.”

“And, I’m your brother.”

“No. You’re a pig. When did you break up with Lavender, before or after you asked Zabini out?”



“Shut up Gin!”

“Harry! He just told your girlfriend to shut up. Hex him or something!”

Harry looked over to his girlfriend, “I would, but he’s your brother.”

“He’s. A. Pig.” Ginny pronounced clearly. “Honestly Ron, she’s a Slytherin. Are you really serious about dating her?”

Harry snorted, “When has Ron ever been serious about dating?”

The other male became red, “I am bloody well serious. Who gives a damn what house she’s in?”

“Atta boy!” Harry added, even he had to agree that interhouse unity was a more acceptable option nowadays.

Ginny threw her hands up in desperation, “SHE’S A SLYTHERIN. They’re snakes! Have you considered that maybe she’s doing this to make a fool out of you? Possibly to kill you? Hex you? Something? She’s a Zabini, Ronald. Her and Malfoys’ family pretty much funded Voldemort’s raids.”

“Oh quiet yourself Gin. You should really meet her Harry,” Ron turned to the raven-haired boy, “She reminds me of Hermione a lot …”

“Really Ron? She’s like Hermione? That’s a laugh.”

“You’re wrong mate. They are so alike, I even told her myself.”

Ginny budded in, “You told her about Hermione?!”


Ginny huffed, “Now she knows your weakness. She’ll probably use it to her advantage.” The redhead then turned and headed towards the girl’s dormitories, “When she embarrasses your arse don’t come to me for sympathy.”

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